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  1. I also have exactly the same one. I use the coleman fuel in mine with no problem. Like Indy 45/70 said the only thing could be the leather gasket. They are a really kool stove. Mine is missing the funnel and the handle for the pots but hopfully someday I'll run accross them somewhere. Have fun with your stove.
  2. First off I do not want to offend anyone. I am part Cherokee. My Great-GrandMother was full blooded Cherokee. I have been trying to join the Cherokee Tribe but I am unable to prove if my Great-GrandMother was on any list, The Dawles or any other one. Mainly because I cannot find out her name and no one else in the family that would know is still living. I just want to know how one can go about being decleared a Native American. Is there a blood test to prove how much Native American one has in his/her Blood? What is the requirement for the U.S. Goverment to reconize a person as a Native American? It was always my Fathers wish to have been decleared a Native American but unfortunitly he died in 1978, long before the information available to us on the internet. I would appreciate any guidance and help with this as this has always been my life-long dream also, Thank you.
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