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  1. kanemochi

    is it legal?

    If he is against concealed carry on campus...then bringing this up to him (no matter how cool a guy he is with you in general) could result in him making moves to close what he will no doubt interpret as a "loophole".
  2. kanemochi

    Ft Hood vs Safeway?

    That's the way it's always been. Remember the Oklahoma City Bombings? To this very day, the media rarely talks about the Middle Eastern men seen immediately before the blast, or Terry Nichol's ties to Abu Sayef (Filipino Al Qaeda) They wanted their story about white, right wing extremists and terrorism...and weren't going to let anything as trivial as the TRUTH get in their way. Imagine if they had followed all those ties vigorously way back then, and done something about Abu Sayef and Al Qaeda....9/11 might never have happened.
  3. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    Unfortunately he wasn't convicted of drug use...only of possession of drug paraphernalia. You can get busted with possession of drug paraphernalia and still answer honestly to the question: "Are you an unlawful user, or addicted to....etc."
  4. I've always been pretty outgoing.....back in Junior High and High School when the hormones were raging I became somewhat shy when dealing with attractive girls...but I think that's pretty natural. Never had a problem playing competitive sports or speaking publicly. I was at one time very involved in politics......being on the executive board for the Republican Party at the Congressional District and County level....and serving on and chairing various committees at the Congressional District and State Conventions. Having chaired Convention committees such as rules, nominating, and platform I've had to get up and speak at those conventions in front of as many as 10,000 people to read the report and defend the findings of my committees.
  5. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    As long as you haven't been convicted, or have charges pending for a Felony.....or have been declared mentally incompetent....then you can legally buy a weapon. There's nothing in this guy's background that would have prevented him from buying the weapon.....Too bad the parents didn't get him evaluated psychologically when the school asked them too....he may have been declared incompetent then.....but really all that means is that if he was determined to do this he'd have to get a gun from some illegal source as opposed to buying it legally.
  6. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    I bought my wife's XD9SC from that same store back in November....that is a VERY busy store.... I'd be shocked if the clerk even remembers the guy. (Of course if the guy made any kind of really strange comments at the time....that might make it a memorable experience.)
  7. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    Apparently he had the 33 round Mag (he apparently fired 31 shots, before attempting a tactical reload)
  8. kanemochi

    What Streaming Internet Movie Plan.....

    I use Netflicks and Redbox...But I also occasionally use Vudu. Vudu is more expensive...but if you want to watch streaming FULL HD (1080P, not 720P) of the latest releases....Vudu is your best option. They have almost everything....often times before it is released on DVD....and the HD streaming is high quality (as long as you have an internet connection that can handle it.) The bad news is...it'll cost you like $5 per movie...as opposed to $1 from Redbox ($2 for Blu Ray) The good news is there is no subscription fee. You only pay as you go, kind of like Redbox.......except you can stream immediately without leaving the house or waiting on the mail. I use Vudo sparingly....to watch new releases that aren't available on the others and in HD. (For instance I saw Avatar in FULL HD before you could get it on Blu-Ray from Netflix or Redbox either one.)...but for the most part I use the Netflix service with 1 DVD at a time....and occasionally watch some streaming content (they don't have much in the way of new releases...but if you want to watch classics or Network TV seasons......Netflix is great. I also stop by the Red-Box on my way out the store and see if they have anything I've been wanting to see.
  9. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    That's terrible. Again...for my Daughter's sake I hope "local" means just one of the Tucson schools as opposed to living in that particular neighborhood.
  10. kanemochi

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    This is my Congressional District...and this event occurred only blocks from my house. I am out of town right now, but when I called home to see if my wife knew anything....apparently my wife was taking a nap and my son came in and woke her up and told her he heard gunfire.....and then lots and lots of sirens. They didn't find out till about an hour later what had happened. To the best of my knowledge they still haven't released the names of any of the dead or injured except for the District Judge, and of course Congresswoman Giffords. As terrible as it sounds....I'm sincerely praying that all of the dead are people there for the political event as opposed to innocent bystanders that were just shopping at Safeway. (Not because it's any less tragic, or in any way justifies anything....but because it lessens the likelihood that any of the dead are friends of mine from the neighborhood.....If the 9 year old girl is from our neighborhood...the odds are VERY high that my daughter knows her....which will add to the trauma that something like this causes anyway.)
  11. kanemochi

    Another open carry case

    I've never been a big fan of Starbucks. First off...I don't need to impress anyone by overpaying for a brand name coffee....then there's the type of customers this Seattle based company tends to attract. With that being said...their corporate policy is DEAD ON...and I applaud and salute them for that. If Costco, Pizza Hut, and a lot of other big chains were to adopt this same policy instead of putting up signs prohibiting guns where it is otherwise legal they would still have my business. (I will never step foot in another Costco or Pizza Hut, and I could give you another list of large chains that have put up anti-gun signs in Arizona...but those are two of the biggest names off the top of my head.) I just may make it a point to stop by Starbucks every once in a while to salute their good business sense of staying out of politics.
  12. kanemochi

    How many different calibers do you have

    Well....If you count 5.56X45 and .223 as separate rounds....(my AR will shoot either) Then I have 6 (.22LR, .223, 5.56X45, 30-06, 9MM and 45ACP.)
  13. kanemochi

    I have to get rid of my Mosin Nagant. ;-(

    It's not about the money...I have the cash now...it's just that she thinks I have too many rifles. As far as Wal-Mart being the devil....without that "devil" our countrie's economy would have collapsed decades ago....not only did they almost single handedly keep inflation from exploding under Clinton....but they are the largest employer in the country and if Wal-mart were to go under the unemployment rate in this country would be higher than you can even imagine.
  14. Was at the local Walmart......I can get a brand new Remington 700 (not a 770 or 710) WITH scope for $357!!!! I was ready to lay my money on the counter then and there...but my wife says: "you don't need another rifle!!!" I just can't pass a deal like this...so something's gotta go...and my Mosin is the only thing I'm willing to part with. OK...talk about bitter sweet....When I bring home my new Remy I should be totally excited...but now I'll have a bit of remorse as it'll mean saying goodbye to a very good Mosin.
  15. kanemochi

    .45 ACP carry ammo

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Federal HST's? (I think some people get them confused with the Hydra-shok...but they are vastly superior. I've used Speer Gold Dot .223 in my AR.....some damned good stuff....but for Self Defense in my Springfield XD-45 all I carry is Federal HST +P's....they've been tested side by side against all the other rounds mentioned in this thread and have consistently demonstrated more consistent expansion and penetration. This particular article and accompanying pictures actually tests using the 9MM as opposed to the 45ACP....but it has the prettiest pictures...there are plenty of other sites that give the raw data for the same comparisons in 45ACP...without the pretty pictures if anyone wants to search. HST vs the world