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  1. I considered position etc, but I shoot 90% (expert) regularly in the National Match course of fire, not to say I cannot be in error, but I don't think the problem is the shooter or the ammo - but that is why I am asking! It was suggested by a forum member on another board that the bbl nut may have been over torqued distorting the upper receiver, which could explain the down and to the right shot pattern. I'll put the bbl on another receiver, not a used one this time, and see what happens...
  2. At 25 yards it was about 6" off to the right (and low), I was able to get it to center up with the rear aperture slightly to the left of center At 100 yards it was about 12" off to the right (and again fairly low), I moved the rear ap almost all the way to the left to center up, I still have a few left clicks available, but not enough to live with. My first impressions was a bent or improperly installed bbl or problem with the bbl extension. The bbl is indeed straight. I removed the front sight post (it is a NM style square post that came with the bbl group) and it appears concentric or at least not bent. The FSB does not appear to be canted and appears to be at 12:00. All shooting was done slung (and unslung just to see if sling pressure was involved, but it was not) in prone, no bags Thanks for early replies
  3. Hey guys, first time poster with a problem for the gurus I built an A2 upper with a 1:9 HBAR bbl on an olympic arms upper, darn thing shoots to the right, way right. I had to put almost ALL left windage on it to center up at 100 yards, problem was not so bad at 25 yds. No pics to post but the RSB has the usual twist on it that looks inaccurate just sitting there. Any ideas?
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