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  1. slvrbulit12

    AR-15 Barrel Group Buy Poll

    18" SPR stainless 1/8 wylde rifle gas???
  2. slvrbulit12

    New here

    welcome aboard!
  3. slvrbulit12

    My new LMT

    Looks awsome!
  4. slvrbulit12

    My 1st AR-15

    Very Nice !
  5. slvrbulit12

    new bag and ammo can pics

    Nice bag, thanks for the Pic. will have to put on my short list of things to get. Love the ammo can, I have many, great for long term storage of ammo.
  6. slvrbulit12

    New here.

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome, it's great to be here. and thanks for the info guys. I have a good idea what I want to build at this time just trying to make sure by reviewing info here that I build something I will be happy with. I will be purchasing two lowers soon as I have gone from one build to two, I have been bitten by brd bug. I have a colt carbine sp1 that I purchased many years ago so I am looking to build a 16" with mid-gas and a 18" with rifle gas. Living in Calif. some manufactures are listed on a list as prohibited so some options used on this site are not an option for me. Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome.
  7. slvrbulit12

    New here.

    Thanks Stag.
  8. slvrbulit12

    What would you do with $2,000?

    Hi, I would suggest with what ever you choose you go with rifle lenth sights, This will give you a longer sight thus making the rifle more accurate. This can be done with 16" 18" 20" @ 24" barrels. From what I have read you will want to go with mid lenth gas for the 16" and rifle for the others.
  9. slvrbulit12

    New here.

    Thanks stevesm. Any opinions on CMMG products, they seem to have many good options with their complete upper recievers.
  10. slvrbulit12

    New here.

    Thanks gmountain, will be looking around first to see if the question has already been asked and answered.
  11. slvrbulit12

    New here.

    Hello, new here, looking forward to building my first AR. Purchased my first, a colt carbine used back in the early eightys. Recently I found a site (calguns) that have found ways to configure an ar so they are calif. legal. I will be purchasing a couple of lowers soon before the next election. So I am here to soak up info on builds and parts. I look forward to the exchange of info with the good people here at ar15 armory.