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  1. The 303 ammo can be expensive. I found some Prvi Partizan that were about 50 cents a round. You still can get some Pakistani 303, but it is corrosive and has reportedly suffered some hang fires. I shot the Enfield about a 2 weeks ago and it was reasonably accurate off of sandbags. And Thank You for the welcome! Ron
  2. One of the problems we have is that all the new oil from wherever they drill goes directly to the global market, not to the USA. It'll be scarfed up by China so fast that we will see little of the new production. The job market for US oil workers is booming. The newly graduating, 21-22 year old petroleum engineers are getting starting salary offers of above $80,000 per year. Ron
  3. All the oil posturing is still in the realm of politics, not reality. The oil companies closed several refineries over the last few years. Even if the offshore sites started producing tomorrow, we couldn't refine it fast enough to boost fuel supply. The existing refineries are working at their limit. If we started the exploration component immediately, there are some estimates that the new oil production wouldn't occur until 2025 or 2030. Permits have to be issued. That takes a few years. Exploration will have to occur. That takes several years. Drill rigs have to be spec'ed and built. There aren't drill rigs just hanging around waiting to be used. So, whether the drivel comes from Bush or Obama, it is still just political banter. Probably the biggest problem has been the lack of foresight by the last several administrations. While oil is cheap, why plan ahead? With top level politicos formerly in the employ of oil companies, who is going to push those companies?. The drive to issue exploration and drilling permits for the California coast and the Gulf of Mexico should have started in the '80s. Those sites would have been producing now. With gas at low prices though, no-one had the political guts to get the oil production going. I'm 61 now and I am willing to bet that I won't see a significant amount of the oil from the proposed off-shore production before I am 80. The high oil prices will hurt our wallets, but it may just do us a favor by reducing oil usage and reduce our dependence on the mid-East oil. Ron
  4. I appreciate the cc holster suggestions! My eye has been caught by the Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC and Spartan holsters. I like the way they keep gun metal from touching skin and the 'wrap-around' contour that matches the shape of the hip. The Cross-Breed is very similar. Ron
  5. I could go for the same, about 5 of the 20 round mags. Ron
  6. Your place is nice now, but I imagine that it is magnificent in the autumn. Ron
  7. I used to worry about whether to use 9 mm, 40 S&W or 45 ACP in pistols and 38 spl or 357 mag in revolvers. Now, I concentrate more on what I can shoot the most and become most proficient with. I bought an after market, 9 mm barrel for my XD 40 and practice, practice, practice. Like Etho, my concern is being able to hit what needs to be hit under real world conditions. Anyway, the 9 mm is the space between these vertical bars (if the post is scaled like it is as I'm writing this)|-----| (Very roughly) __________________________________________________________________________The 40 is this |------| _____________________________________________________________________________and .45 is |-------| I favor the 45, but that bias is only due to the fact that I learned using 45 in a 1911. And like most people, my favorite is simply due to my own, personal bias. For self defense, I'm going to go with the caliber I practice with the most - 9 mm. Ron
  8. Thanks! 100 yards will be my next step. I'm amazed how accurate this carbine is. Ron
  9. The biggest issue I had today with the AR-15 - it was so much darn fun!! I have to get to the range to do this again soon. I suppose this means that I should start learning how to reload. Ron
  10. I tested it out today at 50 yards. To shoot at 100 yards, I am going to need a scope as my aging eyes were struggling to see the target clearly. These shots were off some sand bags, yielding a group that was 1" laterally and 2" top to bottom. The top to bottom spread was due to me, not the carbine: One problem I had was that my Gun Muffler ear cups hit the stock when I tried to look through the sights. I had to use the stock to push the ear cups up and that was uncomfortable. Cheers, Ron
  11. I actually did mean the guy on the right. The person on the left is the remarkable individual who has put up with me for 38 years (in August) and who is 58 in the photo and 60 now, believe it or not. I'm just a boy at 59 in the photo. The 3913 may take the place of my Kahr MK9 as my concealed carry. It is a bit longer, just as thin, and lighter than the MK9. The MK9 is a fine carry gun, and its all steel makeup and weight makes recoil a non-issue. But, if I carry it and don't tighten my belt, it will drag my pants down until I look like a gang-banger with my belt line at the middle of my as... Well, maybe that is a little hyperbole. There is a little nostalgia playing here. I had a 'manly' 3913 with black grips (the rest all the same) and like most here have at one time or another, regret selling it. I believe I was in my '40 or greater mode' and lacking trust in the 9 mm. I've been looking for one to replace the one I sold and, there it was, right in the glass case of my local gun shop while I was purchasing a Stag Model 1 carbine. My heart was captured, and so was my money. If you do a search on the S&W 3913, you'll find that some will say that it is the best generation 3 auto-feeder S&W made! They still make a 'tactical' version with an accessory rail, but since my wife says that I have no tact, no sense buying tactical. I'm going to the range today to try it out. You have to have confidence and security in your manhood to take a Lady Smith to the range and to be subjected to the laughs and derision by some of your 'friends.' Ron
  12. I just picked up an S&W 3913 'Lady Smith.' What sort of purse or blouse would go with my new gun. Please keep in mind that the question concerns the person on the right hand side of this photo: This is the gun: 'Lady Smith' is engraved on the other side of the handgun. Ron
  13. RonC

    Hit this poll

    Frankly, I despise Bush as he prevailed over the destruction of our international stature and the strength of the Republican party. I had high hopes for Bush and his administration. I am very disappointed in that he has failed in almost every action he has taken. Yes, the surge seems to have been effective. But this is the administration who fired every general who said we need more troops in Iraq. Now that, five years later, he finally accepts the reality that more troops are required, he takes credit for success of the surge. He has increased the size of government. He has increased deficits. He has very recently gone begging to the Saudis and United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to increase oil production (and demonstrated the reduction of the political power of the US) - and failed. He and his administration have effectively destroyed the status of the Republican party and obliterated all that Reagan built. Why do we have the possibility of Obama as president? Bush and his incompetencies. Should I mention Katrina? In another post, someone said that France knew about the possibility of WMD. Actually, France said that Powell, in representing the view of the Bush administration, was wrong about WMDs. Their intelligence said there were none. They were right and we were wrong. When 9/11 occurred, we were the most respected and powerful nation in the world. After the failures in Iraq, we now are not considered the singular most powerful nation, either politically or militarily. Yes, we have the most advanced weapons and a remarkable nuclear capacity. So did the Soviet Union when it collapsed. A powerful military does not necessarily translate into being the most powerful nation. Bush's begging and being rejected by the Saudi leaders was just, downright embarrassing. It was a demonstration of the decline in our international power and effectiveness. All the nations can see the strain Iraq has put on our military. We couldn't put ground troops into Iran if we wanted to. Our international stature is a disaster. Clowns like Chavez in Venezuela can laugh in our face and insult us. And we do not have the wherewithal to respond and have to take it. Where is Osama bin Laden? Pakistanis vote out the government we supported. Violence and opium production increases in Afghanistan because we can't put more troops and resources into the country due to Iraq. Should he be impeached? No, that is just political posturing. But I can't wait until he is out of office. And look at our choice - McCain or Obama. Ron
  14. Yup! That is me. I would like to know about those local shoots. I may go up to the Clear Creek County Sportsman's Club tomorrow. I have an itchy trigger finger. It will be the first time I have shot my new Stag AR15. Regards, Ron
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