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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Ridgeway, the one thing I do not have is the original box, and I have looked everywhere! I am not trying to extort any specific pricing in order to sell it, so I appreciate the input. I just want it to get to someone who knows what it is and can enjoy it, I am under no illusions that it is something truly rare and unique that will command top dollar!
  2. Good Afternoon! Looongtime no posting for me! I have a question for you S&W experts in here...I have a 1076 that I bought when they were first released from the FBI, it has had under 100 rounds through it and DID NOT have the recall done. An amateur gunsmith where I work was interested in adding it to his personal arsenal for $750, and he asked if he could send in to S&W and verify that it was an FBI pistol. The letter came back after 7 weeks that it indeed was an FBI gun (Firearms Unit, Quantico VA) and he decided it was now out of his price range! Any ideas as to what I can get for this weapon? I am not interested in keeping it, I've had it since I bought it in 1994 and it's time to move it out and get another Beretta! Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. No problem, glad we helped a little! And GOOD CALL!!! Their full auto carrier group is one of the best in the business also!
  4. Good For You!!! I have 3 of those and love them! (even more than my SOPMOD but I wont repeat that in court) I would have been worried about what I'd get too, but you came out on the good side of that deal!
  5. I've got both. A Noveske 14.5 pinned vortex and a 16 BCM and shoot them about the same amount. I like the feel of the 14.5 when I'm pointing it and shooting on the move, although it could be all in my big head, since I'm not in and out of vehicles in combat situations, nor am I clearing houses. There is definitely more versatility with the 16 as far as changeability goes, but I never planned on messing with the 14.5 in the first place so it simply isn't ever going to be a factor for me. Tough call. Jeez, that's a hell of a long way to say "hey, man, pick one!"
  6. ursus you're well on your way to a quality "anything" carbine there, even if you don't keep it KISS! excellent start! ...and for the record, where did you get a CTR for $78??
  7. ursus - BCM's reputation is hard earned and well deserved.
  9. I saw an "upper/lower fit stabilizer" made from a pink pencil eraser once...same guy who had the little square of electrical tape on his case deflector to keep the brass marks off of it...
  10. Scotto - haven't said hi in a while, good to see you. I saw a 3 year old one go TU at the range I use about a month or so ago. His solvent of choice was gunscrubber and then militec-1. May have had something to do with it based on choice of fluids, I'm not sure. I look on the Accuwedge as a placebo. A solution in search of a problem.
  11. j- Does not affect accuracy one bit. But to each his own, if the wedge works then keep using it! I will remind you of this though....through repeated takedowns and solvents and oils on it, the wedge will break down...all over your FCG. So if you have a stoppage one day, check that! It may be in pieces all throughout your lower. No big deal, just hell to pay cleaning it!
  12. rifleman - Good topic. What is your feeling / preference for momentary on switches only or the "clicky" tailcap switches that stay on with a firmer push? I have personally never had a constant-on tailcap on any of my weaponlights (rifle only with lights for me), and I run surefire 6P LED's exclusively (habit) at the11 o'clock position. Lately I have been wondering if I should perhaps try to incorporate some constant on training, but I was always taught the light is for BRIEF illumination only, and then you MOVE immediately after every activation!
  13. Not a dumb question at all, wish. Also a complete non-issue. Look at the parts again. No worries.
  14. Ted - Understandable question. There is a huge quantifiable difference between the 2. John Noveske is known for his attention to barrel accuracy first and foremost. Noveske is a small shop that does not and will not ever put out the quantities of Del-ton or Stag or DPMS, nor will he probably ever want to. Quality control is second to none with them also. His barrels are M249 machine gun steel, with approximately twice the thickness of chrome lining. EVERY barrel is MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and High Pressure tested, not just by the batch samplings. Del-ton does not even batch test. Noveske ONLY makes true 5.56 mm chambers and all their twist rates are 1x7. Every extension is cut with M4 feed ramps also. Their bolts are ALL MPI tested and shot-peened, and the carriers are Full Auto (heavier mass and full- circle "tail") and the gas keys are all properly staked to the Mil-spec TDP. Lowers are shipped with mil-spec receiver extensions (ALL) and every castle nut is staked properly and an H buffer is standard. Del-ton, although makers of reliable little rifles, do not come remotely close to this level of testing and manufacturing process. That being said, I know of a few Del-tons personally and they are all well taken care of and shot regularly and for what they are used for they run like clocks. There have been plenty of Ford Escorts that have passed half a million miles, but that is not something you want to bet on consistently. I have 3 Noveske rifles... One Colt, 2 Daly Defense, One S&W, and 2 Del-ton (Uppers Only). I enjoy shooting them all, but I paid much more for the Noveske's and would reach for one first if it ever came down to needing an AR for what it was built for. A fighting carbine. Hope this all helps-
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