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  1. GaCop103

    AR-15 Barrel Swap

    Barrel swap is no problem. I believe there would be issues with a rifle buffer and spring so that would have to be changed to a carbine setup. I'm currently shooting a midlength gas system 16" I built and like the softer recoil impulse. I'm also using a heavier H2 carbine buffer. A carbine length gas system will be harder on you bolt lugs and may show a bit of accelerated wear over what your used to seeing in a rifle length gas system. Since the sunset of the assault weapon ban in 04, pre-ban, post ban really doesn't mean a thing any more as far as value. Short of the military, who uses a bayonet in civilian life? Tom
  2. GaCop103

    Any of you boys reload 762x54r?

    You can't go wrong using either the .311 or .312 bullets in the Mosin. I used the .312 Hornady 174 gr. FMJBT in a sniper and got great accuracy out to 200 yards.
  3. GaCop103

    Has anyone tried these???

    I've been using the Lee collet size die for my .223 and 280 Ackley Improved heavy barrel bench guns. I've been quite impressed with the low neck runout using these dies.
  4. GaCop103

    Taurus 1911AR 45ACP

    For the money ($625 OTD), great pistol with all the bells and whistles already installed. Only down side right now is holster availability for this railed model. To date, only Blade Tech has a holster for it. Accuracy is outstanding. Trigger pull out of the box is 3.25 lbs. Getting the same options on a Wilson would run in the $1200 range.
  5. GaCop103

    Who we got from GA?

    Warner Robins, Houston County. Middle Georgia members need to get together and do some shooting. Tom
  6. GaCop103

    My new 6.8SPC Gas Piston Upper

    Disregard, double post. Tom
  7. GaCop103

    My new 6.8SPC Gas Piston Upper

    What twist is your barrel?
  8. GaCop103

    6mm BR Norma

    I was wondering if there are any quirks I need to watch out for.
  9. GaCop103

    6mm BR Norma

    Anyone loading for this caliber? I built one on a Savage action right after I returned from Afghanistan in January. Tom
  10. Also check out Del-Ton's web site. Good people to deal with but with the scramble to buy AR stuff before the election, you may have a wait. I ordered one of their lowers on 10/27 and it has yet to ship.
  11. GaCop103

    Oly 40 Caliber Carbine

    Tweeked six Sten mags to feed 40 cal, they work flawlwssly. Best loads so far are with the 155 grain XTP and 165 grain Gold Dot.
  12. GaCop103

    Oly 40 Caliber Carbine

    The 155 grain LRN fed OK. The 175grain LSWC was a poor feeder as expected. Shot a handload using Hornady 155 grain XTPs over Blue Dot powder. Load showed better accuracy than the 180 grain Cor-Bon (1.125" @ 25 yds) and chronograph velocity out of the 11" barrel was 1387 fps. Tom
  13. GaCop103

    9mm AR's

    I have an OLy 40 cal upper. If I modify my STEN mags to 40 cal will the mag well block work? Right now I have only one Oly 16 round mag with the attached spacer. Roger at Olympic advised they don't have any 40 cal mags in stock, "waiting on our supplier to ship" was the pat answer. Tom
  14. GaCop103

    9mm AR's

    Thanks for the information Globemaster, I'll look into it. I'm also going to look at the dedicated RRA lowers as an alternative. Tpm
  15. GaCop103

    Del-Ton rifle kits

    I built my last AR on one of their lowers. Quality is excellent and as others have stated, their customer service is top notch. Tom