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  1. Apex556

    Toolbit question

    So I started work on ulus, little ulus, and ulu ornaments for the season and I've never used the black plastic brushes. (circled in red) Anyone know what they're for?
  2. Apex556

    Knife making tools

    Beautiful! I started making my own ulus a couple of years ago.
  3. Apex556

    I’m glad to no longer be on the FD some days

    Awesome result. It'll be too soon before I have to be involved with anything of the sort, again.
  4. Apex556

    Good Evening from Alaska!

    Getting there
  5. Apex556

    The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    Who else wants to shake their fist and tell Donald that he's wrong? It's all anyone is going to do. By the time threepers decide to shoot at the government, it's too friggin late.
  6. Apex556

    Good Morning!

    Good morning brothers
  7. Apex556

    Good Evening from Alaska!

    A lot of both and then some
  8. Apex556

    Happy Anniversary AR15Armory

    Wow. That's awesome. Happy Birthday, Armory! I think I joined in 2008. I can't believe it's been that long already.
  9. Apex556

    Funny text prediction

    Check out what my text prediction had for me 🤣🤣🤣 My boss, an Okie Choctaw who moved up here and opened a restaurant in Sterling, AK (I'm a burger flipper) loves his country as much as we do. So, him being a fellow Constitutionalist, I thought he might like it here and I sent him the link to register. My phone doesn't seem to like me.
  10. Apex556

    The ignorance of this person is astounding.

    I have to say it's the people who believe her. THEY are how she got where she is today.
  11. That was excellent, Retcop. I love reading inspirational material. And that was nothing if not inspired by the poetic Holy Spirit of God almighty. Salute.
  12. Apex556

    Need your input

    I traded a brand new 2500 dollar .22-250 Remmy 700 for my Grandfather's M1917 Enfield from a relative of mine. No regrets, whatsoever. And it's still a tack driver! If you can find out if it's your ancestor's rifle, get it. That's my .02 cents for what it's worth.