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  1. jchtrh

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    Great score, nice shooting pistol too.
  2. Definitely excited to see how the ivory looks on your revolver. It is beautiful as it is, I’m hoping it brings it over the top.
  3. jchtrh

    More stuff for the workshop

    I like it!
  4. You have good taste, that is my set. I like th character they have.
  5. jchtrh

    Skallywag Tactical

    What the heck you need a 2 pound knife for? Does it double as a hammer?
  6. jchtrh

    The Yugo Paintjob

    Looks good! How have you been?
  7. jchtrh

    Mmmm... Swag!

    Nice, is it a yeti?
  8. jchtrh

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Another one, 10 1/2” barrel, Noveske pig and BCM rail.
  9. jchtrh

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Pistol build with Aero Precison upper receiver and atlas hand guard
  10. jchtrh

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

    I love the feedback, anything that can help me out definitely is appreciated. i was thinking of selling the Fisher, but may hold off now.
  11. jchtrh

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

    Great ingo, I currently use a Fisher Norris 100# anvil. It is referred to as the “city anvil” due to the lack of ping when hit. i have it mounted on a set of 4x4s. i plane on using angle iron, 1/2 flat bar with a tension screw to pull it into the base. Would you recommend using anything under the anvil? Like liquid nails?
  12. jchtrh

    Earthquake on November 30, 2018

    Me too, one of my favorite things. Thank you.
  13. jchtrh

    1969 Custom 3/4 ton C20

    Not the paint, but I did quite bit of the engine work, muffler and some transmission fixes. You are correct, it was out of habit because everyone refers to it as a C10. I will correct that!
  14. jchtrh

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

    Thanks, I didn’t know if it fit in this area! Se in gas this is the beginnings of a lot of DYI projects, it seemed right.