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  1. chaak

    AR15 Magazine

    Thanks, that is the info I was looking for
  2. chaak

    AR15 Magazine

    What would be the minimum clearance in the magazine for the ammo to have reliable feeding? Ammo length vs magazine length. Thanks for your advise.
  3. Try looking at this web site and find a scope you like, and then look in the phone book for sporting goods Call them up and see if they carry the scope. A lot of the dealers will have a dealer locater on there web to help find a location for you. Hope that helps. http://www.swfa.com/c-2183-riflescopes.aspx
  4. chaak

    600yd scope

    Thanks for all your help.
  5. I will be shooting at known distances out to 600 yd. Thanks so much for your help, I think I will go with the IOR! Opticstalk info also helped. Maybe I will get twoooo http://www.opticstalk.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=5659&PN=1
  6. Are you talking about IOR or NightForce?
  7. IOR nice scope, hows it compair to the NightForce? Thanks
  8. Sorry about that, I update the post, I will be shooting 200,300 & 600 yd.
  9. Never heard of them, but just pulled them up & will check them out. Thanks
  10. What retical "cross hair" would be recommended for shooting at yards 600 yards. Scope would be a variable at least to 24 power. Looking to buy scope for AR-15 in 6mm. Bullets to be shot Berger 90gr 105gr & 105 VLD B.C .410, .527, .556 Thanks for your help.
  11. chaak

    6mm Variants

    I also plan to get a 6mmAR Turbo for my AR-15, just as soon as I can get the bucks together to get it. I think that is going to be a very accurate and cool firearm.
  12. chaak

    600yd scope

    What scope and power level is best for competion shooting out to 600yd. I will be useing an AR-15 in 6mm. Thanks for your help and your replay.