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  1. It feels like morning. Hello everyone.
  2. Boy, I like reading.....................
  3. PocketG

    New toy!

    If you come across another 150 deal, let me know.
  4. Thats how it works in CT.
  5. Good Morning From CT.
  6. Mainly Health Benefits, The company wants to 80/20 it, 80% employees, 20% company. My companys insurance is 80% company, 20% employee after $500 Deductable. There are a few other contract changes that will screw the Teamsters but minor crap, but the BIG problem is the insurance issue.
  7. Cool, let me know if you do.
  8. Damn, I did not know the grease jobs were happening back when.............. But all in all, the Colt AR that I have is a mean machine that works flawless. That what is more important to me. Like I mentioned earlier, my Colt AR was a 20th service anniversary from the company which employs me. They gave me a check and I spent it on the Colt AR. Keep in mind I used the Colt M-16 in the U.S Military. I loved it then and I love it now.....
  9. Strikers are on their 4th week and Sikorsky is not budging at all, and to top that off Sikorsky is already threatening the workers that they will move out most of the operation to another state.
  10. Congrats, as time goes by you will notice how nasty cigs were.
  11. No, I work for a company down the street from Sikorsky, but the traffic is such a pain that it may take 10 minutes just to travel through it all when it normally takes 20 seconds, if you know what I mean. My place of employment: http://www.ashcroft.com/ The product I make from start to finished product: http://www.heise.com/products/qg.cfm?pfam=1
  12. I don't know if it's on your local news channel but it's a pain in the rump getting back and forth to work. Yesterday Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was there and rallied 4000 people that are on strike. Good ol' Jimmy handed a check for $10,000 for coffee and what ever else they need to be comfortable while striking. I won't get into detail but I'm sure if you look it up online you would find out more information on the strike. Am I on strike? No. Local 1150 is on strike, I'm local 145.
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