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  1. Shadow106

    Glock 2019 Annual

    Check out the article titled "Hollywood Glocks" on page 46 of the new Glock Annual magazine. Someone named Karen Hunter says that Don Johnson's character in Miami Vice "...consistently wielded a GLOCK pistol....." as the show mesmerized all of its viewers. I've seen most every episode of that show and actually lived down the street from where some of it was filmed in the Little Havana section of Miami, so I guess I was a fan. Never saw a Glock on the show. 1911 that was followed by a Bren 10, and finally an S&W 45 auto at the close of the series. The article is not exactly Glock Perfection I guess.
  2. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    I managed to solve the ejection situation by selling the Tanfoglio to a CZ fan, and picking up an SR1911 in 10mm. Had my gunsmith angel do an action job to bring it up to level with my Colt Commander and it is really amazingly smooth. Even my GS remarked that it is very accurate and he is a hardcore 1911 fan who shoots extremely well. I am pleased with my new toy.
  3. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    Well, I did some experimenting and some research, and ended up trading the Tanfoglio for a Springfield Micro Compact .45, which is now at my gunsmith because it put almost every round ejected in my face. Another story for another time. LOL Then I went out and figured out a way to fire a Delta and an SR1911 10mm. For the money, and due to great experience with four previous SR's in .45, I ended up with the SR1911. The Delta is excellent, but not at $250 more than the SR. I carry a Colt Commander as my EDC as a rule, so the platform feels much better than the Tanfoglio. And I like the overall cosmetic presentation of the pistol. Looks good and shoots better than I do, outta the box. When my gunsmith bud does the action, just like he did on my Colt, it will be a dream, no doubt. He is a wizard. I'll still carry my .45, and it will still be on the bedstead 'cause I don't want to shoot my neighbor's poodle two doors down the street (Not true!) if I have an intruder. But I'm looking forward to the 10mm now that I'm older and wiser (senile?). I hope it will fill the gap left from the two Bren's I ordered and never received years ago, and the Delta that I owned for three weeks and never got to shoot back in the early 90's. Same gap left by a real cutie that I met in college, but I can't tell ya that one. Thanks for your thoughts. You're a damned valuable asset in the gun stuff! Jerry
  4. Shadow106

    CC for RLEO's

    Where I'm located, a RLEO can get a special Carry Permit that is good for one year and costs $17.00/year. RLEO's can shoot with a number of local agencies to qualify for the HR218 card as well. All of which is initially issued based on ID from the officers agency that indicates he/she retired and has successfully shot the qualification course during the current 12 month period. The permit states that the bearer is retired LE as recognized by the agency issuing the cards, and entitled to carry a weapon concealed. OR......an individual may prove training, pay a fee and obtain a regular CC permit. This permit lasts for five years. Same privilege, in this state. Okay. Now the RLEO has the ID issued by his original agency. He now has another retired ID issued by the agency with whom he is qualifying for his HR218 credential, and the 218 card after successful qualification. HR218 says that carry in any state is now legal, but we all have heard that not all jurisdictions will honor the 218 ID. Which is not my point here. The third alternative where I'm located is to not have a CCL since it is not required within this state. But I'm talking about a situation where officers retire in state A, and now live in state B. After all that "qualifying" and all those ID's in the badge case, guess what? John Doe, who attended classes, filed for and obtained a CCL in this state, can walk into a local gun shop and buy a firearm without a NICS check. The RLEO, after all the "qualifying", cannot. For ten years I've carried with a permit. Not the RLEO retired card issued to other agency officers, but a regular permit. I've carried it next to my agencies retired badge and ID card, and I've been shooting for my 218 card for 9 of those ten years. I've bought firearms without the NICS check being done since I got my CCL. This year I switched to the RLEO permit, and in the process, my LGS asked ATF if the RLEO ID was recognized by ATF, and therefore exempt from a NICS check at time of purchase. The answer was no. What's the situation in your area. This seems a bit backwards to me, but then I'm probably just behind times. Or stupid. Take your pick.
  5. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    Thanks for the good replies gang. Always good to know you are all out there to help. J.
  6. Shadow106

    I'm proud of her......

    Thanks for the comments gang. My part in this situation isn't the reason I posted this. HER part most definitely is, and it all boils down to.....how many of your local medics might be interested in this kind of coaching if YOU made it available? Once you get the ball rolling, your student could go on to more in depth training once you help at the beginning, if they want the permit or whatever. Her reason for doing this with me has struck me as a great recruiting tool to help our community grow, and possibly save lives. There's nothing as enthusiastic as a convert! J.
  7. I see that this site isn't real active, which surprises me a little 'cause the 10mm is becoming very popular in the circles I hang with up here in Boise. People carrying them for hunting or back packing in our area. I had a chance last year to pick up a 10mm Tanfoglio all steel pistol at a very good price, just to see if I liked the caliber before committing to a more expensive model. Or not. Well, I'm quite pleased with the results, and with the pistol actually, which I wasn't sure about. Its accurate, relatively easy to handle, and I've never had a pistol that throws brass that far away. LOL! Like, in the next county? But I'm a 1911 person and I'm kinda out there, wondering which 1911 10mm would be best for regular use. I obviously have gear that will accommodate the 1911 platform, but there are some basics I'm not sure about. Hope you can help? First of all, what is with this shooting .40 in a 10mm barreled pistol? Is it safe? What will that do to my pistol? 55 years of hand gunning has taught me about multiple calibers in wheel guns, but in a Pistol? Do most 1911 10mm pistols interchange parts with .45 1911's? Not the barrels, bushing, etc, but the pins, internals, guide rods, etc.? I'm looking at the SR1911 model after some really good reviews, and I've owned four different models of this gun in .45acp since they first came out. While my normal 1911 carry is a steel Colt Commander, the Delta is also in view, but Colt is doing some strange things lately, so I'm not sure I'd want a new model. I realize that I've asked a lot, but I hope I get some good intel from people with first hand experience with the 10mm round. Thanks in advance for your help. J.
  8. Shadow106

    I'm proud of her......

    A few months ago, a young lady who is a Phd educator, and who works as a full time EMT in our county, approached me and asked me if I would consider teaching her about handguns. Since she is actually my step-daughter in law, I said I would be happy to do so whenever she had the free time. But I was a little concerned because, while not being anti-gun for the most part, she is not a big fan of our choice to support the second amendment, especially after responding to a few gunshot incidents on her job. The day she came over, we sat at the kitchen table and I introduced her to SA/DA pistols, striker fired pistols, and talked to her about things like firearms safety, shot placement, what to expect in a defense scenario, and basically how guns and ammunition work. By the time we finished, four hours had passed and she was able to field strip a Glock, an HK P2000, and a 1911. We had no problems with the direction of the barrel on any gun she handled, and she was very good about "keep your finger off the damned trigger" protocol. The day we actually went out to shoot, she was nervous as a cat. She fired an HK VP9SK, and a Glock 19. Both 9mm of course. When she had the first mag in the HK and had jacked a round into the chamber, I thought she was going to have a seizure from shaking so hard. But she slowly brought the pistol to the target and fired the entire magazine slowly and methodically until the slide locked back. She looked at me and grinned, dropped the mag, and said that was "SO COOOOOL!" The shakes were gone. Before we were through, she had fired both pistols, but preferred the G19. She fired 5 mags total, and I was very pleased to see her group shrink down to about 6" at 15 yards before we finished. But that's not why I'm telling you this. The point here is her reason for asking for the training in the first place. The day we sat at the kitchen table, I asked her why she wanted to do this, knowing that guns in general were not her cup of tea. Her reply made me want to hug her to death on the spot, which I came pretty close to doing by the way. She said, "If I get called out to a shooting incident and a LEO is down, I may need to know how to handle his/her weapon in case a bad guy is still trying to kill him/her. I can't let my own fear of the gun cost the officer's life, and maybe my own." This young lady is definitely a part of our extended LE family, and I thought I'd share that with you. Cover your medic's six gang. He or she may one day be covering yours. J.
  9. Shadow106

    Bought a couple of old S&W revolvers.......

    Yeah, I remember those days when I had to layaway my first K model 'cause it was a whopping $125.00. I carried Pythons for years and I do NOT wish to discuss what they cost back then. As for posting photos, I haven't ever put up a lot, but I remember that it was a PITB to do. Other sites, we just picked 'em, hit the key, and there they were. Never quite got that but it was the only way. Maybe still is 'cause the prompt that taught how to do it appears to have been deleted, whenever. If you really want the photo, of all three revolvers, email me at cros106@hotmail.com J.
  10. Shadow106

    Bought a couple of old S&W revolvers.......

    $1200 for both at a local pawn shop. That was out the door. I'm learning that I mighta done good according to some forum guys. Ret, its been a long time since I put up a photo in here. How do I do that? J.
  11. A few weeks back, I bought two S&W revolvers. Probably reverting back to my youth (which I squandered on women and handguns). One is a Model 29-6 with a full underlug 6" barrel and a unfluted cylinder. The gun was built in March of 1992 per S&W, but the grabber is, it does NOT say "Classic" on the barrel. S&W referred me to the S&W Historical Society but I haven't gotten a response so far. The second is a Model 586 (no dash) , 6", no pin, no recess, which S&W says was built in January of 1984. Both revolvers are in top condition (about 90% at least), have never been refinished as far as I can tell, and are drop dead gorgeous. The 586 is, or course, a joy to shoot, but I haven't fired the 29 yet. If anyone has any knowledge of either gun, I'd appreciate hearing your input. I love these guns that come from my early years of hand gunning, and even carry a 686 3" CCW occasionally. But I've still got the rest of the stash, and I'm still giving them to my kids so they don't have a shoot out over who gets what when I kick it. Hope everyone is doing great. Jerry
  12. Shadow106

    Holidays in the past...

    I wrote this for my family, as part of a history. It really is a memory. Not just a story I dreamt up.
  13. Shadow106

    Holidays in the past...

    Every year I write a letter rehashing the past year for my wife and I. This year I wrote a memory of years past, and one of them was when I was a GI in a foreign country, alone and not a happy camper. I've been told that I should share it with you here, 'cause so many of you probably have similar experiences. So......, dedicated to the GI's who can't be with us for the holidays 'cause they're in harms way, here is Christmas Past CHRISTMAS PAST As happens with many people during the holidays, memories of other times, other places, and other people come to the surface for me. Some make me happy again, reliving that time and place, who I was with and what we were doing. Others make me sad and I have to struggle not to let those kinds of memories set my mood for the season. The year I turned twenty one, I was in Wiesbaden, Germany. My birthday in late November had been major fun. I was playing with Glenn Berry & the Thunderbirds at the City Bar, and the club was packed. For some reason I had become the focus of three different women, including a Swedish lady that I'd dated, the sister of a very close lady friend , and a truly gorgeous lady whose profession was not something one would discuss with Mom. All three were friends and occasional companions throughout my entire stay in country. All of that should have set the mood for the Christmas holiday, but it didn't. My room mates were away on leave, and the band had gone back to England to share time with families and friends. I found myself actually NOT wanting to be with anyone on Christmas Eve, and although it was cold and snowing, I walked through the downtown area, window shopping and looking at decorations in the shops and stores. As had become my habit, I was wearing a German suit and tie, an overcoat, and even my shoes were European. I looked as though I belonged where I was at, and thanks to my grandparents from Nebraska, I was able to speak the language without an American accent. More than once, when approached by military police as they patroled the GI bars, I'd passed for German, and many of the American customers at the bar where we played, thought I was a German who spoke English very well. Actually, I was a medic at the Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden. I'd spent some time attached to an Army airborne unit in the area, which is another story for another time. Almost all of the gasthauses and large clubs were closed for the two days of Christmas, and when I began to look for a place where I could warm up and have a drink, maybe some food, I found myself taking a shortcut from one street to another, through a dark alley that looked like it had come out of a Jack-The-Ripper movie. Dark and wet, cobblerstones, and a solitary light that cast just enough light for me to notice a sign with nothing on it but a black cat, hanging over one of the dark doorways. I'd heard about this place from a few German friends, but had never been there since it was off limits for military personnel. On an impulse, I tried the door handle and it opened. I stepped inside and looked around, seeing two customers sitting at the small bar near the door, and no one in the main room where the juke box was located. I stepped up to the bar and ordered a stein of beer from the pretty woman who was tending bar. When she placed it in front of me and I'd paid, I took it to the main room and sat in a booth, intending to just relax and mind my own business. Before I sat down, I went to the juke box and scanned the selections. All in German of course, but with many british and American rock songs or ballads. And to my delight, I noted a tune I'd never heard of, by a British group that was to become my life long favorite instrumental band; The Shadows from Great Britain. I had a few of their singles, and we played two of their tunes during every gig. I loved their sound and when I dropped some coins and listened for the first time to “Atlantis”, I was hooked. That song will be played at my funeral if my wife follows my instructions. I sat in my booth and listened to the music, then went back to the juke box and played the song two more times. I noticed one of the two customers leave, and the other one stand up to finish his beer. Then he too headed out the door. I thought that maybe my repeat of the music had bothered them, but I enjoyed it too much to really care. The bartender, who turned out to be the owner, came to my booth with a fresh stein and asked if I was doing okay. I said I was and that I hoped I hadn't run her customers off with the music. She laughed and said no, they had to go home to 'Mama'. She asked if she could join me, and when I said yes, I'd like that, she returned to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine. She walked to the front door, then came to my booth and sat across from me. She said she'd locked the door so we wouldn't be pestered with customers. We chatted for a few minutes, then she got up and went to the juke box and played....., Yep, she played 'Atlantis”. When the music began, she walked up and asked me to dance with her. Atlantis has a distinct cha-cha rhythm, and we seemed to fit together well as we danced. Two things struck me. The first was that she was extremely attractive (which I'd already noticed in an off hand way) and the other was that she'd been speaking to me in English. When I asked why the English, she told me that she knew that I played with the Thunderbirds, and that I worked at the American hospital. She had seen me in both locations, and recognized me when I walked into her bar. I immediately apologized for ignoring the off limits restriction, thinking she didn't like Americans for whatever reason. She proceeded to explain that the place was off limits at her request. This was a family gasthaus and GI's from any country had a habit of getting drunk and making themselves obnoxious. But she immediately added that the restriction did not apply to someone like myself, who looked, acted, and talked like a local. I was pleased and relieved to hear that, and to sit there looking at her. She really was pretty. We'd been there talking for an hour, then she asked me if I was hungry. I hadn't thought about it, but realized that I was. She went back to the bar and made sandwiches for us, accompanied by two cups of tea. She told me she wasn't a coffee person and that she'd shut off the bar coffee maker earlier in the evening. She could have offered me a cup of hot water and I would have accepted because I was happy just to have someone to talk with, which was 180 degrees from my attitude when I'd entered the place. After we'd eaten, she told me that another reason her place was off limits was because of a failed relationship she'd had more than two years ago, with an American soldier with whom she was in love, but who rotated home without even telling her goodbye. She'd never heard a word from him, and she couldn't handle some of his friends who came in, hoping to be the lucky ones to console her. She told me that she felt used as it was, and hated that the other guys thought she was just a cheap whore who would fill her bed with anyone who fed her a line of BS. I realized that she was crying, so I got up, went to the jukebox and dropped some coins, playing some tunes that were slow dance favorites. I took her hand and pulled her out on the dance floor and held her close as I danced with her without talking for nearly half an hour. When we were finished, we went back to our booth and this time she sat down beside me instead of across the table. She snuggled up to me and I held her like a child until she fell asleep. I pulled my overcoat over both of us and fell asleep as well. Neither of us woke until there was sunlight coming through the skylight, around 7:30 that Christmas morning. She started awake, not sure where she was, which woke me up as well. We sat there for a few moments, then she leaned close and kissed me on the mouth. That had to be one of the sweetest kisses I ever received from a young lady. No hormones, no seduction, and no anticipation. Just a sweet and loving gesture from a sweet, beautiful lady. I can't imagine any Christmas present that would have been better. We took a cab when we left the bar, dropping her off at her apartment, then I headed back to my barracks where I fell asleep for the rest of the day, and into the evening. When I arrived at her bar late that night, she came out from behind the bar, gave me a happy kiss and big hug, and when she closed, we went to a late night club for breakfast and some dancing. Meta was her name. She became one of my unforgetable memories of those times, and remained my friend for the rest of the time before I went home for good. We slept together occasionally, but that only amounted to being warm and happy, and as physically close as we could get. Never once did it involve any form of sex. She was my “happy place” and I apparently was hers. We both dated other people, but we only shared our private selves with one another, without hesitation,. I learned a lot about relationships with Meta, and saying goodbye to her was not easy. So, thanks to Meta, what started out to be the loneliest Christmas of my short life, turned into a wonderful friendhip and a loving, trusting type of caring that I was to find very rare in my life after I left Germany. But at least I had the role model which told me that two people can love and cherish one another, without it turning into a daily combat with sex and hurt always surfacing and spoiling things. Gluckliche Weinachten meine Damen und Herren.
  14. Shadow106

    Who will it be????

    Who will be accused of molesting the Thanksgiving turkey this year? Who will file a law suit declaring Black Friday as racist? Who will start selling memory foam kneeling pads at NFL games? Who will claim that Santa Claus molests women while they sleep on Xmas eve? Whose rights will be violated because they shoot at a LEO who shoots back? Who will schedule the next DNC convention at Chucky Cheese where it belongs?. With all the crazy s__t going on in the world, we should take a moment today and give thanks that we are still living in this country, and enjoying the freedoms that we have left to us as individuals. I hope you all have a great holiday and that the dementia doesn't get to your area until next year. At least. Jerry
  15. Shadow106

    Just dropped by.....

    ...to say hello and wish you all a happy T-day, and don't get trampled at Walmart on Black Friday! Not much happening up here in Boise lately. We now have TWO groups of retired LEOs that are meeting for lunch. One group is every Thursday at a Mexican restaurant, and one is monthly on Thursday and we go somewhere different every month. Great bunch of guys in both, but the weekly group is strong with Southern California officers who couldn't wait to clear out of California when they pulled the pin. The other group is more northern California, with a few odd balls such as myself and a few former Feds. Its great to listen to war stories that happened before Dragnet was on TV, and its sad at how much the business has changed since then. One guy that attended is retiring from LASD in two weeks. He started in 1987. OMG. TWENTY TWO years after most of us got into the business! So I went out an bought another gun. Like I needed to do that. Anyway, have a nice family holiday everybody. Get fat. Like me. Jerry