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  1. Dpn't wait Greg. I've done three of those in stainless and they were every bigt as well done as any Hi Power I've owned. One exceptipon was the trigger pin. It is not the same diameter as the Hi Popwers and is a booger to remove. Had to have a new one made for the first one. But love the guns! I've been carrying Hi Powers since the late 60's and I'm impressed.
  2. Its been awhile but I've written some things about the Turkish pistols built in Turkey before. About a year ago if I recall correctly. . About a month ago, I bought a Tisas 1911 Tanker model for $468 NIB out the door. I figured that if it turned out to be a pig then I wasn't going to feel a big $ gouge and would move it on at a later time. Big shock from my gunsmith (who is actually a REAL gunsmith, not a Dremel freak from You Tube). He did the action for me, installed a skeletonized hammer and adjustable trigger, extended mag and slide releases:jand a new recoil spring to replace the 23 pound spring it came with., He will be installing a larger beavertail and some decent sights next month. When he handed me the gun after the first go around with it, he told me that he was impressed with the machining, the fit, and that overall he feels its as well made as any 1911 he has worked on. From him that is a MAJOR statement for any firearm, and he specializes in some high end weapons routinely. The gun is an all steel commander actually, cerakoted from the factory, and we've tried Colt and other 1911 parts in it, which all seem to go in without any issues. And even with the GI sights on it, I was able to ring gongs out to 50 yards routinely. Its not a LW Commander, but it is one danged decent gun and we're having fun tinkering with the add ons to use it as a carry gun. With the Talon Pro grips, its a very effective handful and I am one happy camper. And no, it hasn't rusted up on me. My GS says that the metallurgy appears to be first class. If I could figure out how to post photos, I'd do so but that has always eluded me in here. So all I can say is that after 57 years of very active handgunning, even though I am not able to do my own smithing anymore, I LIKE this gun! A LOT! And I've got right at $600 invested in a gun that shoots as well as my expensive stuff. Freakng amazing!
  3. MARTY MANDALL from Scottsdale was a long time friend, and I did business with Don's Sporting goods, also in Scottsdale. Seems like all the good LGS operations died off from my years down there. Gary Reader in Flagstaff did gunsmithing for me when I worked for the state. Memories. Take care. Jerry
  4. I'm from Arizona Greg. Which small shops are you talking about? I miss my desert.
  5. Nice to know that the insane, incompetent stuff isn't just local. I was beginning to think that the "Cuckoo's Nest" had moved into my neighborhood. LOL
  6. Since January 2021, after market parts have been ordered for Glock Gen 4 & Gen 5 guns. The following issues have occurred with G43X, G26, G20, and G19 pistols. G43X: Trigger received with Trigger bar. The bar was too big. Trigger wouldn't work on OEM bar either. G20: Slide release was too large for the 10mm frame. Had an oversize spring and would not go into the slot in the frame. G26: Slide release was ordered for Gen 4. Gen 5 was shipped but was in the Gen 4 package.. Extended mag release was too tight and would not depress. Other slide release would not insert into the channel. G19: Went through two oversize slide releases, and one mag release that was wrong gen and didn't fit. Two of the vendors swore that the parts they offered and which I bought had been manufactured by Glock. All of the parts claimed to fit Gen 4 & 5 weapons on the packageing, which was not true. Some were specifically Gen 5, and some didn't fit either Gen. Four different companies were involved with these orders, all of which have been great to deal with in the past. I've been tweaking Glocks since 1991. Have never seen this before. Since Glock is now making extended controls, which all of my parts were except the triggers, I wonder why the after market is suddenly selling items that are not made correctly, or are packaged incorrectly? And please don't give me the Rubber Maid BS because it isn't true. I have thirty personal years of experience with Glocks and although they are not the flagships in my stash, they work and I trust them, new or used. Shadow106 February 2021
  7. I've recently "inherited" a lot of .40 S&W ammo which I have no problem carrying after 9 years of use during the end of my career, and a lot after that. Problem was, I didn't have a 40 caliber gun anymore. Some 9mm's but the last .40 went to one of the kids. So I started looking for a decent G22 Glock in the Boise area. Fat chance of finiding one as I discovered after two days on the phone. Even Cabelas and Sportsmans were out of Glocks and the LGS outfits just didn't have any. And then I found a nice Gen 4 in a local pawn shop for a good price. Pre-pandemic as my partner says. This was a large chain operation that has three or four shops in the Boise area, as well as in other cities in the state. What happened next really surprised me. The guy hands me the weapon out of the case. I look at the usual external stuff and my partner takes it to break down so we can check the internals. The guy panics and tells him he cana't do that, because store policy is that guns can't be dismantled by customers. Okay. So My partner hands the gun to the guy and tells him that HE can break it down. The guy says he doesn.t know how to do that. When I say I'm ready to buy it but won't unless I can see the guts, he looks at my partner and says "Okay, but if you break it, you buy it". WE both inspect the internals and I agree to buy the pistol. At the main counter I present my state RLEO Carry Permit, my DL, and my retired ID. The manager says he's never seen one of the RLEO permits in all the time he's worked there. I tell him I've been carrying one since 2007. He uses my DL: for ID and runs the check as Im filling out the 4473. They copy my DL for their records (?) and install the gun lock, handing me the key. (Never saw that before either) We complete the sale and I go home. The next morning they call me and say that I need to come in because on the 4473 I didn't indicate 'Drive" in my address. I have NEVER used the "drive' suffix on a 4473 since I moved here five years ago, and believe me, I've bought a few guns during that time. Oh, and the salesman was concerned because I won't put my social security number on the 4473. I suggested that he read the statement on the form and drop the subject. They choose to do businesss as they see fit, and I did what they asked for. But they will never see any more business from myself, my partner, nor my RLEO group after we discuss this transaction. I've been told that they are reacting to a suicide by gun in one of their stores that occurred years ago, and that would be understandable, but for an operation as large as theirs is, it would seem to me that they would have more knowledgable people manning their counters. I'm just getting to old for this kind of paranoid garbage. Jerry
  8. A person doesn't have to be injured or die in combat in the military to have served honorably and buy the home, or receive the pension, med benefits, etc. I didn't mean to imply that, if I did. But as a retired Marine friend of mine once remarked, "How many of the trained killers that tell their stories, are for real?" How many people have LE types met in their career who were the wanna be personalities? Just because they watch the TV shows, have some decent weapons, and maybe carry Concealed Permit badges that they bought on line? People who represent themselves as current or maybe retired LE's when in fact they never wore an official badge of any kind. I know three individuals who velong to retired LE social groups and none of them completed more than ten years of LE service, before being asked to leave, or just flat fired for misconduct. But to hear them talk, they were the only ones on the street who were standing between the good guys and the Zombies. And they talk about that a LOT. Rampy, I'm proud of ya, and the other guys who have identified their past and their pain. Thats why it irks the hell out of me to see anyone use the system and live a life that real vets made possible. And I have a big mouth and can't keep quiet when it gets to be too much. Patriculary when the real vets aren't getting the help they need and deserve. I will add that I get fired up when I meet a young LE type who thinks that anyone who is older than he/she is, is a wannabe and not at the same level of expertise as he or she thinks they are at. They just don't understand that when they retire, they too will be out of the loop and looking for something to do with all the experience and training they received. And the retired LE will feel a sense of separation after decades of daily LE experience. That separatiln can be a huge relief, or a horrible sens e of loneliness, depending on the person. As many of us know. We have heroes among us everyday. But the one's who tell us that they are heroes are not.
  9. I've read the many responses and I thank you all for what has been, obiously, well thought out replies. No matter what the technicalities of qualifying for VA status are, and no matter how much or how little time was put in to actual service, my bud is receiving benefits and making a big deal out of it to whoever will listen. It was mentiioned that perhaps he is a wanna be and I think that is very likely the reality here, considering something else that he did for awhile, unsuccessfully. But what I'm dealing with is the choice to set aside my on lines in the sand because I have seen him in other ways that make him a valuable person when need presents itself with other people. So I think that I will put these other things aside and support the person inside of him and tell him to put the other, flag waving person to rest. As a matter of fact, I've already done that to some degree and it may be working. I've told him that I don't understand why he dwells on the brief time he was wherever, doing whatever he did, when there are so many aspects of his life that deserve to be recognized (by him if no one else) and which represent him far better than the flag waving. Like a lot of people, sometimes individuals forget what they've done with their lives, because they were so busy doing it. To the point where they forget who and what they are. Or could be. Thanks for your thoughts and for your open discussions about this situation, and your own. Never fails to astound me how deep this group can go, and how much insight we have amongst us. Sure beats hell out of the rest of social media. J.
  10. I have a friend that I've known for over ten years now, and with whom I shoot or socialize at least three days a week in person, and more so via messaging on the web. He is a good guy, would bust his butt for anyone who needs emotionbal support or physical help with whatever. I trust him, but he is doing something that brings me up short every time it comes up. He is officially a Veteran. He flies his service flag beneath his US flag on the pole in his front yard. He displays his unit citations in his man cave. He walks or drives in Veterans Day parades and goes to restaurants that serve free lunches and dinners on Veterans Day each year. And he gets his medical EVERYthing from the VA, while collecting a pension from his diseased wife's disability which came about during her military service. He's my friend and now that his wife has passed, I'm glad he isn't financially desperate as many older people are these days, Having lost my father to a military related death, a cousin and an uncle, and frieends, having served myself, and with numerous other members of my family being veterans, I have to really bite the bullet when my bud is telling people that he's a veteran. That is because, in my family, and to a large degree, in my social circles most of my adult life, those of us who are veterans have made individual choices to maintain ourselves and leave the VA benefits to those who truly need them. That may sound like a brag, and only an idiot would believe that our choice has any lastiong effect on the VA coffers, and probably doesn't mean crap to anyone working in that system. But it gives each of us sense of supporting other vets who can't do that for themselves, and who are being ignored by the spin doctors that make up our government. And since. my friend was in the service for less than five months total, being medicaled out on a non-service related medical issue before he was eighteen years of age, It really gets hard to swallow his flag waving displays to other people, and particularly to other vets who did some serious time in some hostile places, and paid some serious dues for that effort. I tell myself often that one of my favorite authors was spot on when he said, "If a frog tells you that his great grandfather was a Tyranisaurus Rex, humor him. Everyone needs their fantasies" But how far does that go?
  11. Thanks gang. You may not realize how much your support helps at times like this. Jerry
  12. During the years I've been in here, in spite of our differences of opinions on sop many things, this group has always seemed to have a sense of unity and closeness that I've never encountered in any other social media sites. Glad to be a part of it, and able to share good and bad with you all. Prosit!
  13. 2020 was not a good time for a lot of peopl;e, me included. But I got past my own medical issues and for an old fart I'm doing well. 2021, however, is looking pretty grim. A friend (since 5th grade) in California has develoed a throat tumor that is not operable. My shooting partner has just been informed that his cancer has returned after nearly thirty years, AND he has to have a surgery on his strong arm that will stop him from shooting unless he can move fifty years of expertise to his left arm.. My Texas cousin has had multiple strokes and is expcted to have more. My gunsmith buddy in Utah is in stage 4 bone cancer, and an old LE bud in Arizona is having severe heart issues. I see all of this and thank God I am alive and not the statistic that I should have become last fall. But it is really sad to see so many close, good friends greeting the New Year with such grim life changes. All of which have occurred in the very first week of this new year. Prayers for these people, and the others who are in trouble out there are in order I think;. I hope you agree. We are facing some monsterous changes in every aspect of our lives and we need all the help we can get from whatever deity we worship. Sorry this isn't a gun related topic, but I trust that I can vent with you, and that helps a ;lot. J
  14. Some things have happened this past year to all of us, but mine have prevented me from being real active in here. So I'm taking a few moments to say that I hope you and your's all have a safe, healthy, and happy Christmas season, and thanks for being there when you were needed, by me and whoever. We're all different, but the majority of the members I've talked with in here over the past twelve years, are caring, protective, and valuable human beings, and that is saying something in light lf what the "public" is doing out there on the streets these days. God Bless those of you who are active duty first repsonders and military, and Thank God for those of you who are retired and role models for the younger gang. To those who have given their all this year, keep an eye on the gate gang. We'll be there when its time. Merry Christmas! Jerry
  15. I've put four Night Fision front sights on my own and some other peoples Glocks. Being old and half blind, I am impressed with the brightness of their products, day or night. Just put one on my own G19 last week. I've been tweaking Glocks one way or another since 1991, and these are my preference. Plus, fast service and good communications.
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