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  1. Tiger...what kind of humidity is it in Texas? I think maybe a decent test would be to get it wet..not drowing it..then just let it sit out in the heat/humidity. My 1.5 penny...
  2. In the same boat as you all... How many rubels we talkin for the S.P.O.T. and where did you buy it?
  3. Plastic MKII lower is what I have. With the 40 rounds i've put thru it I havn't had any problems.
  4. Reporting In! I'm in the 'big' city of Wichita...where you at?
  5. Hello! New to the site, and just built my first AR-15. I got 2 deals (steals) on my upper and lower and am now broke even with the 2 steals I got to build my first. I was just curious as to see if anyone has a cav arms lower? I've put 40 rounds down range and am love with my AR.
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