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  1. I would like one of the OD ones but shouldn't they both be the same price.
  2. Let me know if you want to sell some. USPS has some flat rate shipping boxes that you can stuff some in. I have a .308 and just starting into reloading just got my rock chucker press.
  3. Hope for the best for all involved. I didn't see my girls for over three years when my ex ran.
  4. Scott at Liberty Optics took care of me when I was looking for a IOR scope.
  5. My friend has a Saiga 7.62 and likes it. Mags are easy to come by also.
  6. Check out Calvary Arms, Specialized Dynamics there are others you will find on the other site that was posted. Welcome to the State just I live farther North then where your at and about 20 degrees cooler.
  7. I like the looks of these. Can someone give me a price on these?
  8. If looking at the YHM get the .30cal one. You can then use it on from .30 on down. You would only need to get the QD mounts.
  9. Have you checked Calvalry Arms they make lots of different furniture. Just give them a call
  10. If someone would let me borrow them to watch that would be great. If I had the money to buy them I would. I would even send you back some Molon Decals and a Infidel decal.
  11. Good start on your carbine. Just watch out for BRD.
  12. I'm looking for some YHM Phantom Suppressor Mounts in 5.56 and also .308 Anyone have them in stock for a good price. Need 3 of the 5.56 and 1 in .308
  13. Get a Cane Corso. I have two and they are great.
  14. I want to have a 6.8spc. I want a LMT MRP 12.5" 6.8 barrel. Anyone have a good price on one.
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