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  1. Hi all, still new here so working on my post count :smile: I've owned three brand new Kimbers over the years. First one is a Stainless TLE II .45 that I bought almost 4 years ago. Never once had a FTF or FTE or any kind of problem. Has eaten every type of ammo I've fed it, including fancy hollowpoints and reloads. Can't say enough good stuff about this one. Second Kimber was an Eclipse in 10mm. Had a couple FTFs on this one, in my opinion they were due to the sharp edges on the feed ramp and its steep angle (10mm bullet is significantly longer than .45ACP so the feeding ramp has a steeper angle to guide the bullet into the chamber). Hot 10mm loads tend to give some muzzle flip if you aren't careful. I had the Target model so it had adjustable sights--I really like the 3 dot night sights on my other ones a lot better. I traded it off on a rifle after hearing some third party info that the frames begin to crack after a few thousand rounds. I have a G29 now for my 10mm needs, those same hot loads give wicked flip lol. Seem to rememeber this one being a tad heavier than my Stainless .45, too lazy to look up the weights atm. Third Kimber is a CDP II Compact and this one is my current CCW gun. Aluminum frame is significantly lighter in weight than the frame from my Stainless TLE. Molded/smoothed edges are a nice touch. It has a 4" barrel and a little smaller grip to help with concealing. Had two FTF on some fancy hollowpoints although I had only run 200 rounds of ball through it (manual says to run 400-500 rounds of ball to break in). Haven't had a problem since. It's pricey but I think it's a real nice piece of work, I'd trust it in a heartbeat now. Really, there is very marginal differences between the various models. They're all 1911s, if they have the II at the end of their name they all have that grip-safety activated firing pin block, they have all the same internals basically. You're paying for the finish and look on the outside. The ones that the SWAT teams and Marine Force Recon get are probably going through some crazy gunsmith after delivery (I believe Quantico tricks them out after receiving them from Kimber). Hope my little essay there helps you out lol.
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