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  1. Just finished my AR-10 a couple weeks ago.
  2. The fact that is uses FAL mags is a bonus. DPMS mags are ok, but in order to use M118LR rounds, I need to find some Knight Armament SR-25 mags. Those things are a b**** to find.
  3. I hadn't even heard RRA had a 308. If it's anything like their 5.56s. I'm sure it'll be an excellent weapon. I bought a DPMS LR308 because I read that it was the runner up in the Army's XM110 submissions, and because of reviews like this one. Click me. EDIT: BTW, which unit were you in at division? I served in 2nd 3rd and 4th 325 AIR.
  4. I think there are a lot of different scenarios to consider. Natural disaster. Look at how badly things broke down in NO when Katrina hit. Miami was nearly the same when Hurricane Andrew hit there. In that case, SHTF may be having made preperations for sticking it out, or it may be that you're prepared to blow town for as long as is required. How about terrorist attack? I don't want to trivialize 9/11, but 3000 is a relatively small figure in comparison to what *could* happen if a terrorist attack were to take place in the right venue at the right time. How bad would society break down if 50-100K people were gone in a flash? In that case, are you prepared to sustain yourself until some sort of order can be restored? Then as others have mentioned, potential complete economic collapse. I think in any of the above scenarios, there will definitely be people who are not prepared and who will take whatever they can from whoever they feel they can victimize. Those are just my opinions, and the sort of things that I'm keeping in mind when planning.
  5. Of course it depends. I meant peaceful people who mean me no harm.
  6. The article seems to imply that the Army isn't doing anything to address weapon/ammunition shortcomings, which would be false. However, anyone familiar with any branch of the military knows that change does not happen by anyone's standard of fast. A friend of mine and myself were talking about this not long ago. The Army has been testing the 6.8mm M4 as a replacement for 5.56mm. From what I hear, 6.8 has had some great success in the field with the units that have received them. The Army is also fielding the new M110 SASS as a replacement (although I think at some point in the future they will opt to use it to augment) for the M24 SWS. With the nature of the current conflict, snipers have been seeing shorter range, rapid fire engagements not well suited to a bolt gun. They adapt, just not all that quickly due to the huge and slowly moving procurement system.
  7. There are far too many awesome scenes in that movie.... A few favorites. Intro Shenanigans Meow Syrup Chug Bear F***er Porsche Scene
  8. I've only had my 308 for a couple weeks and I'm already near 1000 rounds for it. I plan on having at least 5K, working my way towards 10K. I have 500 rds .40, might jack that up to 1K, but really, if it gets down to worrying about how many rounds I have for the backup gun, I'm probably screwed anyway. I'm going to be shopping for a 12ga soon (gun show coming to PDX in a couple weeks). I'll probably grab somewhere from 500-1K for that, although I plan on using that mostly as a door opener in a true SHTF scenario, to get into locked places and resupply, not kill peeps for what they have (that's just not how I roll).
  9. Maybe you could find a print shop that could make you some custom targets. Like this pic, only black silhouette style, complete with point rings and all. That may get the point across.
  10. That's definitely a different free float tube than the one that came on mine. Mine did indeed have a sling swivel stud on it, as mentioned by the above posters, to which I attached my Harris bi pod. You can barely see it near the end of the tube in this pic. Note that Harris, or Harris "type" bi pods mount to these studs. Alternatively, you could replace your free float tube, with one like mine, or the variety that has rails, etc etc etc.
  11. I remember them using plastic covers on them. Like such:
  12. Dell_Dude

    New guy here

    That'd be a good time. I still need to find a range somewhere nearby that allows 308 so that I can zero my scope. In the little bit of searching I've done so far, I've found two ranges that are ok with rifles, but there are membership fees, and other weird fees that have to be paid.
  13. Things were a bit slow at the beginning of the year, but they've picked up and we're pretty busy now. We always have a slow time after the holidays. This years just seemed a little longer than usual.
  14. Wow. What a creepy old dude.
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