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  1. jchtrh

    Lost my best bud a couple nights ago

    My condolences
  2. jchtrh

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    I am happy your family is alright.
  3. jchtrh

    7.0 earthquake hits Alaska

    My family and I are shook up, but in good spirits. Thank you for the thoughts. It was the biggest one I have ever experienced. Definitely a scare, I was 16 floors up and it felt like I was at the end of a shaking stick. Lots of damage, panic, but for the most part everything is alright. Hard to believed that the 1964 earthquake was 1200 times stronger. I’ll fill in more later.
  4. jchtrh

    Just bought myself a Christmas present.

    Nice, let us know how it work out for you!
  5. jchtrh

    RIP Stan Lee

    RIP, thank you for all the great memories that you helped build with my boys and I. Your wonderful imagination was unrivaled.
  6. jchtrh

    FS:Super hot peppers

    Package received, been using the sauce for two days now. I can tell you that Rasputin knows his peppers, they are definitely hot! I appreciate the pain!
  7. jchtrh

    Armory lower build.

    Looking good!
  8. jchtrh

    FS:Super hot peppers

    I appreciate that, but I’m unsure if I will be thanking you afterwards! PM inbound
  9. jchtrh

    FS:Super hot peppers

    What hot sauce? You make some or find a new one online? I apologize for being nosey, but you can’t post things like this without halfway expecting it!
  10. jchtrh

    New Trade Stickie?

    Cool idea, I am not a professional tradesman, but I do know little about a lot! During the day, I hold people accountable for some of their bad choices. In my spare time, I make knives, do woodwork, work on smaller engines, and carve. I do a little of everything, so I can soak up a thread like this and hopefully contribute as much as I learn.
  11. jchtrh

    No sign of cancer.

    Fantastic news!
  12. jchtrh

    My daughter's latest drawing

    Beautiful work!
  13. jchtrh

    Hey TaosGlock

    Happy birthday!
  14. jchtrh

    Hey Pepper

    Happy belated birthday my friend.