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  1. Earlier this week, the local LE was called to a privste residence by a family member who stated that his son was in the house, carrying a stolen weapon, and would not leave. He asked for assitance in getting the guy out of the house. The SO arrived (our contracted LE in my town), and managed to talk the son out of the house, allowing him to move away from the neighborhood on foot rather than have him pull the gun that he was still carrying and start a fire fight. The guy was still exhibiting belligerent, very defensive behavior with the deputies when he walked away. Shortly after the incident at the home, he was located in a parking lot near a local grocery store, and when deputies approached him, he became agitated, drew his weapon and fired at one of the LEOs. Three deputies returned fire, and the shooter was killed. It hasn't been confirmed yet but the shooter was probably under the influence, of alcohol if nothing else. The gun he had was stolen from his own father at the house. This was not some young radical. The shooter was thirty nine years old, and the father is a retired LEO from California and an active handgunner. There is no way to imagine his grief in this episode, which he had to initiate by making that first phone call. So I guess that the lesson from this will be to never underestimate who might get to your guns, just because they are someone you know, maybe love, and they are supposed to be an adult. We need to remember what we tell the left wing every day. That it is WHO fired the gun and hurt/killed innocent people. Not WHAT. Prayers to our brother. He and his family need them. J.
  2. Just to add to this, I now own a Tisas 1911 Duty .45, a Tisas Carry .45 (Commander with a rail) in SS, and the Hi Power Clone I was finally able to find in my area was the Girsan MC P35 in 9mm. What a dream it is to shoot. I went through it with a gunsmith buddy who is the real thing. He's carried his Hi Power for over 20 years and he is doing some polishing on the Girsan trigger, and replacing the hammer which he says seems to not be a hard as it could be. I put a fiber optic sight on the fron end, Hogue wrap around grips (almost a ritual with my Hi Powers) and with Underwood penetrator ammunition, a 75 yard steel silhouette is a fairly easy shot. Even for an old fart like me. ' Course, I did have cataract surgery a few months ago so the "sight picture" has improved a lot;. The Girsan is Cerakoted and really nice. My Tisas HP clones were SS and really attractive. Couldn't find a Tisas anywhere for the last six months or more, but this Girsan is every bit as dependable and accurate as any HP i've owned; That would be twelve over the past fifty years. My gunsmith bud tells me that if I sell this one, he is gonna shoot me in the foot with his FN, so I figure the Girsan will be with me for a long time. He's a really good shot. J.
  3. Over the years, I've seen a few peope that have let the aging process really wear them down. Recognizing that you're getting old is a grim reality no one really enjoys, because of the side effects. But ya know what? A true warrior doesn't lay down and give up. He or she fights until the bitter end, and we usually remember and honor them when that occurs. I'm not talking about going out in a gunfight, or combat with whoever. I'm talking about losing it to things like the big C, kidney failure, heart disease, car accidents, and the list goes on. Things that can't be fixed, really are hard to combat in many instances, and which tell you unquestionably when its time to get off the train. In other words, me less than two years ago. I am terminal. Hell, who isn't? I'll be eighty years old this fall, maybe, and I've been spending a lot of time doing things that I am still capable of before I can't do anything again. I fish. I eat whatever good food I can handle, and although I've graduated from cane to walker in the past year or so, I still go to the range and out shoot a lot of loud mouth bubble gummers. I've found comfort in knowing that my time may be very limited, becausee I tend to look at death as a step to what comes next. Do I fear death? Oh hell yes! I don't want to fall from a height, get tossed into a wood chipper, or get run over by Indiana Jones' rolling boulder. I seriously doubt I'll get to go like the Sarge on Hill Street Blues did (Dang), but I guess I treat it the same way I had to handle some other things in my life. When running and hiding wasn't an option. So who the hell am I to be posting something like this? I'm a guy who has watched a lot of you go through some tough times over my years in here, and I want you to know that you are appreciated, and I truly hope that we will all get to share whatever comes next, together. Between us, there is nothing we haven't seen, done, or experienced first hand, and we never thought we'd get to be this age. Join me and wonder where we'll all be......, when we move on. It'll be an adventure like none before. Okay. I'll shut up now. J.
  4. Okay. Here we are in May of 2022 so I'm going to update my remarks about Turkish built guns. Since my post last year, a shooting bud of mine just about had a cow until I sold him the Tanker 1911 I discussed previously. Of course that left an empty spot of the shelf, so I decided to try a Turkish gun again, but a different model. I settled for a Tisas built 1911 B45 Duty, which is a full size model with every whistle and bell you can put on a 1911 except a famous name and a huge price tag. I firmly believe that Tisas has some terrific machinists in house, because the pistol was really well put together. What I think they need is some education about SPRINGS, because the first thing I had to do was replace the recoil spring (it wasn't as heavy as the 23 pounder in the Tanker, but still to much). I also ordered and replaced the spring in the mag release, because the gun was not working well with the Mecgar mags, and if ya didn't push the release, you couldn't seat the mag at all. With those new springs and some polishing on the face of the mag release and on the extended slide release, it works like a dream and has successfully fired a bunch of different type of ammo through two dozen different brand mags. I've fired it so much that I will be eating the cheap burgers at McDonalds until Thanksgiving, just to save the $. Total investment, NOT including my time? Under $500. I admit that my Sig 1911 C3 has an outrageous trigger by comparison, but I have carried the B45 and qualified with it for my 218 without a hiccup. My gunsmith likes to gong his 75 yard steel silhouette with it every time I go up the mountain to visit him. So yesterday I ordered another Turkish gun. The Tisas Carry 1911 45acp. Stainless steel and really gorgeous. Now comes with two mags (they finally figured it out) and the demo model I fired was as accurate as the others have been, and has the same great out-of-the-box action. I've already picked up the springs for the new gun and I am going wait as patiently as a squirrel in a peanut butter factory for it to show next week. With the springs, G10 grips, and another extended slide release, $590 out the door. I said it before and I'm repeating it. After 58 years of handgunning and a BUNCH or 1911s, I think these inexpensive, very well made weapons are an outstanding buy. In spite of a few nay sayerrs on line, most of whom wrote their stories four or more years ago. Tisas has learned a lot about the US market, unlike some other foreign manufacturers that we hear about every day. Check 'em out and see for yourself. J.
  5. I just picked up an HK P2000SK last week, and it is far from being my first HK. But I dont know everything so I'm gonna ask if someone knows which HK magazines will fit in this model? I know about the X-grips so that part is covered. I'm just not sure what to get for my 3rd mag and as expensive as they are, I don't want to order one that doesn't fit. As for the pistol itself? I love the size, the fit in my hand, and it is scary accurate, which I've experienced with other HKs since my P70 back ion the "olden days" as. my son calls them. The first time I fired it last week, I was able to zero in on a 75 yard steel silhouette and hit it more often then not. My gunsmith shooting partner fired five shots at the same target, and gonged the thing four times. I will still carry my 1911 Sig or my G19, but I have a feeling this compact pistol is going to be at close reach more often than not. Id appreciate your input. Jerry
  6. My pregnant granddaughter just called me to say that her husband's Sig P226 Elite was stolen from their truck last night, while they were at a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. The local LEOs told them the location was "hot" (?) and there was nothing they can do about it. So she caled me and asked that I let you all know that if you are in the area and get an offer to buy a P226 Elite, let me know. I have the serial #. On a lighter note, I've been gone for awhile, dealing with some medical issues which at my age is a way of life. I'm still doing some armorer work and still shooting when I can, but I'm learning to do it using a walker now.. But I had my 2nd cataract surgery two weeks ago and WHOOOPPEEE! I can see like I was a kid again. But, crappy health and other drama considered, I'm doing well and hope you are all doing the same. Always nice to see the old names in here, but it also reminds me that I've been in here for a long, long time. LOL! Take care. Jerry
  7. Dpn't wait Greg. I've done three of those in stainless and they were every bigt as well done as any Hi Power I've owned. One exceptipon was the trigger pin. It is not the same diameter as the Hi Popwers and is a booger to remove. Had to have a new one made for the first one. But love the guns! I've been carrying Hi Powers since the late 60's and I'm impressed.
  8. Its been awhile but I've written some things about the Turkish pistols built in Turkey before. About a year ago if I recall correctly. . About a month ago, I bought a Tisas 1911 Tanker model for $468 NIB out the door. I figured that if it turned out to be a pig then I wasn't going to feel a big $ gouge and would move it on at a later time. Big shock from my gunsmith (who is actually a REAL gunsmith, not a Dremel freak from You Tube). He did the action for me, installed a skeletonized hammer and adjustable trigger, extended mag and slide releases:jand a new recoil spring to replace the 23 pound spring it came with., He will be installing a larger beavertail and some decent sights next month. When he handed me the gun after the first go around with it, he told me that he was impressed with the machining, the fit, and that overall he feels its as well made as any 1911 he has worked on. From him that is a MAJOR statement for any firearm, and he specializes in some high end weapons routinely. The gun is an all steel commander actually, cerakoted from the factory, and we've tried Colt and other 1911 parts in it, which all seem to go in without any issues. And even with the GI sights on it, I was able to ring gongs out to 50 yards routinely. Its not a LW Commander, but it is one danged decent gun and we're having fun tinkering with the add ons to use it as a carry gun. With the Talon Pro grips, its a very effective handful and I am one happy camper. And no, it hasn't rusted up on me. My GS says that the metallurgy appears to be first class. If I could figure out how to post photos, I'd do so but that has always eluded me in here. So all I can say is that after 57 years of very active handgunning, even though I am not able to do my own smithing anymore, I LIKE this gun! A LOT! And I've got right at $600 invested in a gun that shoots as well as my expensive stuff. Freakng amazing!
  9. MARTY MANDALL from Scottsdale was a long time friend, and I did business with Don's Sporting goods, also in Scottsdale. Seems like all the good LGS operations died off from my years down there. Gary Reader in Flagstaff did gunsmithing for me when I worked for the state. Memories. Take care. Jerry
  10. I'm from Arizona Greg. Which small shops are you talking about? I miss my desert.
  11. Nice to know that the insane, incompetent stuff isn't just local. I was beginning to think that the "Cuckoo's Nest" had moved into my neighborhood. LOL
  12. Since January 2021, after market parts have been ordered for Glock Gen 4 & Gen 5 guns. The following issues have occurred with G43X, G26, G20, and G19 pistols. G43X: Trigger received with Trigger bar. The bar was too big. Trigger wouldn't work on OEM bar either. G20: Slide release was too large for the 10mm frame. Had an oversize spring and would not go into the slot in the frame. G26: Slide release was ordered for Gen 4. Gen 5 was shipped but was in the Gen 4 package.. Extended mag release was too tight and would not depress. Other slide release would not insert into the channel. G19: Went through two oversize slide releases, and one mag release that was wrong gen and didn't fit. Two of the vendors swore that the parts they offered and which I bought had been manufactured by Glock. All of the parts claimed to fit Gen 4 & 5 weapons on the packageing, which was not true. Some were specifically Gen 5, and some didn't fit either Gen. Four different companies were involved with these orders, all of which have been great to deal with in the past. I've been tweaking Glocks since 1991. Have never seen this before. Since Glock is now making extended controls, which all of my parts were except the triggers, I wonder why the after market is suddenly selling items that are not made correctly, or are packaged incorrectly? And please don't give me the Rubber Maid BS because it isn't true. I have thirty personal years of experience with Glocks and although they are not the flagships in my stash, they work and I trust them, new or used. Shadow106 February 2021
  13. I've recently "inherited" a lot of .40 S&W ammo which I have no problem carrying after 9 years of use during the end of my career, and a lot after that. Problem was, I didn't have a 40 caliber gun anymore. Some 9mm's but the last .40 went to one of the kids. So I started looking for a decent G22 Glock in the Boise area. Fat chance of finiding one as I discovered after two days on the phone. Even Cabelas and Sportsmans were out of Glocks and the LGS outfits just didn't have any. And then I found a nice Gen 4 in a local pawn shop for a good price. Pre-pandemic as my partner says. This was a large chain operation that has three or four shops in the Boise area, as well as in other cities in the state. What happened next really surprised me. The guy hands me the weapon out of the case. I look at the usual external stuff and my partner takes it to break down so we can check the internals. The guy panics and tells him he cana't do that, because store policy is that guns can't be dismantled by customers. Okay. So My partner hands the gun to the guy and tells him that HE can break it down. The guy says he doesn.t know how to do that. When I say I'm ready to buy it but won't unless I can see the guts, he looks at my partner and says "Okay, but if you break it, you buy it". WE both inspect the internals and I agree to buy the pistol. At the main counter I present my state RLEO Carry Permit, my DL, and my retired ID. The manager says he's never seen one of the RLEO permits in all the time he's worked there. I tell him I've been carrying one since 2007. He uses my DL: for ID and runs the check as Im filling out the 4473. They copy my DL for their records (?) and install the gun lock, handing me the key. (Never saw that before either) We complete the sale and I go home. The next morning they call me and say that I need to come in because on the 4473 I didn't indicate 'Drive" in my address. I have NEVER used the "drive' suffix on a 4473 since I moved here five years ago, and believe me, I've bought a few guns during that time. Oh, and the salesman was concerned because I won't put my social security number on the 4473. I suggested that he read the statement on the form and drop the subject. They choose to do businesss as they see fit, and I did what they asked for. But they will never see any more business from myself, my partner, nor my RLEO group after we discuss this transaction. I've been told that they are reacting to a suicide by gun in one of their stores that occurred years ago, and that would be understandable, but for an operation as large as theirs is, it would seem to me that they would have more knowledgable people manning their counters. I'm just getting to old for this kind of paranoid garbage. Jerry
  14. A person doesn't have to be injured or die in combat in the military to have served honorably and buy the home, or receive the pension, med benefits, etc. I didn't mean to imply that, if I did. But as a retired Marine friend of mine once remarked, "How many of the trained killers that tell their stories, are for real?" How many people have LE types met in their career who were the wanna be personalities? Just because they watch the TV shows, have some decent weapons, and maybe carry Concealed Permit badges that they bought on line? People who represent themselves as current or maybe retired LE's when in fact they never wore an official badge of any kind. I know three individuals who velong to retired LE social groups and none of them completed more than ten years of LE service, before being asked to leave, or just flat fired for misconduct. But to hear them talk, they were the only ones on the street who were standing between the good guys and the Zombies. And they talk about that a LOT. Rampy, I'm proud of ya, and the other guys who have identified their past and their pain. Thats why it irks the hell out of me to see anyone use the system and live a life that real vets made possible. And I have a big mouth and can't keep quiet when it gets to be too much. Patriculary when the real vets aren't getting the help they need and deserve. I will add that I get fired up when I meet a young LE type who thinks that anyone who is older than he/she is, is a wannabe and not at the same level of expertise as he or she thinks they are at. They just don't understand that when they retire, they too will be out of the loop and looking for something to do with all the experience and training they received. And the retired LE will feel a sense of separation after decades of daily LE experience. That separatiln can be a huge relief, or a horrible sens e of loneliness, depending on the person. As many of us know. We have heroes among us everyday. But the one's who tell us that they are heroes are not.
  15. I've read the many responses and I thank you all for what has been, obiously, well thought out replies. No matter what the technicalities of qualifying for VA status are, and no matter how much or how little time was put in to actual service, my bud is receiving benefits and making a big deal out of it to whoever will listen. It was mentiioned that perhaps he is a wanna be and I think that is very likely the reality here, considering something else that he did for awhile, unsuccessfully. But what I'm dealing with is the choice to set aside my on lines in the sand because I have seen him in other ways that make him a valuable person when need presents itself with other people. So I think that I will put these other things aside and support the person inside of him and tell him to put the other, flag waving person to rest. As a matter of fact, I've already done that to some degree and it may be working. I've told him that I don't understand why he dwells on the brief time he was wherever, doing whatever he did, when there are so many aspects of his life that deserve to be recognized (by him if no one else) and which represent him far better than the flag waving. Like a lot of people, sometimes individuals forget what they've done with their lives, because they were so busy doing it. To the point where they forget who and what they are. Or could be. Thanks for your thoughts and for your open discussions about this situation, and your own. Never fails to astound me how deep this group can go, and how much insight we have amongst us. Sure beats hell out of the rest of social media. J.
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