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  1. del-tons are great deals but be prpared to wait if you go this route. they are filling feb-mar orders right now.
  2. c'mon - everyone knows pistol grips are way more deadly
  3. i just got an email from AIM and although not 55gr. they have a pretty good deal on brown bear 62gr hp for $117/500
  4. yup, we can either go featurless - with no pistol grip or with a pistol grp and a fixed mag but fixed mags are worthless imo.
  5. jse upper on a lar lower, im into this thing for $575 minus the grip and optic. this is what they look like in california
  6. whats your formulation, im gonna build 3 rigs for my brothers xmas presents and want to keep cost at a minimum.
  7. how do you like it? i just snagged one off ebay for $110 for a build im working on.
  8. ive searched hard for some pics of this setup and cant hardly find anything. if you have a rig with this setup please post up some pics, im considering running this setup.
  9. ive ordered from them before as well, pretty decent pricing and quick shipping. if you scout around online you can find a 5% off coupon, you have to look pretty hard though - there are alot of dead ends.
  10. right now i have 1 ar and its just a plain jane HB 16". i have had a 24" varminter in the past but it was just too mission specific in that it was a pure bench gun. i have 3 lowers to build on and really want to go with a lightweight but cant decide on the other 2 builds. i was thinking maybee a mid length 16" and a 20". just curious as to what you multiple ar guys have configured ?
  11. where are you guys buying these uppers from, they are kind of pricey
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