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  1. I don’t know if my grips do that engraving justice! He did some amazing work.
  2. jchtrh

    Hey jchtrh

    Much appreciated gentlemen, thank you!
  3. Welcome back! Good to see you!
  4. jchtrh

    Hey jchtrh

    Much appreciated, thank you for the thoughts.
  5. As some of you may recall, my second daughter joined the Air Force two years ago. My oldest son is boarding a flight to Columbus, SC right now to start his career in the Army. He took his final oath yesterday and his MOS is IT. As difficult as it was, we seen him off last night. I am blessed to have children who have heeded the call to serve, my hats off to you son and I will pray for your safe return. I couldn’t be more proud of you.
  6. Hang in there, I hope you keep getting decent news. Thoughts and prayers for you.
  7. This is definitely sad news. I do not know how I missed this. My condolences, definitely a one of a kind guy.
  8. First off, my apologies for my lack of posts. I have been around, just not posting much. To be honest, I have missed Gmountain quite a bit and have had to accept that he is gone. I hope you all are well. I have always wanted a Gerstner and Sons tool chest and saw one advertised for $60 on Craigslist. The gentleman I purchased it from said it was his uncles and said he thought it was a Gerstner and Sons chest. He told me a little about the chest and his uncle, I told him that I planned on restoring it and using it. He said his uncle bought the chest in the early 1930’s, it was marked “3-25-35” in permanent marker. I called Gertsner and Sons and verified the model and possible year of manufacture. i hope I did the chest justice as it went through a long tough life. It will sit in my living room and display our small collectibles. I will do my best to be more active on the Armory.
  9. Very cool, I have just acquired a Little Machine Shop Milling Machine myself. congratulations, that looks very nice.
  10. jchtrh

    Hey jchtrh

    I appreciate the birthday wishes you guys, hope all of you are well!
  11. The trick is to do it right after a shower, when the moisture is the most in the hair. Apply shaving oil and then use a good shaving cream, find one that is made for sensitive skin. After that, use a sharp razor, I prefer a safety razor with a good sharp blade. Do not shave against the growth of hair, this will cause more pain and bumps. Take you time and apply more cream if needed. One done, use a good moisturizing after shave. Hope this helps and if someone has already made this recommendation, sorry for the extra info.
  12. I carry a P365 and I highly recommend them. Great gun, I actually shoot better with it than my G19 and I’m good with my G19.
  13. John, I appreciate it and I apologize for not getting back with you. I have been extremely busy and promise to catch up.
  14. I built my own 2x72 belt grinder, it has a VFD and a 2HP motor, it can hog metal quick. I dry the antler and seal with penetrating epoxy.
  15. I can’t even imagine dealing with that, however, I can understand being grateful for even having an opportunity to still get the ammo.
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