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  1. greenhornet-1

    Hey Charlie Daniels

    Happy B Day Charlie!!!!
  2. greenhornet-1

    The sniper of Mosul

    Like the ones we had in DC a number of years ago...
  3. greenhornet-1

    Sandy Hook gun manufacturer lawsuit thrown out

    ^^^^ That's where Killery want's to take us ^^^^^^
  4. greenhornet-1

    Two reasons I hate Bass Pro Shops

    That's the same as my LGS these days. I'm just glad to get powder!
  5. greenhornet-1

    Poll: Americans Fear Gun Control, Obamacare, Tornadoes, Etc.

    ^^^^^You nailed it, It ain't going to be pretty!^^^^^^
  6. greenhornet-1

    Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases

    When Killery wins these will be the some of future voters for them. We are DONE...
  7. greenhornet-1

    IRS subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny

    You think it's bad now, Just wait till Killery gets in there....
  8. greenhornet-1

    Breaking: Hitlery Leaves 9/11 Ceremony

    Yep, just saw that.
  9. I was eating breakfast at a local diner. I saw it on TV from there. It still pi$$es me of when i see the footage.
  10. greenhornet-1

    She's AVAILABLE boys!!!

    Nut JOB!!!
  11. greenhornet-1

    Don't Tread On Me is racist now

    We have those vehicle plates in VA. The lady at the DMV said it's the most popular by far! Me and 299 others got together and payed up front to get them started a few years ago. 300 were required to get approval.
  12. greenhornet-1

    UN backs Obama's nationalization of the police

    169 Very dangerous days ahead...
  13. They are DONE for over there!
  14. greenhornet-1


    They are DUNN! We are next if things don't change drasticlly...