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  1. Scarecrows

    Handgun picture thread.

    Thats my P226R.
  2. Scarecrows

    AK picture thread

    Wish I could buy some of this cool stuff. No AK's for Canadians, only CZ's.
  3. Scarecrows

    Canadian source?

    Anybody know where I can get MI in Canada or get it shipped to Canada? Thanks
  4. Scarecrows

    Norinco 1911A1 .45ACP

    My rinko commander. I got it for basically free so the only real cost to me where the custom parts.
  5. Scarecrows

    What to buy for first handgun

    Try and buy a Sig Pro if it fits your hands great. Its a good accurate inexpensive sig for you to start with. I'd stick to 9mm. Ammo is cheap and practice is what you will need with your first pistol.
  6. Scarecrows

    Shotgun picture thread

  7. Scarecrows

    Rimfire picture thread.

  8. Scarecrows

    dead post

    Free post count? Awesome.