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  1. Welcome - I'm relatively 'Newark' although my mailing address is Thornville - I am north of 70.
  2. Received the rail today. I like it much! I put it on my Bushmaster heavy barrel carbine with collapsible stock and 2-stage trigger. I think it's probably worth all the trouble I will get into with my wife for buying it. Thanks Chris
  3. All I can tell you right now is that it goes BANG. Only one shot through it so far. No FTF or FTE - just bang. I was aiming into grass so I don't know accuracy. I plan to iron that out shortly.
  4. I was finally able to put an upper on my home-built lower today. This was my first build. I completely built the lower about 10 months ago but time and money prevented me from finishing the project until today. Specs: S&W M&P-15 Stripped Lower DPMS LPK Standard Trigger (for now) Bushmaster Predator 20" Upper Standard Bushmaster A4 Mil-Spec stock Weaver Tactical Rings (1" Medium Height) Tasco 6-18x42R Scope (Yes I know it's Chi-com but it came on a 22-250 I bought years ago and is really a decent scope) I already have some things I want to change and that's where you (the experts) come in. I am thinking I want more of a target stock with adjustable LOP and adjustable cheek riser - any recommendations? I also think I want more of a target-type pistol grip - any recommendations? I know I need a larger latch to keep me from banging the scope. Any ideas? You can click on the pictures for larger versions.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am not planning on 'building' the upper as presently I do not have the spare time or patience (or tools). I am going to be buying a straight up complete upper. Maybe RRA - maybe someone else - not sure.
  6. No - I was referring to 16" - just stressing that longer length or heavier weight will not be a burden to me for this rifle. I want whatever will perfor best.
  7. I am very soon going to be buying an upper to finish a build I started a year ago I want this rifle to be purposed for basically two things. #1) Killing groundhogs and #2) Light target shooting (not competitive) at distances up to 250 yards. I pretty much have my mind made up that I want a varmint-style or predator style upper but I am unsure of the proper length. I will be shooting either 5.56 or .223 and would likely be shooting standard "cheap" ammo like XM193 or similar. Plan is for whatever barrel chosen to have a free-float forearm. Some uppers I see have a 1:9 twist while others have 1:8 and some 1:12 - Lengths range from 16" to 24". I know longer barrels can be unwieldy but length and weight will not bother me on this rifle. I have shorter AR's when I want something short. Please give me your recommendations for both barrel length and twist using standard crappy ammo (or your arguments against such asinine thoughts) Thanks & Merry Christmas Chris
  8. I am considering a used upper with supposedly only 200 rounds through it. Is there any practical way for me to tell if it's been shot to hell and back? I've bought plenty of used guns but never any USED AR patterns so I am just not sure how to base my judgement. Thanks Chris
  9. As the title states, I am considering an AR 57 PDW to go on my home-built M&P lower. Purposes will be: groundhog shooting (less than 100 yards) and plinking. I already have other AR's but I have been drawn to this for some time. Any reason I shouldn't? Thanks Chris
  10. Here are some pictures: Clicky this link
  11. Evenin' folks. For many years I have wanted to get an AK-47 but never decided upon one and then saw the prices steadily rise. Finally, yesterday I managed to do a trade for one. I am really trying to find out the real value of the gun. The receiver is a milled receiver made by "Firing Line" from Oklahoma. I have read that they are supreme quality receivers and a new receiver today from them is $399 (receiver only). Outside of that, I cannot tell what the origin of the parts kit is - Romanian? Yugoslavian? not sure. I know this question would be better served at a strictly ak-47 site but alas I am waiting for the admin(s) to approve me and make me be able to post. I also know from experience that there are some very well informed people on this forum. I'm not turning to the dark side - I still love my AR's but just had to jump on this trade. Do any of you have an estimate of what the gun would be valued at with a single magazine? Thanks in advance, Chris
  12. Wow - great responses - I really appreciate all that I have read. Chris
  13. I am heading to VA in a little under a month to do some shooting with a couple of friends. We are having a friendly competition shooting/comparing an AR-10 to several of our AR-15's. We will only be shooting 50, 75, 100, 125, & 150 yds. I will be shooting 2 Bushmasters - both .556 or .223 1/9 twist H-bar - one has a 16" barrel and the other a 20" barrel The 16" barrel has a two-stage trigger and the 20" barrel has a standard trigger. My question for you experts is as follows: What specific brand/model/grain size should I expect to do the best with (accuracy / grouping) using iron sights only and shooting in the above-mentioned distances. And which should I get 5.56 or .223? I hope this isnt' too much to ask. Thanks so much! Chris
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