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  1. Tuscaloosa here. Getting my schoolin'.
  2. UAinfidel

    Hey guys!

    Back after a long sabbatical. School and work took over, and the SO still wanted some time too. What have I missed?
  3. I just thought!!! I've been testing whole cartridges, does it matter if it won't eject whole shells? It seems like on a round as light as the .22 that it might make a diff, but I don't have a spent shell to test. Can the extra weight of the projectile cause it not to throw the shell out? Just a thought.
  4. Thanks! I hope it works out too.. I can't afford to blast away the .223 I've stocked.. And pistols get old and expensive after a while... So maybe this will be a cheap escape for me! Haha
  5. I checked it vigorously... The ejector pulls the round out a bit, but then lets go and it just sits in the breech area... I called the place I got it and got them to check the one on the shelves, it does the same thing... I hope it works.. I dumped a bunch of money on it, 3 mags, and ammo... I'll be pissed and sad if it sucks. Haha
  6. Uhh oh, you mean it throws the round out like normal? Damn.... And the rivet I am talking about replaces the spot weld that was coming loose after about 1000 rounds.. GSG will warranty replace your bolt if it is spot welded. http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=6&...41&t=253513
  7. Ahh ok... Whew I was worried for a sec there. Makes sense, the .22 can throw the bolt back a lot faster than my hand can...
  8. Ok I just picked up a new GSG5, and the extractor was riveted from the factory so I'm not worried about the spot weld coming loose. But my question is, should is be cycling fine by hand? It seems that when I cycle it the extractor lets go and the round just stays in the chamber... Should it be throwing the rounds out like I see in the videos on youtube? I'm worried now...
  9. I am.. I go to the University of AL, and UAB. Depending on the my schedule. There are some good docs here... But we haven't gotten to work on anyone living yet, just cadavers.
  10. Ahh, ok. I was just trying to use some of my schooling in every day life... Haha. I'm too eager to diagnose, and I have years of school left..
  11. I hope your surgeon cleaned up that necrosis.... Did you get an infection or anything?
  12. Sorry to hear about that Stu. I know you have to be itching to get this thing over with.
  13. So, I got the G23, for $529. I wanted another compact gun, and something with a rail to fit a light on. So I got the G23. I decided to go with a different caliber just to changes things up a bit. It's getting old shooting nothing but 9mm and .233. Anyway, I'm happy with the purchase and I'm ready to hit the range! I'll post pics after my final.
  14. I am amazed at how long it took you guys to get CCWs... It literally took me 10 minutes, in and out the door. And here's the kicker, I got mine at 18. Yup, 18. Renewed it every year since.
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