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  1. xd40_jim

    Need advice on a stripped upper

    nope, no M4 feed ramps. Thats why I was looking at these. Its an Oly, similar to the K3B Car on their website.
  2. Hey guys, I have asked questions here before about the flat top uppers, well, I was surfing different sites and came across this one and was wondering if you guys had any experience with this company and any advice. It is the third one down, made by CMT. is it worth the money? http://www.pkfirearms.com/store/get_items....e=0&term=50 Also thinking about this one from CTD, made by cmmg http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ARR168-7.html I have the fixed carry handle on mine now and want to swap the upper out, and install all my stuff on to it. Any help would truly be appreciated. Thanks Jim
  3. xd40_jim

    Olympic Arms

    I have an OA, I have not had any issues with it. I like mine, great little rifle. I changed mine to a six position stock and M4 hand guards. I have about 800 rounds through it. I did buy it used and don't know much about the history, but otherwise it has been a great rifle for me. No FTF/FTE. I wouldn't get rid of it for anything. Jim
  4. xd40_jim

    Should I keep my Oly Arms m4?

    Not by any means an expert here, but I have a very similar model Oly, and have not had a problem with it, I have about 600 rounds through it as of right now, never had a malfunction. I even bought it used. I have modded it somewhat. I have changed the old stock to a six position collapsible, OD green and changed the hand guards also OD green. Only problem is mine is post ban, but that isn't even a problem. Haven't come across the tight magwells issue like the others. I am just using the D&H mags. Hope you decide to keep it. Good luck.
  5. xd40_jim

    Pa Site here?

    Hey neighbor, Just over the mountain in weatherly. New to the rifle scene. Looking to work on my skills. Where do you go to shoot?
  6. xd40_jim

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    Just a few pics of my guns My gun babe
  7. xd40_jim


    Sorry for my ignorance, but why does he have the carry handle on the bottom of his hand guard? is there a tactical purpose? Or just a holding spot until he trades out the scope and wants to use the iron sight? By the way, great pics you are posting Scotto
  8. xd40_jim

    AR question

    Thanks, I think I am going to go with that one soon. Thanks for your help
  9. xd40_jim

    AR question

    Great, thank you for answering my questions, everyone of you guys, I truly appreciate you taking the time out to help me out. Thanks so much
  10. xd40_jim

    AR question

    Well, my question is about this receiver in particular... http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Upper-Recei...0top%20-cmt.htm Is this one worth buying?
  11. xd40_jim

    AR question

    So now my next question is, what do you feel about the quality of the uppers from the link I posted? Are they worth the money?
  12. xd40_jim

    AR question

    Thanks, I appreciate your help. I really want a flattop upper but don't have the money to go with the whole set up. Was hoping to be able to buy just the receiver and transfer my stuff to it. Thanks a lot guys. Jim
  13. xd40_jim

    AR question

    So if I go with the standard upper I can keep my barrel then right?
  14. xd40_jim

    AR question

    Hey there guys, I have a question about the AR, I have an Olympic Arms AR15 Carbine. It has the perm carry handle and I am looking to get a flattop upper and was wondering what the difference between these two are (first two on the page) http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Upper-Receiver-s/33.htm Does it matter which one I get? What is the major difference between the two? Thanks in advance for you help. Jim
  15. xd40_jim

    Pa Site here?

    Weatherly here, just outside of Hazleton