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  1. The first Beretta pistol I owned was a 1934 POS that wasn't even a good boat anchor. .32 caliber. Wish I had it now so I could sell it. Only paid $25 for it in the 60's. Since then I've owned a number of model 84 Berettas in .380 and every one of them has given me excellent service. Privately and at work. In 1990 I picked up my first modern Beretta in 9mm and was impressed with the feel and accuracy of the gun. But it was big compared to the Sig I carried for work every day, and 9mm wasn't my favorite caliber back then, unless it was in my Hi Power which was much more streamlined and concealable. Over the next ten years or so, I traded in and out of two more variants of the 92 and three 96's. Sold all of them and made a little money on them but didn't give them much thought after they were gone. Last year I gave my last 84 to my daughter who is a court official and needed an EDC she was familiar with and could shoot well. Then I did another trade deal and about a month ago, I ended up wioth a new (2019 issued) 92 Compact L. Cleaned it, took it to the range and put 100 rounds of Sig M17 through it, and fell in love with the gun like I'd never had one before. (Just like I did with girlfriends when I was much younger) I've heard all the garbage about the cracking slides and shooters being injured by slides coming apart, and I have some shooter friends who are so prejudiced against Berettas that they can't get their opinions past the middle '80's when that stuff was happening. And they can't comprehend that one of the oldest firearms companies in the world just might have taken care of those issues since they came up over 30 years ago. (Okay. Don't quote me all the FUBARS that happenbed last week please) While the Beretta 92 weapons are not an innovative design in the era of the polymer striker weapons (which I have and trust) they are still one of the most functional weapons on the market. And they fgeel good! Not just because I own one again, but because they are a proven combat weapon in both miliotary and LE environments. Just for the record, my usual EDCs have been 1911s since I retired, but I rotate my EDC at least once a month so that I stay familiar with each of them. 1911s, Hi Power, Glock, Sig, and now the Beretta. And when I'm feeling nostalgic, a Model 19 2.5" revolver. So I guess i cannot honestly say that I have an all time favorite handgun. The ones I have work, I trust all of them because I've done most of whatever modifications they've needed myself, and I shoot at least four of them a month. Usually in weekly episodes in the open country. I don't like formal ranges nor do I like bullseye targets other than for sighting checks. I love shooting reactive targets though. More realistic IMHO. So I don't know why I tookl the time to write all of this, but I guess the Stay At Home order has made me feel isolated. I'll be going out to shoot tomorrow morning. Alone and in a remote area. If a cow coughs on me, its hamburger!
  2. Shadow106

    Who would have imagined.....,

    This may have come up before, but has anyone else noticed that Ameriglo's catalogue does NOT include sights for 1911? With over 3 million estimated 1911s out there (Wk9pedia) it seems kind of ridiculous for them to take that position. Doesn/t it? I've used their sights on a lot of pistols, but not on my 1911s 'cause THEY DON'T SELL THEM! Wow.
  3. Shadow106

    Here I go again

    I had three 1911s until last week. Now I've got four because I just can't resist a good deal or a really clean pistol. Well, this time I got a good deal but the pistol was grungy which irritates the hell outta me, when people won't even take the time to clean a weapon before they sell it. But he is a new shooter, and enthusiastic to say the least. Anyway, I have three EDCs that I rotate regularly about once a month. Keeps my 'memory' tuned up and that way they get shot and serviced regularly. My first choice is my Para P12. A totally custom job from the now defunct Kings gun shop in Glandale, California, circa 1996. My second is a Kimber Super Carry Ultra + that is small, lightweight, and very dependable. My third is...., no screaming or shouting please....my Turkish built all steel Commander by Tisas. Dirt cheap and works as well as any of the others. But I haven't had a government model for quite awhile and then this guy answers an ad for something else I'm selling, and offers me a Para Expert as part of his payment. While I've trustred Para pistols sinc e I built my first one with a Colt upper, I figured this was no big deal, since the Expert is an entry level pistol. Then I thought about the Tisas and how well it performs and how inexpensive it was, and figured, what the heck. The expert might be a fun gun to use as an upgrade project. So I did it and added another 1911 to the stable. After a detailed disassembly and cleaning, I put that puppy back together then sat there and looked at it. For a basic gun, it was gorgeous. "Course, once upon a time I married...."gorgeous", and that didn't work out so well. So I took the Expert out and shot 100 rounds through it. OMG:am I every pleased. I would carry this Expert any time, anywhere, and feel well heeled if I did. Its taken me nearly six decades to get to the point where I can afford to have more then one or two firearms, so I do. Not bragging but pointing out that if my interest and activities with guns is part of getting old, or maybe a dementia thing, then I'm happy to be here so I can share my ADDICTION with people who will understand. Sorry. Gotta go take a nap now. Jerry
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    Just a reminder........

    I know this probably isnt necessary for a lot of you, but I'm going to pass it along as a reminder. Something that may slide by once in awhile because of all the other diversions in life these days. If you had a partner, a friend, a loved one first responder who is no longer on the job, and you haven't reached out, just to say "Hi" lately, please do it soon. Unfortunately some retirees don't handle the separation from service so well and they may become depressed and isolated. That doesn't lead to a happy ending for the years of servicde they've given. Our family has had more than its share of death this past year, and that includes blood relatives, work associates, and friends. The loss of people we care about, by their own hand has also been an unexpected part of our lives, and while we don't understand that in our hearts, we agree that intervention might have prevented this from happening. So do us both a favor and send that Txt, make that call, or if possible, go visit people that have been important in your lives and careers. Ya never know. Your attendtioon might just save a life, and thats what we've been about for most our careers I think. J.
  5. Shadow106

    Hey Shadow106

    Thanks for the thoughts gang. This season has been an expensive one for us. We've lost family, friends, and currently have a life friend in ICU in Phoenix who probably won't survive. Your taking time to support all of us in here has always impressed the hell out of me, and this year its meant a lot more. Thanks again. Jerry
  6. Shadow106

    Hey Shadow106

    Thanks gang! Its been one helluva fall season, but your messages helped. For sure!
  7. Shadow106


    As near as I can remember, my first 1911 was a Remington and my second was a Singer. Or the other way around. Bought them each for $300 and sold them for the same price to pursue some other type that had caught my eye, but not my brain. So I share the 1911 passion with you guys. I also have a couple of 9mm pistols and enjoy shooting them regularly. But my arthritis is effecting my walking, not my arms or hands, so I have to lean against my truck to shoot. Or stand still without support. We all get old and have to leave some of our long term loves behind I guess. But what the hell! I'd lean on a Yugo to shoot, if thats all that was available.
  8. Shadow106


    This afternoon, I was offered another P12-45, but this one is an LDA. Other than the action, exactly like the one I got earlier last week. But this one was TRULY a grungy mess. Thank God for Gumout! Had to debreed the entire pistol. I just don't understand people who own good weapons, who shoot them, then treat them like something the dog can pee on, leave it under the seat of the pickup for a few years, then try to sell it as though it is in pristine condition. 'Course I've always. been stumped by drugs, suicide, left wing BS, and women in general, so my opinion probably doesn't count for much. I am about to attack the newbie with Hoppes and my electric tooth brush so wish me luck. If it works out to be a good functioning piece, it'll be kinda neat to have two with the action variations. Unless the imminent snow storm stops me, I hope to do the function testing tomorrow or Friday. The guy wanted $475. He got $400 and an ass chewing about the condition. I get away with that. because I'm old, limp when I walk, carry a cane......, and a 1911. LMAO!
  9. I was a bit taken back a few months ago, when my son returned a Sig Nightmare 1911 that I'd gifted to him, telling me that he was not comfortable with the single action platform after carrying HK's for over twenty years with the Border Patrol. At that time, I owned two 1911's myself, so I sold the Nightmare. TYhe episode brought me back to my 1911's which for some reason I hadn't been carrying or shooting much for nearly a year. I felt like I was putting on an old, favorite pair of jeans and wondered why I'd let them lay there for that long. Went out and shot them and was spickled titless that they still made me look good at the range. For reasons I won't discuss here for fear of staring a war, I no longer own Colts. I own a Kimber Pro Carry which is light, accurate, has a great action, and I'd. carry it on duty if I wasn't too old for that. 4th Kimber I've owned and the one I''ve liked best of all of them. The other 1911 in my stash is (Don''t leave and talk nasty gang) a M45 built by Tisas in Turkey. Before you say things about the location of manufacture consider history. Firearms in Turkey have been manufactured for arout 300 years. This M45 came to me looking great, but with a danged near unusable action. I invested $100 with my favorite gunsmith and now I find that I have a very attractive Commander sized, all steel 1911 that is as accurate as my Kimber. And its bushingless which I am getting to like move every time I break it down. Initially it was finicky about the type of slug it was trying to digest, but a little Simichrome and a cotton wheel on my Dremel took care of that, and now I carry Critical Defense in it and have had no problems. The machining, inside and out, is very clean and I honestly believe that it is as dependable as any 1911 I've owned in my 50+ years of handgunning. Total investment? With the gunsmithint I have a good 1911 Commander size pistol and have spent $489 and $20 shipping to set it up. Bu I am always looking for a comfortable, concealable weapon that will make the other guy squeak and leak, as my gunsmith puts it. Having a pretty long history with Para Ordnance pistols, clear back to when you could only buy the frame and had to build your own, I was pretty excited to find a Para P12-45 at a LGS, for $425.50 out the door. It looked pretty grungy, but seemed to work okay, and the action was very good. Built in 1994 so I'm told, but the bore and ramp don't look like heavy use for 25 years. So I bought it and took it home as a project gun. It cleaned up to almost NIB cosmetically, and it functions as good as the other two 1911s. The Ed Brown beavertail was replaced by a Wilson unit at some point, and once cleaned and lubed, it is one slick little pistol. Add to that, I browsed the net for mags since it only had one ten rounder, and found P12 factory mags on sale for.....Swear To God.....$9.98 per mag. Ordered two, then woke up at 3AM and ordered two more at that price. Also found a Para hardcase for.....again, no lie,....$10, new. I've had the P12 for a week. I've shot it three times at the range. THIS is now my 1911 EDC. So I had to share all of this, just to take up you time. After all, I'm 77 years old this week. Would you rather hear about my Doctor visits? Thats what I thought. LOL!!
  10. Shadow106

    Two interesting pistols just picked up....,

    Thanks guys. Guess I did better than I thought. Had a guy try to buy the .38 super today. Its not for sale. LOL
  11. About a month ago, I bought a full sized Witness pistol in .38 super caliber LNIB for $424.00. Comes new with one mag (17 rounds) but this one had three. Took it home and put it away, and until yesterday, there it sat., A week or so later, I ran into a Witness compact model in 10mm caliber and bought it new for $490.00. Took it home and put it with the first one, planning on shooting them when I got the chance, which turned out to be much later than I'd hoped. This was not my first experience with the EAA pistols. I've owned a few in the past, but mostly because of swaps. Not particularly because I was excited about them. l used to be a Colt addict, and I now own Sigs, HKs, and a few Glocks, plus some revolvers and my Hi Power. So I figured I'd try these oui because the calibers were interesting, and I'd seen some good commentary about the Tanfoglio "CZ clones". When I finally had a chance to shoot these two, I was very pleasantly surprised. First of all, both weapons are heavy. Not something I'd want to carry for duty every day. Secondly, the front sights are fixed, part of the slide, and would require a machining to put a dovetail in these basic models. The narrow grip on the slide which is common with these just as it is with the CZs is a problem for me, but after Talon turned me on to the Arachnigrip tape for the slide that problem no longer existed. I'm a Talon fan so both pieces were equipped with the rubber grips. Both calibers are potent, and as expected, the compact model in 10mm was more rambunctious than the .38 super. I fired just under 100 rounds through the .38 super, and fifty through the 10mm. Not heavy loads, but not light loads by any means. I was amazed at the accuracy of both weapons, which made shooting 2 liter plastic bottles at 25 yards a helluva lot of fun. (I like targets that move around as opposed to bullseye setups). My shooting bud was also surprised at how well they shot. Because of the weight, the felt recoil was there, but nothing an experienced shooter can't handle without being punished. When it came time to clean them, the "Wonder finish" came out looking as good as when we started. I have made the mistake in the past of thinking that if I bought a name brand pistol for high bucks, I would get my money's worth, which we all know if a fact. Going the other way, I wasn't expecting the quality of the build, the finish, or the accuracy out of these two, because ya just don't find that stuff in lower priced firearms. Wrong again. I am very pleased with these weapons, and kinda proud to say I think I got a great deal on them. Now that they are "outta the closet", they will be in the range bag when I goi to shoot, pretty close to every time. Just my humble opinion. (Yeah. Right.) If someone can remind me how to post photos, I'll post a picture of the pair.
  12. My gunsmith still has the HP so I can't say anything about function yet, but I'm hoping to hear from him shortly. LKCI is the importer. Tisas is the manufacturer. When they restock, Brownell's, Bud's Guns, and Gun Prime sell the Tisas weapons. Oh, and Cylinder & Slide I believe. Custom work os available already, and from some pretty savy people. If the HP turns out as well as I'm expecting, a 1911 will be next on the list. IO have little doubt that the prices will be going up soon.
  13. A few months ago I ran into some info about a product imported by LKCI, made by TISAS from turkey. Being a Hi Power fan for about 40+ years, the stainless steel model caught my eye on the web, and I began to research the pistol. I was expecting it to be a less refined clone because of the price and the fact that it was made in Turkey. On You Tube as well as elsewhere, I saw my attitude reflected by some of the so-called-experts, but I began to notice that when they posted their comments, reviews, etc., the final result was their very positive comments about the Regent BR9 weapon, whether in SS or black Cerakote. With an MSRP of $599, what I was hearing was exciting so I kept at my research. Couldn't find anyone with any expertise that was talking anything negative about the Tisas Pistols, not even the $400 1911. Bottom line is, I received my NIB Regent BR9SS Hi Power two days ago and I am pretty excited about it. This morning I took it out to my gunsmith bud who lives in the mountains and doesn't advertise his shop because he is so busy he doesn't need the business. Custom work and fine craftsmanship. He is also a Hi Power guy, with a Belgium for his EDC. I sat there while he tore mine down, measured the parts and compared them to his pistols, then looked over the fit and machine finish inside and out. I was amazed when he said that what he was seeing was a pistol that with some personalization, he'd be pleased to carry. I paid $499 + tax for the gun, NIB. I was planning on ordering one of the Cerakloted models, but in the last two weeks, they've pretty ,much dried up from the big internet outfits. So I thought I'd share this with the gang, in case you've wanted a Hi Power but just couldn't afford what they go for now that Browning and FN quit making them. When my GS has finished his "Shadows Package" and we've gone to the range, I will post a range report. So far, both he and I are expecting it to do well. Oh! Did I mention dove tailed sights? A plus for my part, and I think the gun will sit right beside my Belgium as one of my go-to weapons for routine carry. And all the parts interchange with Brownings.
  14. Awhile back, I purchased a threaded Alpha Wolf barrel fro a Glock 19, on Ebay. It was new and came with the thread protector. Yesterday, I listed it for sale because I really have no use for it. Today Ebay pulled the ad and sent me a long message to which I cannot reply. In the message, buried in the usual BS, they said that they no longer allow threaded barrels to be listed since use of that component turns the weapon into an "Assault Weapon" and is therefore illegal in many states. I thought that moron was a legislator back east someplace, not an employee of Ebay in California. You know? the one with the "O" name?
  15. Shadow106

    The Armory is mourning the loss of Jeff and Nancy.

    G was always a welcome member at my end of the wire, whether private or in public. So sad. So sad.