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  1. They do listen to Sabbath,Metallica and other traditional type metal but they also like the heavier, more modern bands like Asking Alexandria, Lamb of God kind of heavy. Tyler has been playing guitar for close to 3 years now and it blows me away how good he can riff for someone who never took an actual guitar lesson. He wrote all of the music for this song. His guitar is an 85 Jackson and when they are on a gig the guitar is the oldest thing on stage all night!
  2. My son plays guitar for Letter's To A Liar, a local n/e ohio metalcore band and they just released the first song from their album. If you know anyone else that likes their Metal a little on the Heavy side forward this video to them. These 4 young men are only 17 & 18 years old but you would be surprised at how well they blend 80's & 90's metal sound with a more modern heavy metalcore sound. I know this genre is not for everyone who likes it hard and heavy should appreciate this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRc38-Fo9IE
  3. Good morning Armory. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  4. I get current certification every two years with the Red Cross for my company. We have to have at least one person on the clock at every store that has current paperwork. I actually saved a coworkers life a few years ago only because I knew what to do from the first aid training over the years. Basic first aid is worth knowing for anyone and everyone regardless.
  5. I will sell this for $475 to make it an even better deal then $100 savings from online vendors....
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