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  1. Dixie_Shooter

    Oly OA-93 AR-15 Pistol

    I checked out an Olympic Arms OA-93 AR15 Pistol today at a local Fun Shop. This one came with a free-floated picatinny fore end and seemed really nice compared to the Kel-Tec PLR-16. The shop said this model was just in, and won't even have the price until monday- but they offered to "put my name on it" to hold it, and estimated the price at around $1,100. I played around with it with a laser/light combo and was really impressed with it compared to the kel-tec.... What do you think about the weapon/price? I don't have any experience with the Oly's, I own Colt & S&W AR's, but I would really like to get an AR Pistol before the Nov. elections...
  2. Dixie_Shooter

    Honestly, what do you think is happening?

    IMHO, Personal resposibility has been replaced with a "Victim Mentality" which is being used to justify all sorts of immoral behavior. An excuse of "Oppression Retaliation",(or a sense of being "owed retribution') although not acknowledged, is prevalent among certain ethnic groups. An analysis of "Liberation Theology" at it's extreme can explain a lot - the rantings of Jeremiah Wright is only the tip of the iceberg. The influx of illegals, IMHO is as much about the "Free Ride" of social benefits as the quest for employment, once a young couple has an "Anchor Baby" the backdoor to the welfare cadillac dealership is open....
  3. Dixie_Shooter

    advice on carry ammo

    Speer GoldDot 124gr +p Ammunitiontogo usually has 50rd boxes for a good price
  4. Dixie_Shooter

    What Caliber Do You Carry Most Often?

    9 is fine G19 - 16 GoldDot +p's or G26 - 12 Corbon DPX's
  5. Dixie_Shooter

    Very appropriate poll

    I voted. Looks like my kind of station, I wonder if it's available on Sirius......
  6. Dixie_Shooter

    Newbie from down South

    Hey Y'all, Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I've been around guns all my life, and contracted BRD a couple of years ago when I bought my 1st. AR - A Colt 6551 Slabside A2. I Just got my second one last month - a new S&W M&P15 M4. (Stocking up on Mags & m193.) This is a really good site!!