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  1. Smokin' Iron

    Help! Which unicorn to buy?

    I picked up the CZ. Passing on the Smith was tough, but since I already own some 3rd gen Smiths the CZ won out.
  2. Smokin' Iron

    Mule deer 2018 is done

    Nice muley! Congratulations.
  3. Smokin' Iron

    Got my first bear

  4. Smokin' Iron

    Do you ever forget what guns you have?

    Isn't that how alzheimers starts?
  5. Smokin' Iron

    32 years!

  6. Smokin' Iron

    Sold my glock 23 and now i am in a pickle...

    Break the mold and get a CZ.
  7. I have had three somewhat rare handguns pop up on the radar here locally that you do not see every day. The simple answer is to buy all three, but that would probably push my normally very understanding wife over he edge and I have a home improvement project going on to boot. So I need some sage opinions which one of the three to buy. They are as follows. 1. CZ 75D PCR.....I have long admired the legendary 75 platform. The aluminum alloy frame CZ compacts are very hard to find in this area. That is why I refer to them as a unicorn gun. It is brand new with very good fit and finish. I really like the feel of this pistol. It points very naturally and the ergonomics are fantastic. Plus I just picked up a thousand rounds of 9mm. 2. Glock 41 MOS...This is another hard to find gun in this area. This one is very slightly used with the box and all the goodies. I reload for 45acp and could crank out a variety of ammo for this long slide beast. You can push 185 grn. hollow points at near 10mm levels out of this gun. Throw a RMR sight on and this would be a fun gun in the deer woods. Plus Glock mags are far cheaper than CZ. 3. S&W 4516.........Third generation Smith's that haven't been run though the mill are getting harder and harder to find. This one is in extremely good shape with the factory box and four magazines. Third gens still hearken back to a time before polymer and trained monkeys in front of a CNC machines. I have a real passion for third gens, but the likelihood of this pistol becoming a safe queen is very high. So what do you think? Help me spend my money.
  8. Smokin' Iron

    Who watches "The View?"

    The View is scientific proof that cows can talk.
  9. Smokin' Iron

    Professionals Think We Are Heading For Another Civil War

    Just aim for the center of the mask or Bernie Sanders t-shirt and you will be just fine.
  10. I'm try not to daydream about something like this happening at CNN.
  11. Smokin' Iron

    A real kick in the gut.

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. Smokin' Iron

    This Kimber may be for sale......not FFL

    Adds a whole new meaning to the term "Mommy Cave".
  13. Smokin' Iron

    Active shooting underway at YouTube in San Bruno

    Read some of Saul Alinsky's books. He preaches winning at any cost and poisoning the water hole if you do not win. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said his books changed their lives.
  14. Smokin' Iron

    Active shooting underway at YouTube in San Bruno

    Sorry G, but I will not be a hypocrite and cry crocodile tears over this one. After being under attack from the left for so long, taking the high road is just leading to defeat. From where I sit it sounds like some Nazi Brownshirts have a few extra holes in them and Hell might be a little more crowded. I am just being honest here and saying what thousands of others around the country are thinking.
  15. You mean that old withered socialist isn't dead yet? I guess just proves you can't die from embarrassment or being a abject failure.