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    Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Shooting.<br />Reserve Police Officer looking to become full time

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  1. broncobilly_69

    Why the ar15armory is best!

    Very nice looking rifle. I am new here myself but like crowd.
  2. broncobilly_69

    Does Your Sheriffs Have One Of These?

    We have an old bread van that's been painted black. The military has some great tools, if they help save LEO's lives they should have them as well.
  3. broncobilly_69

    Patrol Rifles

    Lebanon,OR PD uses HK G36E folding stock, Eotech sights and lights built into the forearm. Nice guns but I would Prefer and AR with an Aimpoint.
  4. broncobilly_69

    Open Season

    More officers need to get involved in Mixed Martial Arts and those of you who are need to encourage your fellow officers. Even if they can only train once a week they'll be light years ahead of not training at all.
  5. broncobilly_69

    Why Sleep Is Important

    good article. I know I see way too many officers that don't take getting enough sleep seriously.
  6. broncobilly_69

    Policeman Vs Fireman

    funny videos but I've never really understood the rivalry. I seem to see more from firefighters than I do police.
  7. broncobilly_69

    When The Victim Is Lying

    Well Said as newby LEO I will keep those words in the back of my head.
  8. broncobilly_69

    Walmart starts it's own version of gun registration!

    It never ceases to amaze me how many corporations are anti-gun. even some that sell them.