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  1. GoMopar440

    Gas prices in your area

    We got some regular for $2.04 today at a local Wal-Mart (Murphy's). Of course we have about five oil refineries across the bay from us, so that may have a little to do with it.
  2. GoMopar440

    The next step

    Thank's Chris, I appreciate the offer. Tam got home from Florida yesterday and tried her Dissy on for size. With the 16" HB on it, the AR's heavier than she thought it would be, so I doubt I'll go any longer on the barrel. If anything I may go the other way and cut the barrel down to 14.5" and flute it to lighten it up some. I'll probably swap out the steel gas block and FSB with some aluminum ones to trim some more weight off the front of the rifle.
  3. GoMopar440

    The next step

    I sent 100 rounds down range today without a single problem. I didn't bother putting any targets up since I'm still waiting on the rear sight to arrive.
  4. GoMopar440

    The next step

    The correct parts arrived in the mail this afternoon I was finally able to get started assembling the Dissy. I was under the impression that a Dissipator AR was supposed to have a rifle length gas system, but this one came with a CAR length gas system under the handguard. The new quad rail handguards wouldn't fit over the barrel because the gas block was too wide to clear under it. Not wanting to just hack it up, I put the upper assembly in the vise on the mill and trimmed the gas block down to the bare minimum. I checked the fit of the handguard again but there was still some contact between the gas block and upper half of the handguard. Next I clamped the handguard in the vise and milled out some room to clear room for the now substantially smaller gas block. The upper half of the handguard now fit over the gas block with room to spare. The clearancing could have been done with a dremel, but I wanted it to look more professional. Getting the foam on the stock wasn't too bad after I added a little soap inside the foam. It went on the assembled lower without a hitch. However, it looks like the ACE Skeleton Entry stock won't leave me enough room to make it adjustable like the drawing I made. I guess I'll just save that idea for the next build since I like the size of this one as is. I'm going to put a few rounds through it tomorrow to see how it runs.
  5. GoMopar440

    Newbie Wants to build a varmint/ranch AR15

    I'm fairly new here myself so some of the other more knowledgeable guys will be better able to answer your questions. Having said that, it sounds like you may want an open sighted AR with a red dot type of optic on it. They will allow you to look through them to your sights when your not using the optic without having to remove it first. The red dot type optics also allow for extremely fast target aquisition. Someting it sounds like you'll need for the rifle's intended use. For length, I've heard that a 16" is adequate for most GP use at those ranges. 1" MOA at 100 yds accuracy should be attainable on a well built AR with a good 16" barrel. Use a shorter CAR (carbine) type stock to keep the overall length manageable. You should be able to bring the rifle to bear from the vehicle fairly easily if you get used to the length and how you plan on storing it by practicing with it. The trick is to train yourself the same way you plan to use the rifle. BTW: Welcome to the Armory. Where in South Texas are you? I'm located just north of Corpus Christi.
  6. GoMopar440

    FF Rails, ring height, and butt-stock question

    I have an Vltor MUR A3 style upper with a SuperSniper 10X42 scope mounted on high rings and a PRS stock on the last AR I built. I had medium rings on first, but I had to crane my head over too much to see through the scope. That was even with the PRS cheek rest all the way down. The high rings fixed that. I wish I had found Addax's site before I bought my PRS. I could have saved about $40 by getting it from them. BTW: Check out the Bobro Gen II bipod on on the Addax site. I have one on my AR and IMHO they're rock solid and are lighter than they look.
  7. GoMopar440

    New guy, new gun...

    The pins went in as per the directions without a hitch. It only took about 5 minutes to install them. Unfortunately the shooting range is EXTREMELY muddy as they've been getting a lot of rain while I was gone. Looks like more of the same weather for today as well. Hopefully it'll be dried up enough to head out there this weekend. I'd like to get at least another hundred rounds through it for break-in before I start to try to dial it in.
  8. GoMopar440

    The next step

    Well, all is not yet lost. They were willing to make it right and they gave me a shipping number so I could send the parts back out to them. Since I sent it from the local UPS store they said they are going to be sending the replacement parts out today. The packages should cross each other in the mail tomorrow and hopefully arrive by Friday.
  9. GoMopar440

    New guy, new gun...

    It's not the size, it's how you use it. Anywhoo... The KNS pins arrived from Addax. I'll install them tomorrow and head out to the range to check it out.
  10. GoMopar440

    The next step

    Too late, the parts are here. Two boxes were waiting for me when I got home from Florida. The FF quad rail from Addax was here as well as the dissipator kit I ordered from Ranger Sales. After looking at it, the FF quad rail actually isn't a FF rail at all. It uses the delta ring and the forward hand guard retainer to hold it in place. It was my mistake for not reading the details on that one so I'll just run with it. The other box containing the kit was labeled as coming from Model 1 Sales LTD, NOT Ranger Sales. I don't really mind that but I would rather know who I'm dealing with upfront. What I found when I opened that box was a bit more bothersome though. I ordered a 16" Dissipator kit with an A3 upper and an ACE Skeleton Entry stock with the appropriate CAR length buffer parts. What I got was a 16" Dissipator kit with an A2 upper and a rifle length ACE Skeleton stock, rifle buffer tube, buffer and spring. I'm a bit pissed about the parts I received from Ranger/Model1, but I'll reserve further judgement until after I call them tomorrow to see what they are going to do to make this right.
  11. GoMopar440

    The next step

    Whichever one was the cheapest FF 4 rail that Addax had in stock. I'm probably going to modify it so I didn't want to spend a bunch on it. EDIT: Here's the one: http://www.adxtactical.com/store/pc/viewPr...p;idproduct=292
  12. GoMopar440

    New guy, new gun...

    I took the HBDVMAR out to the range today along with my friend who also brought his AR15 carbine. I shot about two mags before the trigger pin popped out again. Before that, I was getting about 1" groups at 50yds. When I got home I popped the trigger pin back in place and started to clean the rifle. It was then that I noticed that the barrel nut had started to loosen up a little bit. First things first though, I completely dissassembled the upper and cleaned everything up. Then I reassembled the upper assembly, this time adding blue locktite to the FF mounting block and barrel nut as well as the rest of the barrel parts. Hopefully I'll be able to get some better groups next time out. Before I take it out to the range again, I'm going to install some non-rotating KNS trigger pins. I ordered then from Addax tonight so it shouldn't be too long before I'm back in action.
  13. GoMopar440

    The next step

    I found a couple of sources for Dissipator kits online. after searching around for a while, Model 1, Blackthorne, AR-15 Kits and Ranger Sales were the ones I found. After hearing about Blackthorne's questionable reputation for parts quality and poor shipping, I decided to take them off the list. Model 1 is based in TX, so I skipped them to avoid having to pay state sales tax. AR-15 Kits didn't list wether they had any kits in stock or not, so I skipped them. That left Ranger Sales which was out of state and they listed 12 kits available and in stock so I ordered from them. I chose an A3 style upper and added an ACE Skeleton Entry stock on the order. I also ordered a FF 4 rail handguard for it from Addax tonight. It's not even here yet and I'm already switching it up. LOL!
  14. GoMopar440

    Hurricane Ike and Texas

    It looks like Ike blew most of it's wad up around Galveston/Houston area. We didn't get any of the expected rain and wind at all down here last night. The tides came up about 5'-6' feet above normal about 4am but that seems to have been the worst of it for the Corpus Christi/Port Aransas area.
  15. GoMopar440

    Well with impending doom from ike

    I stocked up on a little more ammo Wednesday when Ike was still forcast as heading directly for Corpus Christi. I now have six 20 round Pmags loaded for the AR, 6 30 round mags loaded for the AK, five 3" 00Buck 12ga rounds in the 870, two slug shells in the SxS, two 7 round mags of .45ACP+P Tap ammo for the 1911, and two 7 round mags of 9mm+p Tap ammo for the PF-9. I didn't load the bolt action rifles. As Red Barron stated above, if I need any more ammo than I have loaded right now, I shouldn't be where ever I'm at.