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  1. I began making list of what all I need and how important it is. I separated them into food,various items,gun supply,knowledge. The knowledge one is what books or stuff I want to print out. These list are getting long but I wish I would have done it sooner.
  2. This is something me,my dad and brother have been working on here lately. At the moment my dad has a place with natural water supply,as of now we have 6 month food supply for us and a few more there now. Xtra tank of propane, a years worth of diesel for the tractor, plenty of ammo and reloading supplies(if there is such a thing), and surplus fishing supplies(there is a lake that we have access to that is well stocked). We have a library of books on survival, ex. Encyclopedia of country living, and others. Me and my brother do not live there but we both keep a months worth of food each where we live(I am going to try and step that up to three months), and reserve fuel cans to get back to my dads if need be. The three of us are going to a weekend long defensive carbine class in march also. It seems though that for everything we add we find two more we need.
  3. If Economic collapse and SHTF scenarios is something that interest you, the book Patriots by James Wesley Rawles is a must read, entertaining and educational in its on way. Also if I am not mistaken the profits go to supporting his website.
  4. I ordered from them, a good experience. fast and good price
  5. I am looking into getting tritium sights for my 1911, My question is front and back, or just front. And does any color have an advantage over the other.
  6. Another newb here, anyway welcome. I just wanted to add one of my favorite survival quotes "Pray for help but paddle away from the rocks!!" ---Hunter S. Thompson
  7. At my house we have 4 pit bulls, the two older ones wouldn't wake up if you drove over them with a truck. The two smaller ones( that we unknowingly adopted) seem to be a little more protective and alert. One of the older ones does all her own hunting though, she barely eats dog food. Anyway they are not much of a guard dog, unless we are attacked by a large pack of ferile dogs of course.
  8. wow thanks for the post, will defiantly copy and paste to my SHTF folder.
  9. I have mixed reviews about CMMG, me and my dad ordered two lowers and they were shipped fast and of good quality. We both ordered our uppers seperatly from CMMG, mine came in a few weeks, his in a few months. Initially I had some issues with my upper but it appears most of it was due to ammo issues, I did call them and was not pleased at all with the way they handled it. Once my dad finally got his it was in good working order. As a whole I think we received good quality guns, I am no expert on every nut and bolt of the AR though, still a newb in the AR world. Did just get my EOtech mounted and am off to shoot, hope all is well with your new toy.
  10. Yeah thats the conclussion we are coming to, still buring rounds through it with no issue's. Have decided to hold off on sending it back. Still have no explaination for the charging handle locking forward, but it hasnt done it again. Thanks for the help everyone, will post if any changes occur.
  11. Just wondering what some opinions are on new barrel break in procedure; is there a differant technique between chrome-lined and SS.
  12. It was Lake City reload's. Have ran factory ammo through it since with no issues.
  13. ico135


    As far as tuna goes you can get the vacummed sealed bag, weighs nothing, ton of protein. Add it to a bag of lipton noodles and you have a lightweight good source of fuel. I have lived off that stuff for days while doing extended backpacking trips. Not sure about shelf life versus canned tuna though, would be intresting to find out.
  14. Update, my dad finally recived his setup from CMMG, it split the same ammo as mine did. I took the brass to the local AR shop and he said it had to be bad brass. He also agreed with whoever commented that the free floating firing pin causes most AR's to prestrike the primer. As far as the charging handle sticking forward, still havent figured out, but it hasnt happened again with about 75 rounds through it.
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