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  1. Yeah, me too after the hospital. Especially on my right hand which I use my cane with.
  2. Thanks for the input gang. When I got home yesterday I was feeling pretty low with all of the C piling up. What is interesting is that all of us have an opinion and as far as I;m concerned, everyone is right because there is no really definitive information. It either works your way, or it doesn't. In my case, all the isolation stuff made no difference and here I am. But..., I don't want to see any of you dealing with this and any effort to protect you or whoever isn't wasted. Otherwise, lets just let it run and whoeer is left, so be it. Dang I'm glad I know you all!!!
  3. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they arent necessarily allowed to shove it down someone else's throat. Nor is it the fact/law/rule (etc.) just because its their's. Case in point: Since Covid hit us, I have tried to practise the distancing, and have limited my social participation to extreme. My closest friend is 70 years old, and has virtually no immune system thanks to chemo, deep therapy, and successful survival from some pretty horrible cancer experiences. We use masks, gloves, avoid people who do not take these simple precautions. When i hear the tough guy say that he isn't wearing a mask no matter who tells him to do so, it doesn't tell me he's a hero, or a thinking reasonable man for being so assertive. What it says to me is that he is selfish and doesn't give a rats ass for the rest of the world. At least not enough to make ANY effort to protect not only himself, but the rest of us that live in the same world. Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out! What a great philosophy. Not. My position is based on experience, not media crap, political agendas, or profiteering of some kind; I am one month away from my 78th birthday, and two hours ago, I arrived home by medical transport after spending seven (7) days in the hospital with Covid 19, a heart attack, and pneumonia. I also had a serious kidney issue when I was transorted to the ER on the 5th of this month. In my very busy life, I have never come so close to becoming a posthumous statistic, and I will tell you that the helpless feeling while its happening is horrible. I know exactly who gave me the virus, and I've described him above. I will not easily forget his arrogant, ignorant approach to being what he thins is a man. Nor will my wife who is now positive for Covid 19. And I can't even help her because of the distancing. I tell you what my friends. Wear the damned mask!! If you won't do it for yourself, then do it for the people around you. You might just save some lives. Jerry
  4. Ret has some good points here. As usual, and I respect his input. This kind of exchange is exactly why most of us meet locally in the first place. With trusted friends who can give us informed opinions that we need to include in our decision making. Thats what brought me here in the first place, years ago. I hope that continues because I value all of it, and all of the people who bring it to the forum.
  5. The small group I talked about meets to spend time with others who think and react to similar histories in Law Enforcement. When I arrived in this area, after retirement, I was met with some very open hostility because I was an RLEO which my new wife broadcast too often.. I started attending these lunch meetings and found some good friends, and even though we don't talk "shop" very much, we have similar interests and attitudes, which we feel comfortable expressing within the group. We don't always agree on everything, and there are always some people who seem to remember being the bad ass authority figure on the block. As opposed to spending a career defending people who cannot or will not do that for themselves. The hard asses are not usually welcome and we've seen many of them come and go over the last 10+ years. I haven't the foggiest what drives the larger group, other than a craving fof authority and money perhaps. Why they need a leadership for anything, and why are they collecting dues, are questions we see no reasonable answer for, and why we've withdrawn from their meetings. As far as carrying weapons and defending ojurselves if a loony tune shows up, Yes, we can do that. But the point is, we've decided to no longer be a potential target for someone who is looking for their 15 minutes by killing "a cop". And I don't care what your level of tactical awareness is, it can go down before you can drop your fork and reach for your sidearm. "It can't happen here" is a preposterous position. It can happen anywhere, at any time. If that isn't believable, then go on line and read the news. Its not speculation anymore. Not just a class on officer survival. Its crimes against LEOs and the public, and its almost a daily occurrence. Defunding will only see it increase. Thanks for the input gang. Watch your back. IMHO.
  6. In my local area, I belong to two groups of RLEOs, one of which has been meeting weekly for nearly two decades. The other is a monthly meeting, relatively new, comprised of over two hundred members, mostly former California officers, and for some reason has just decided that it needed a board of governors and $50 a year "dues". Some of us haven't quite figured that out yet, because this bunch was started as a social group, not a club of some sort. The smaller, weekly group has dwindled from around 20-30 guys each week, to around 7-10 max. Covid was partially responsible for the drop in attendance, but another thought has come into play after the incidents of officer ambushes that seem to be occurring in a lot of places. One of the guys said to the group, "We're all past retirement age, and even though many of us are still active shooters, we're not kids anymore. What the hell are we going to do when some nutball walks into the restaurant and then into our room back here, with a shotgun full of 00 buck?" Of course a few people immediately said, "Blow him away!" They were told to sit down and think about it. If such a scenario were to occur, there would be a lot of other people in the place who could get hurt, or worse, and the shooter would probably get at least a couple of rounds off before somebody returned fire. So, a group of us have started meeting at a different location for lunch each week, and we don't broadcast why we are a group, which most people at the original location know about us. Inclujding the local chief who visits with us occasionally. Are any of you thinking about this possibility for your area? It may sound far fetched, but when the rookies were hammered in L.A., I would bet they didn't think it could happen either. But it did. Just asking gang. What's your take on this possibility?
  7. The name is Mernickle. We don't know who the actual people are now. The information came from a young woman while he was discussing the refund with her, by p;hone.
  8. I just got off the phone with a shooting bud of 10+ years. He's been hand gunning for abut four decades now, and he just ordered a new holster from an old source he's used for years, down in Nevada where he used to live. The holsters he's gotten previously have always been top quality, as have the one's I've purchased in the past. Real craftsmanship abd oerfect fut evert tune, Neither of us has ordered anything from these people for about two years, and what he got was definitely not what was expected. The shape was wrong, the cut was poorly made, the loops looked like they were made by a drunk monkey, and overall, it was obvious that this was not the quality we've known and appreciated. So he called them and ended up getting a refund. But what he found out was disturbing to long term customers. The company name was sold to someone in Texas a year ago, and the original craftsman is no longer involved with the name or their quality control. We did know they'd moved to Texas, but we had no idea that someone else is making ther products now, or he would never have ordered from them. I don't know about you, but I hate it when things like this happen. You order a painting from Michelangelo and you get one done by a Chimpanzee on crack, and they don't think you can tell the difference. Buyer beware!
  9. This young woman is anglo, as I said, with a husband who is Asian. They have had some sad, sad experiences during their relationship where people have treated them like dirt because they are a "miseducating couple". They aren't mixed! They are middle class people who work their asses off, take good care of their family first, and are happy with the life they've chosen. But when your own relatives are a bunch of AH liberals in spiote of all the degrees and titles, and that fami;ly tells you that you are sub-man and dumber than a rock because of your poliotical position, it hurts to the core without a doubt. Its just hard for her to understand that kind of attack from the places that should be loving, not condemning. She and her husband know that they have a haven with us if they need it. Or just an ear to listen when they need to vent. With the politics and "protest" crap going on, we are assuming a protective stance in our communities, as a group. Since the AH's have the loudest mouth, we are actively working but not talking about it, 'cause that'll just create a chaotic episode and accomplish nothing. We're not on the job anymore, so we don't really have to warn that we bite when we're attacked. We will just do it. In the meantime, we're working in our area for the conservatives when we can. I sure wish I was thirty again, but that might be grim too.
  10. Thank God for people like your couysin and her family. Too bad they are outnumbered. At least where noise is concerned.
  11. Well see? If I'd known you were here, I would have taken you to good stuff in great places. LOL
  12. Thursday is our RLEO gangs lunch day each week. Today a couple of us went someplace other than the usual watering hole, ending up in our favorite local oreiental restaurant. The couple that owns the place are great people and operate their small Taiwanese restaurant in a suburb of Boise, Idaho. He is a native from Taiwan and she is n anglo lady from the west coast. They are happily married for over 20 years and are tyypical small business owners struggling to keep ahead of the effects of the current economy. When we go there, they make us feel like we are family and serve us some great meals, accompanied by some good company every time. Today, the lady of the house was pleased to see us and made us feel at home as usual. But we both picked up on what we referred to as a reserved attitude that we've never seen before. When we finally asked if there was anything we could do for her, since she seemed unhappy, she told us that she and her family have been doing nothing but work and go home for the past 6 weeks, until this week. She said that she was curious what was happening out in the real world and was apalled at the situations, particularly in the northwest which is where she's from. She apparently did some serious surfing on the web, checking out what was being said and done nationally, and she was actually tearing up as she said she could not believe the hate, the lies, and the character assassination that was going on "out there". The final straw for her was watching the DNC, as far as she could handle it, and that she finally turned it off and will not participate with media that assumes because they shout loudest, that the American people are stupid to extreme and will do as the liberal front demands of them. She told us that her family, which are mostly college grads and for some reason hard core liberals, have called her names, told her she was a white racists because she supports Trump, and that she's stupid because she chose marriage and a business over other options. They have ostracized her from the rest of her relatives. She misses her family. We assurred her that she is not alone in her opinion and position, but after we were headed home, we both agreed that seeing our younger people put into that much psychological pain is inexcusable. We both hope that the election will bring the people who are doing this to a screeching halt. We will be voting conservative. Probably 'cause we are old, but haven't passed away that we know of. J. J.
  13. Ive thought about in here, but I prefer to meet who I sell to, and prefer that they see and nahdle the weapon before they buy. Saves some long distance grief sometimes. And I've refused to sell a couple of times, just based on my reaction to the buyer.
  14. My brother in law just left for his semi annual trip to Alaska. He owns a fishing boat in Anchorage but lives in Boise, Idaho. He is very definitely a hunter and when he goes north, he ships his rifles and shotgun ahead to an FFL in Alaska. Now that I've thought about that, I'm wondering how that works? My son is teaching at the Border Patrol academy in New Mexico and he's living in Roswell. He's been told that he cannot receive a firearm through an FFL (a handgun). because he isn't a resident there. This stuff just boggles the mind.
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