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  1. I have to say if I'm going to get a 1911 I'm really liking what I hear about the Kimbers. This one in particular looks quite nice. http://www.kimberamerica.com/pistols/custo...less_tle_rl_II/ Toss a laser or light on the bottom depending on needs and your good to go.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys! I've been out of town for the 4th so I wasn't able to reply sooner. I'll hopefully be picking up a nursing job here soon and will be able to make a purchase. Any you guys in the MI area recommend any particular gun shops or sporting good stores? I'm willing to take a drive if it means good service. Also any holster type recommendations? I do live in MI so I will be able to wear a jacket/coat more often then not. I'm still not set on caliber, I'm mostly going back and forth between 9mm and .45 ACP. But I'm sure I'll figure that out once I get some time off to shoot a few different pistols. Regardless I've got a lot of think about with the wealth of info you folks have provided, it's most appreciated!
  3. Let me first state that I'm new to pistols and firearms in general. I've been reading up on different calibers, actions and frame materials for some time now and I am finally looking to buy in the near future. My interests lie primarily with rifles but I feel a pistol may be more suited for personal defense and everyday use, also ammo is cheaper. Not to mention I can always get a rifle down the line. I'm looking to use this weapon both as CC and for target shooting/practice. I think the only thing I'm fairly set on this point is getting a .45 caliber semi auto, since I feel that will suit me best. I plan to shoot several pistols before buying but I'd like to arrive at a shop with a good idea of what I want. My questions follow... What types of actions do you prefer and why? (SA, DA/SA. DOA, etc.) What frame materials provide the best quality and utility? (Polymer, Steel, etc.) Which brands have you have the best experiences with? Are there any other factors you feel I should address before making a decision?
  4. Well after looking at my local options for shooting 600-800+ yards might be more then a little optimistic. I think I'll be lucky to get 500, and more likely end up at 200-300. What level of magnification would be required for that range? I've been looking at Zeiss optics with 3x12 range, just not sure if that's enough. I can't seem to find much consensus on this either. I'm beginning to see why you guys own so many guns. Everything can be so situation specific. Yeah by options I mean shooting ranges. EDIT: lol I fixed it.
  5. First off I'm looking to buy a high quality complete rifle for my first AR. I've done a little reading and shopping around from which I've found DPMS and Bushmaster. Both appear to have nice rifles but I'm open to other manufacturers if anyone feels I might be missing out. I'm looking at getting a AR for target shooting for longer ranges, maybe say shooting at or near MOA at 600-800 yards, possibly up to 1000 if I'm feeling lucky. I know most of this is the shooter but I want a gun that is high quality enough so that I need to be the one to improve! I'm looking at .308s mostly for this job, a nice bipod, and some very high quality glass. Price I'm not worried about, no doubt I'll have this rifle for years to come and I want to set the bar high. When it comes to glass well I don't know much and could use any input you folks can offer, I'm assuming I'd need something fairly beefy for an 800 yard shot. If anyone has suggestions on glass, complete rifle builds, accessories, or even if they want to try and persuade me to build my own the first time around, feel free. Thanks in advance!
  6. Just wanting to say hello to all you AR enthusiasts out there. I'm a newbie but looking to find a new and expensive hobby so I think I'm in the right place! I enjoy mostly rifle target shooting and a little paintball now and then. Hopefully I'll get to know you guys/gals as I post more. I've been reading a fair amount of info on AR's, equipment, etc. So hopefully I don't come off as totally clueless. Oh also I put up a post over in the DPMS forum for those that know their AR's and are willing to lend me a hand. I'm pretty much looking to start out with very high quality stuff, and expense isn't too much of an issue since I'll have this gun for years.
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