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  1. So I made the move. Purchases a CMT mk3 lower which is DPMS pattern in order to use pmags. I have been off the forums for quite some time so I'm not current on what's hip anymore. I see there is a high and low profile dpms upper. High seems to be the older version and low seems to be more current. Now I'm seeing a "GII" gen 2 upper. What's the difference between the gen 2 and standard low pro? Are they both interchangeable on my lower? I see certain rails are made for the gen 2 only. Seems like I should stick with the low rail height version? Does anyone make a good quality bolt carrier in the gold NiB? I see a lot of chrome colored ones. This part is more aesthetics then anything else. Worse case I'll go withk a chrome carrier but I'm partial to all things gold Barrel, I see plenty of barrels out their, I'm looking for a LW profile in 16, but I may be sold on 18. Again I'm not interested in anything in a heavy profile. Trying to keep weight down. What are you guys using? (Ps I'm aware of ballistics performance of 308 on shorter barrels so don't try to sell me on anything longer, I know how my choice will affect my range :-)) Hand guards. Looking for something 13+ inches. I really like the Troy alpha on my LW 15 but I want something new. I see everything is basically ar10 pattern or lr308. Who's making good Lr pattern rails? I'd love an NsR but I've read that's probably never happening. I'm not really big on quad rails but some are ok. More into rails with a top rail and provisions to add rail sections where I need. What is good? 13-15inches works.. Talk to me.. Guns probably getting a 308acog and possibly an offset RMR. Because nothing says "get the freak out of my house" quite like 20rds of semi auto 308.
  2. Check that. And a few others. The buster bullet is a little longer and has a rather high canallure. So that's why I'm hoping for barnes info.. I had to seat to 2.050 to hit the can with the crimp. Not 2.075
  3. The Barnes manual is no where on line. I'm in need of some data for a smith and Wesson 500 load. I need load data for the following Barnes buster 400 gr FP FB .500 bullet Lil Gun min and max charges C.o.a.l. Please help a brotha out. Ill pick up the manual this week if I can find it locally, but the only data I can find for 400gr in 500smith is a Sierra jsp and the canallures are in way different places. I have to crimp on the can unless I want to single load the gun to keep the bullets from shifting under recoil. So the sierrA data won't work.. Help..
  4. couple things red. one WOA barrels will outshoot most people. mine is SILLY accurate. 2. take the KNS pins off the giessele trigger. the pins the trigger came with are machined just for the trigger and are hardened. the kns pins are slightly smaller, and a softer metal. both resulting in a poor trigger as a result of the pins. trust me. I did the same thing before i knew. the G pins wont walk. use the KNS else where.
  5. in fairness i could build this gun using mid level parts across the bored and come out way cheaper. but in the end, the rifle wouldnt be what i want.
  6. Janitor, what model is that moonclip 45 and do they still make them?
  7. psshhhh. whats wrong with you??? that package is awesome. i feel like if i order that BCG just hanging the package would make me ripped.
  8. As i lay dying is once of the greatest metal bands ever. "not metel"? i guess if you consider the beetles metal then no, theyre not metal. its sad because they really are epic. And to Etho. YOU cant understand them. so what? Im sure we dont need to go back to all the classic zepplin or hendrix songs over the years that people had NO idea what the actual words were. if you listen to that type of music, its simple to pick up, just like anythign else.
  9. theres no reason why piecing an upper together should cost anywhere near what buying one of similar quality would cost. unless youre just not looking very hard for parts. aimsurplus.com rainierarms.com bravocompanyusa.com midwayusa.com
  10. people will tell you consistency in lockup will aid in accuracy. this is part of the reason why YM's NM carrier is larger and thus fits more "snug" in the upper. the opposite of theories used my glock and AK makers..
  11. sometime tonight or tomorrow I will go dig up the recipe. but its ramshot TAC, which I know isnt easy to find. and you start somewhere around 24-25 grains, and work up. Problem is to achieve the velocity, you have to go over SAMMI spec pressure ratings. I started under the max value with this load and slowly went up. Factory 262 is also slightly above max pressure. I also used nosler OTM bullets versus the insanely expensive sierra BK 77's, because everything i read on the internet (mostly over at snipershide) said they perform near identical. Ill post up the recipe(s) later tonight or tomorrow
  12. also RB, I had no access to mk262 once I finished my MK12 Mod0 cAR15, so i went all over the internet till i found a recipe that duplicates it. this is what the load or mk262 from the factory is capable of. 100yards from my 18inch AR
  13. yea, if you check the link you posted, it says its mk262 mod1. mod one should have a cannelure in the bullet. BUY ALL OF IT. pre madness mk262 was hard to find, and was usually 1.25+ a round on a good day. its fantastic factory ammo, and its what your boys over sees should be using if they are issued 5.56 long range guns. its good to something like 800 yards from a 18inch barrel.
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