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  1. Shadow106

    Two interesting pistols just picked up....,

    Thanks guys. Guess I did better than I thought. Had a guy try to buy the .38 super today. Its not for sale. LOL
  2. About a month ago, I bought a full sized Witness pistol in .38 super caliber LNIB for $424.00. Comes new with one mag (17 rounds) but this one had three. Took it home and put it away, and until yesterday, there it sat., A week or so later, I ran into a Witness compact model in 10mm caliber and bought it new for $490.00. Took it home and put it with the first one, planning on shooting them when I got the chance, which turned out to be much later than I'd hoped. This was not my first experience with the EAA pistols. I've owned a few in the past, but mostly because of swaps. Not particularly because I was excited about them. l used to be a Colt addict, and I now own Sigs, HKs, and a few Glocks, plus some revolvers and my Hi Power. So I figured I'd try these oui because the calibers were interesting, and I'd seen some good commentary about the Tanfoglio "CZ clones". When I finally had a chance to shoot these two, I was very pleasantly surprised. First of all, both weapons are heavy. Not something I'd want to carry for duty every day. Secondly, the front sights are fixed, part of the slide, and would require a machining to put a dovetail in these basic models. The narrow grip on the slide which is common with these just as it is with the CZs is a problem for me, but after Talon turned me on to the Arachnigrip tape for the slide that problem no longer existed. I'm a Talon fan so both pieces were equipped with the rubber grips. Both calibers are potent, and as expected, the compact model in 10mm was more rambunctious than the .38 super. I fired just under 100 rounds through the .38 super, and fifty through the 10mm. Not heavy loads, but not light loads by any means. I was amazed at the accuracy of both weapons, which made shooting 2 liter plastic bottles at 25 yards a helluva lot of fun. (I like targets that move around as opposed to bullseye setups). My shooting bud was also surprised at how well they shot. Because of the weight, the felt recoil was there, but nothing an experienced shooter can't handle without being punished. When it came time to clean them, the "Wonder finish" came out looking as good as when we started. I have made the mistake in the past of thinking that if I bought a name brand pistol for high bucks, I would get my money's worth, which we all know if a fact. Going the other way, I wasn't expecting the quality of the build, the finish, or the accuracy out of these two, because ya just don't find that stuff in lower priced firearms. Wrong again. I am very pleased with these weapons, and kinda proud to say I think I got a great deal on them. Now that they are "outta the closet", they will be in the range bag when I goi to shoot, pretty close to every time. Just my humble opinion. (Yeah. Right.) If someone can remind me how to post photos, I'll post a picture of the pair.
  3. My gunsmith still has the HP so I can't say anything about function yet, but I'm hoping to hear from him shortly. LKCI is the importer. Tisas is the manufacturer. When they restock, Brownell's, Bud's Guns, and Gun Prime sell the Tisas weapons. Oh, and Cylinder & Slide I believe. Custom work os available already, and from some pretty savy people. If the HP turns out as well as I'm expecting, a 1911 will be next on the list. IO have little doubt that the prices will be going up soon.
  4. A few months ago I ran into some info about a product imported by LKCI, made by TISAS from turkey. Being a Hi Power fan for about 40+ years, the stainless steel model caught my eye on the web, and I began to research the pistol. I was expecting it to be a less refined clone because of the price and the fact that it was made in Turkey. On You Tube as well as elsewhere, I saw my attitude reflected by some of the so-called-experts, but I began to notice that when they posted their comments, reviews, etc., the final result was their very positive comments about the Regent BR9 weapon, whether in SS or black Cerakote. With an MSRP of $599, what I was hearing was exciting so I kept at my research. Couldn't find anyone with any expertise that was talking anything negative about the Tisas Pistols, not even the $400 1911. Bottom line is, I received my NIB Regent BR9SS Hi Power two days ago and I am pretty excited about it. This morning I took it out to my gunsmith bud who lives in the mountains and doesn't advertise his shop because he is so busy he doesn't need the business. Custom work and fine craftsmanship. He is also a Hi Power guy, with a Belgium for his EDC. I sat there while he tore mine down, measured the parts and compared them to his pistols, then looked over the fit and machine finish inside and out. I was amazed when he said that what he was seeing was a pistol that with some personalization, he'd be pleased to carry. I paid $499 + tax for the gun, NIB. I was planning on ordering one of the Cerakloted models, but in the last two weeks, they've pretty ,much dried up from the big internet outfits. So I thought I'd share this with the gang, in case you've wanted a Hi Power but just couldn't afford what they go for now that Browning and FN quit making them. When my GS has finished his "Shadows Package" and we've gone to the range, I will post a range report. So far, both he and I are expecting it to do well. Oh! Did I mention dove tailed sights? A plus for my part, and I think the gun will sit right beside my Belgium as one of my go-to weapons for routine carry. And all the parts interchange with Brownings.
  5. Awhile back, I purchased a threaded Alpha Wolf barrel fro a Glock 19, on Ebay. It was new and came with the thread protector. Yesterday, I listed it for sale because I really have no use for it. Today Ebay pulled the ad and sent me a long message to which I cannot reply. In the message, buried in the usual BS, they said that they no longer allow threaded barrels to be listed since use of that component turns the weapon into an "Assault Weapon" and is therefore illegal in many states. I thought that moron was a legislator back east someplace, not an employee of Ebay in California. You know? the one with the "O" name?
  6. Shadow106

    The Armory is in mourning.

    G was always a welcome member at my end of the wire, whether private or in public. So sad. So sad.
  7. I received a phone call from my son today, a Border Patrolman deployed to the Mexican border at the moment.  He read me the advisory from D.C. stating that the new weapon for Homeland is the G26, G18, and the G47.  Pictures were included and the G47 is apparently a full-size 9mm, probably MOS and specifically engraved for the agencies involved. There was no discussion about anything to make the 47 unique internally, except that it is Gen 5.  The 19 and 47 will be carried by uniform personnel.  The contract is for 85 million dollars over ten years.  His unit received 500,000 rounds of 9mm just before the deployment.  The weapons will be rolled over ASAP according to the advisory.


    I raised him on Glocks, and when he joined the BP they were carrying Beretta 96's.  Then the HK USP Compact followed by the P2000.  Last year he was also issued a P2000SK for off duty and plain clothes.  All of these weapons were DAO so striker fired will be a new adventure for a lot of the troops.  He is pleased with the choice, and relieved that some other weapons were not chosen.  He says the current weapons will be destroyed rather then sold as police trade ins down the line.  ????  We'll see.


    Thought I'd share his info since "What the hell is a G47" will be heard a lot very soon, I would think.



  8. Shadow106

    Now I'm worried

    Thanks gang. IMHO, prayers for the agents are prayers for all of us in OUR country. Things are getting out of hand at the line.
  9. Shadow106

    Now I'm worried

    My son has been a Border Patrol agent since 1998. He's worked at Yuma, various locations in Arizona, Puerto Rico, Indio, California, N. Dakota, Florida, and now in Washighton state. At the moment he and his gang have been deployed to Yuma, Arizona for at least a month. He and his co-workers have been exposed to some pretty heavy duty action over the past 20+ years, and through it all he's managed to come through whatever in pretty good shape, physically and emotionally. His career has been interesting, successful beyond his expectations, but for the first time, his assignment has me worried. And I have no good reason to feel that way, other than my own experiences in states related to the border as a LEO. I'm keeping it to myself, but I am worried for him and his buds down there, Too many libertards telling them what to do without having a clue themselves. Last month, I gave him a Sig P229 Legion, and a new G45 Glock. They are going 9mm soon, and already have beaucoup ammo at his station. Just aren't sure what the new sidearm will be. He can't carry either of the pistols I gave him on duty, but he was raised with both types and is a great shot, so I would bet one of them will be come his off duty carry when they convert to the new stuff. Please keep the guys who work the border in mind. They seem to have targets on their vehicles and backs, just like all LEO's these days. They need our active, open support or they might not come home at end of shift. In their case, the line is green instead of blue.
  10. Shadow106

    Glock 2019 Annual

    Check out the article titled "Hollywood Glocks" on page 46 of the new Glock Annual magazine. Someone named Karen Hunter says that Don Johnson's character in Miami Vice "...consistently wielded a GLOCK pistol....." as the show mesmerized all of its viewers. I've seen most every episode of that show and actually lived down the street from where some of it was filmed in the Little Havana section of Miami, so I guess I was a fan. Never saw a Glock on the show. 1911 that was followed by a Bren 10, and finally an S&W 45 auto at the close of the series. The article is not exactly Glock Perfection I guess.
  11. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    I managed to solve the ejection situation by selling the Tanfoglio to a CZ fan, and picking up an SR1911 in 10mm. Had my gunsmith angel do an action job to bring it up to level with my Colt Commander and it is really amazingly smooth. Even my GS remarked that it is very accurate and he is a hardcore 1911 fan who shoots extremely well. I am pleased with my new toy.
  12. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    Well, I did some experimenting and some research, and ended up trading the Tanfoglio for a Springfield Micro Compact .45, which is now at my gunsmith because it put almost every round ejected in my face. Another story for another time. LOL Then I went out and figured out a way to fire a Delta and an SR1911 10mm. For the money, and due to great experience with four previous SR's in .45, I ended up with the SR1911. The Delta is excellent, but not at $250 more than the SR. I carry a Colt Commander as my EDC as a rule, so the platform feels much better than the Tanfoglio. And I like the overall cosmetic presentation of the pistol. Looks good and shoots better than I do, outta the box. When my gunsmith bud does the action, just like he did on my Colt, it will be a dream, no doubt. He is a wizard. I'll still carry my .45, and it will still be on the bedstead 'cause I don't want to shoot my neighbor's poodle two doors down the street (Not true!) if I have an intruder. But I'm looking forward to the 10mm now that I'm older and wiser (senile?). I hope it will fill the gap left from the two Bren's I ordered and never received years ago, and the Delta that I owned for three weeks and never got to shoot back in the early 90's. Same gap left by a real cutie that I met in college, but I can't tell ya that one. Thanks for your thoughts. You're a damned valuable asset in the gun stuff! Jerry
  13. Shadow106

    CC for RLEO's

    Where I'm located, a RLEO can get a special Carry Permit that is good for one year and costs $17.00/year. RLEO's can shoot with a number of local agencies to qualify for the HR218 card as well. All of which is initially issued based on ID from the officers agency that indicates he/she retired and has successfully shot the qualification course during the current 12 month period. The permit states that the bearer is retired LE as recognized by the agency issuing the cards, and entitled to carry a weapon concealed. OR......an individual may prove training, pay a fee and obtain a regular CC permit. This permit lasts for five years. Same privilege, in this state. Okay. Now the RLEO has the ID issued by his original agency. He now has another retired ID issued by the agency with whom he is qualifying for his HR218 credential, and the 218 card after successful qualification. HR218 says that carry in any state is now legal, but we all have heard that not all jurisdictions will honor the 218 ID. Which is not my point here. The third alternative where I'm located is to not have a CCL since it is not required within this state. But I'm talking about a situation where officers retire in state A, and now live in state B. After all that "qualifying" and all those ID's in the badge case, guess what? John Doe, who attended classes, filed for and obtained a CCL in this state, can walk into a local gun shop and buy a firearm without a NICS check. The RLEO, after all the "qualifying", cannot. For ten years I've carried with a permit. Not the RLEO retired card issued to other agency officers, but a regular permit. I've carried it next to my agencies retired badge and ID card, and I've been shooting for my 218 card for 9 of those ten years. I've bought firearms without the NICS check being done since I got my CCL. This year I switched to the RLEO permit, and in the process, my LGS asked ATF if the RLEO ID was recognized by ATF, and therefore exempt from a NICS check at time of purchase. The answer was no. What's the situation in your area. This seems a bit backwards to me, but then I'm probably just behind times. Or stupid. Take your pick.
  14. Shadow106

    Lets talk a little "10mm" today!

    Thanks for the good replies gang. Always good to know you are all out there to help. J.
  15. Shadow106

    I'm proud of her......

    Thanks for the comments gang. My part in this situation isn't the reason I posted this. HER part most definitely is, and it all boils down to.....how many of your local medics might be interested in this kind of coaching if YOU made it available? Once you get the ball rolling, your student could go on to more in depth training once you help at the beginning, if they want the permit or whatever. Her reason for doing this with me has struck me as a great recruiting tool to help our community grow, and possibly save lives. There's nothing as enthusiastic as a convert! J.