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  1. February 2006, I was a C/O in PA. she was a pretty 22yr old female who was dating a shat bag who got her involved in theft by deception. she hung herself while in the female block of our facility. she was a first time offender and we told her she would be out in a couple days. probably get off with ard and probation. the worst part was we had to notify the next of kin who was her estranged father who was being held in work release for dui charges. i felt so helpless as we tried to resuscitate her while waiting on ems. what enraged me was the fact that her shitbag boyfriend wasnt even the littlest bit upset. her father on the other hand we had to place him on a watch because he some how felt guilty. Ive seen alot of death and dealt some in my security and L.E career and this was the one that stuck with me. I couldnt imaging losing a patient thats a child... you emt/ems guys have my utmost respect.
  2. Its good to be back. Been away from the forum for awhile. You know life got in the way and got out of shooting for a while. But im back amongst like minded people.
  3. Looking for a used aimpoint in good working condition. Scratches dont bother me, as long as it works and holds zero Im cool with that.trying to spend around 300. (Also buying anengagement ring so funds are low.lol)
  4. i just put together my noveske lower with a spikes LPK and the trigger pins are walking like crazy should i call spikes or should i just grab some kns anti rotation pins?
  5. yea i saw them in philly .. and the hunter is a great album .... i just got into them recently. red fang was with them and they were just as good dillanger escape plan sucked but mastodon did a hour and a half set which was friggin awesome. im going back to the trocodaro in January to see trivium and inflames which inflames is one of my favorite bands im pretty stoked
  6. i wonder if my local golf course would mind if i used it as my new driver
  7. I know everyone here has different tastes in music but if u like metal.. i highly recommend seeing mastodon they are a awesome live band. one of the few groups Ive ever seen live that sounds the same live as they do on cd
  8. what contracting firm are you working for and what is your side arm ... i work for a federal protective service contractor and we also shoot the ice course .. the application is no biggie its the bull crap suitability background check u gotta go thru but the good thing is they are good for 5 years and just to warn you office of personal management investigators are half retarded
  9. im looking for a GOOD action block for building uppers someone steer me in the right direction
  10. if im not mistaken the m93b was developed for some of the owner of magpuls marine buddies from his old unit and the f93 is make on the same tooling just a different company im actually getting this stock for my build and i have always liked it looks really cool..lol im just wondering if u can 86 the sling attachment point and replace it with a ASAP
  11. thanks buddy looks like my new rifle is gonna be noveske top and bottom!!! :biggrin:
  12. never use fabreeze it will cause you to break out from sweating atleast thats what happend to me. it felt like i had broken glass on my body from it getting into my pours . Vest Guard for the panels and regular washing of the carrier .. NEVER USE BLEACH! its bad for the kevlar or dyneema
  13. ok so i can get the noveske stripped upper and throw any barrel in it like a DD barrel or noveske or one of those palamento state fn barrels and have no issue or need any special tools other then standard ar tools
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