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  1. jchtrh

    Ivory - Petrified Mastadon

    You have an pictures? Ivory can be tricky to work, even the petrified stuff. They can make for some beautiful grips, knife or 1911. let me know if you want to work something out. James
  2. jchtrh

    The Garlic Festival

    Reported that is was purchased legally in Nevada,
  3. jchtrh

    Hey towtruck

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. jchtrh

    .450 Bushy Any One?

    I had one, sold it and regret doing it. That gun was a blast to shoot. Solid as heck and surprisingly accurate up to 200 yards.
  5. jchtrh

    Knife making tools

    Thank you Great movie!
  6. jchtrh

    Knife making tools

    You wonder where that idea came from! Most tourist type ulus are only good for one thing, you just named it.
  7. jchtrh

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

  8. jchtrh

    Knife making tools

    Depends on the model and handle material. Sorry for th elate reply, hard to keep track of my threads or posts!
  9. jchtrh

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

    Thank you, sad to read about anyone passing, but great to know a legacy was left.
  10. jchtrh

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Jeff, Rest In Peace brother. I will miss you dearly. i am shocked and at a loss for words that are worthy of the person you were.
  11. jchtrh

    The flu sucks

    Get well, I feel for you.
  12. Completed, just need to soak in minieral oil for a few days. I couldn’t help but take a few photos. I hope you enjoy them, they turned out very nice. The ivory is already a yellow hue, they were from a set of tusks that came off of a older bull walrus. Lots of character in these, very clean looking too. Please keep in mind that ivory, just like wood will shrink and expand with humidity. Rubbing with beeswax or minieral oil will help them not dry out. I enjoyed making these and learned a lot more on fitting them more accurately. They definitely match the revolver.
  13. jchtrh

    Hey everyone

    Welcome back, just take things one step at a time!
  14. jchtrh

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    Great score, nice shooting pistol too.