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  1. thank you so much for this wonderful advice, i do throw her ball a lot, even in this little limited space house, we both love being outdoors, but it has been really cold here and i despise cold, i never thought it would be this cold in S. Alabama, in fact it is snowing right now,, 25 years in Arizona has spoiled me!
  2. i'll give the knee raising trick a try, i have been holding out both hands and loudly telling her NO! she is very smart and has learned her boundary with the aid of a wireless fence, ill check out that training link, thanks, Elmer
  3. she was spayed at 6 mos. the vet told me it is never too soon, any time after 2 mos. i know what you mean about "limitless" energy, it is SNOWING here now and i just got her inside, she would rather be outside than inside, even the dog house i built for her, she prefers being on top of it rather than in it.
  4. my baby is just a bit over a year old and full of energy, this is my first Husky, are they always hyper or do they mellow out as they get older ? can i train her to obey commands ? i have gotten her to sit on command.., sometimes, she just ignores me sometimes when i call her, her biggest fault is jumping up on me and nearly knocking me down, she weighs in at 52 lbs. her mother was 65 lbs. and daddy was a whopping 80 lbs. so i do believe she will get heavier and a bit bigger. if you have any special tips or info let me know, OK? Elmer
  5. i would like to post a photo of my puppy but i have forgoten how to, all her photos are on my iphone, i need to relearn a lot of what i forgot in my extended absence. Elmer
  6. Well folks, it's been a long time it seems since i left Arizona, weather wise i really miss it, but really do enjoy my time with my sons and their families, i bought a 28 ft. semi trailer, loaded it with everything i NEEDED, my oldest son hooked it to his big rig and after three days we arrived here in Wilmer, i have spent the past several months trying to get everything stashed away in my little home and sheds. I have a new furry buddy, a female Alaskan Husky named Keesha, she is one year old now and full of energy and orneriness, weighs a little over 50 lbs. and loves to play ruffhouse. that's all for now folks, Elmer
  7. Pepper, when i get to Alabama, i am not sure yet how i will get back on line, whether to go with land line or satellite, i think we have a couple Alabama folks here, if they would give me their ph# i can keep in contact till i get back on line, how long that will take, i have no idea right now. Elmer ...
  8. thank you for those comforting words Pepper, we have had our differences in the past, so coming from you it means a whole lot to me, not just the planning the move but the death of my beautiful wife and soul mate has taken a lot of fire out of me. i am putting the house up for sale after the holidays, going to buy a 48 ft. trailer and load it with as much stuff as i can by myself, my son in Colo. who has a big rig who will come here and haul it to Alabama, once a sold sign goes up, i am going to call in all my favors to finish moving the stuff i can not do by myself. once more thank you. Elmer
  9. how long is this good for? does it have to be renewed every so often?
  10. i thank all of you for your good wishes, here is my plan, my oldest Son is a big rig driver, the plan is i am going to buy a 48ft. box trailer soon, hire someone to park it in my driveway, then take my time loading it, as soon as a "SOLD" sign goes up, i am calling in all my favors to finish the move, Glenn will drive the big rig, Allen will drive my Bronco with a trailer, i will be driving my Ranger with my best friend, Lucky Lady Lou in "shotgun", and yes, i will be waving at all of those i pass along the way. once more folks thank all of you for your best wishes.
  11. actually i love the South, i lived near Wellborn Fla. during WWII and a couple of years after the war, i have some very fond memories of my childhood living there.
  12. Without my beautiful Angel to brighten this place every day, my life here is as boring as no life at all, my Son lives near Wilmer, so this spring i will moving there, lock, stock and barrel full of goodies and memories, i'll be having a huge moving sale soon, lot'sa gun related stuff too!
  13. this entire thing just f'ing pisses me off, in my gun rags i buy and have subscriptions to and even these gun forums stress "training", yet when the real thing happens, "ooh schitte i don't wanna go in there, i might get hurt or killed", in the training regimen, do they also stress waiting 3 hours before entry, and then the news media, even more sickening, never use the proper terminology or nomenclature, just the same old crap they have been using since way back when the liberliar media started calling semi auto guns, "machine guns", then "assault rifles", would you agree most media readers are liberfools ? thus they hate religion, then they say, "we offer our prayers and best wishes", PRAYER ??? hell, do they even know what a prayer is ? i'll shut up before i say something that may offend someone, this was a terrorist attack by a radical muslime, ISIS claimed responsibility...,later folks.
  14. i am back, my son offered me the "Granny House" and one acre of land for $40,000....., i am thinking real hard about this offer.
  15. that vacation has changed my lifestyle somewhat, i done without this idiot box for two weeks, when i got up in the morning around 06:00, i had several mugs of coffee, watching the birds and dogs play, my son has 6 dogs, all strays that people dumped off, i had the independence of living in their "Granny House", nice little place about 200 yds from the main house that was built in the 1920's by a fairly wealthy man for that time, 5 bedrooms three full baths and two "wash ups", plus 6 other rooms, huge house! he lives near Wilmer Alabama and works in Mississippi about 25 miles away, his property is about 10 miles from the state line. now that i am back home i bypass my den, draw a mug of coffee, watch the birds have more coffee and do not touch this keyboard till evening for a few minutes then sign off after i read my mail, see y'll in a few days. Elmer ...
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