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  1. Mirk55

    Buying a new AR

    sorry, no pics for a little while, my camera is back at Canon for repairs, and I don't want to do this rifle injustice by taking pics with a crappy cell phone camera, you all will just have to wait I know the suspense is killing you all
  2. Mirk55

    Buying a new AR

    thanks sparky, will do
  3. Mirk55

    Buying a new AR

    all in all I spent 1200 in the whole transaction, including sling and ammo and whatnot, i figure the tshirt is worth at least $200
  4. Mirk55

    Buying a new AR

    yeah, the flip up ARMS rear sight and side mounted sling swivel was a definate bonus, but when they said it comes with a sticker and free tshirt i was sold
  5. Hey all, first post and I'm brand new to the AR family, just purchased a Stag Arms model 2T and I was wondering if this was a wise choice, I know it seems too late now but this rifles are just so versatile I figure it should be pretty easy to beef up any deficiences this rifle might have, thanks all!