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  1. KyBlaster

    Good Morning, it's Monday

    Good morning all.
  2. KyBlaster

    Which company's press are you using?

    C & H Tool and Die Company press.
  3. KyBlaster

    Name this forum

    AR Variations
  4. KyBlaster

    Blackwater license being pulled in Iraq

    I doubt that anyone from Blackwater will be prosecuted. And that thier banning will be temporary at best.
  5. KyBlaster


    The police totaly dropped the ball on the murders. Hopefully they don't drop the ball this time.
  6. KyBlaster

    Well I've got a girlfriend now

    Deej you'll be fine. If she likes you it won't matter where you go. Don't try so hard, just be yourself. I do like the Fall activity / County Fiar idea though. It gives you time to hang out and get to know each other.
  7. KyBlaster

    Football Sunday

  8. KyBlaster

    Anyone have Wiley X sunglass/goggles XL1?

    I have a pair I use when I ride my bike. You just gotta grab the frame and pop the lens out toward the side that would be away from your eyes.
  9. KyBlaster

    Chocolate Beer!!

    Chocolate Beer sounds nasty to me. I like Beer flavored Beer.
  10. KyBlaster

    check out our pumkins...

    Pumpkins make good targets. Nice carving BTW.
  11. KyBlaster

    Your screen name...what does it mean?

    I'm an Explosives Technician from Kentucky.
  12. KyBlaster

    Cleaning carbon off bolt

    When I was in Boot Camp they taught us to take a piece of a coat hanger and hammer the end flat. Then you scrap the stubborn carbon off with the smashed flat end. I have not done this with my personal AR. I clean it every time I shoot it. If it is stubborn I soak it over night in Hoppes #9. That seems to do the trick. I was just wondering if anyone else used the coat hanger trick in the military.
  13. KyBlaster

    Angry Motorists Threaten Road Crew

    For some reason this story reminded me of this.
  14. KyBlaster

    My answer to Ohio's screwed up CCW in your car laws

    05 GMC Seirra 2500 4WD.
  15. KyBlaster

    Which company's press are you using?

    C H Tool and Die Pistol Champ. High quality and durable press.