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  1. Could she be replaced before the election, yes. Will she? No. It will be nothing more than ammo against Trump and the Senate for November if he tries. He could also get it done if necessary in a lame duck, especially if they find out they are going to loose the Senate. I can almost guarantee you Trump already has a short list. Biden on the other hand is scrambling (or rather his handlers are) top come up with a list right now. This is going to divide his attention. Now on the teleprompter he will have to have something other than Covid and it will only confuse the old man.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dies-at-87
  3. https://www.whec.com/news/supreme-court-says-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-has-died-of-metastatic-pancreatic-cancer-at-age-87/5867340/
  4. This is big local news. Especially since the mayor has passed a 32-37% property tax increase to make up for the tax collected from closing these bars and other establishments.
  5. Saw this earlier, hopefully he is smart enough not to move to Nashville proper and settle in one of the surrounding areas like Lebanon, Hendersonville or Gallatin. While Nashville is not the same shat hole he is leaving, the powers that be would love it to become just like CA. Just about a month ago the mayor passed a 32% increase on property tax. They got enough signatures to force a referendum vote to limit the tax increase to no more than 2% per year without a vote to remove the 2% cap that year. The first thing the mayor did was tell everybody that it will be catastrophic, fire police and teachers will be getting laid off. He is already having meetings with city employees and telling them that if they support the referendum they might loose their jobs. Middle TN is a wonderful area as long as you are not in Davidson County.
  6. You are free to think what ever it is you would like but when you start throwing accusations of guilt then expect to be confronted on the subject especially when you have not been rational on the student since it started. Even last year you were very slanted only to one side. You were defending illegal conduct as soon as the C19 stuff started with no rational idea of civil discussion. As far as me bing enraged, yes I am because if I were to blame the death of soldiers overseas on you and your family you too would be enraged, and you should be. You have made the baseless accusations that somehow the death of innocent people including law enforcement is my fault. You stated that the burning of businesses can be blamed on my family. Your accusation is as ridiculous as the idea that I owe black people reparations for slavery. As far as a war on police, there are roughly 1M police officers in the US. That means they are outnumbered more than 300 to 1. If there were a war on police, explain to me how they are still driving around in marked cars. How are they out there aiding in traffic accidents, investigating crimes and citing violations when needed. How are they still parking marked cars outside of their homes at night? Outnumbered 300 to 1 if we were at war with the police it would be about 8 hour for the police to gone forever. Now in fairness the police are casualties of a war of power from the left taking up the latest fad cause of the useful idiots that keep voting for them. There are also freaked up people with freaked up ideas and in some parts of the nation they are running wild and in charge of the asylum. But that does not constitute a nationwide war on police. Even those folks are not at war with LEOs they are at war with freedom, capitalism, individuals with the right to make choices they don't like. The police are just casualties of the war being waged on the nation and out beliefs.
  7. Not only do I feel insulted I am quite enraged that you would suggest that everybody is responsible for some nonexistent war you perceive on law enforcement. I, everybody I know, and everybody I come in contact with on a normal basis have nothing but respect for law enforcement and the job they do yet you somehow in your eyes it is partially my fault that you perceive there is some war against them. Maybe everybody else is not the problem John, maybe your outlook on the situation is. Because somebody wears a badge does that put them above scrutiny? I don't think so. The highest office in the land is not above scrutiny. Does putting a badge on make a person perfect? If so they should have mentioned that in the Bible somewhere. Does brining up the faults of an officers actions mean we are declaring war against all law enforcement? No it doesn't and despite what you tend to believe there are ass hole cops. There are cops that are not that honest. There are even cops that conspire and commit crimes like murder, rape , bribery and extortion. Our law enforcement are nothing more than a smaller slice of our society and just like our fast food, our road workers, our military and out legal system, there are good folks and there are bad folks. Pointing out that "Officer Sam raped his own daughter" or that "Trooper Fred" was drinking and driving is not a declaration of war on law enforcement any more than owning a scoped rifle makes an individual a sniper or wearing boots makes a person Seal Team 6. Since this whole thing started every other post from you seems to have been "war on police" or "a society that makes war on police better learn to live with criminals" but there is no war on law enforcement despite what you may feel. Are there shat heads that are making problems? Yea there is. Where are they? In the same old shatty places where the shat heads live and make problems. LA, DC, Chicago, NY, San Fran-sissy, Atlanta, the same liberal dumps that make problems all the time. Now the other side of the coin is that cops are human, they make mistakes, and they are not perfect. And people are people with all the same faults and law enforcement or more accurately law enforcement has all the faults as people, because they are people. Good days, bad days and everything in between. There is no war on police, stop fantasizing there is. If there were, after 4 months their wouldn't be any police left. Just because somebody points out that an officer may or may not be breaking the law, or enforcing illegal orders/laws, or even heaven forbid commit a crime like murder doesn't mean they are anti law enforcement. It means they are human and they were born with the right to be critical of others. They were born with their own opinion and the god given ability to voice it and that voice is protected by our Constitution. Putting a badge on doesn't make anybody any more perfect that putting on combat boots, or a doctors scrubs, or a judges robe. Pointing out the flaws of a person or just giving an option about them or a situation involving them isn't a war, its an opinion and we are all human and have them.
  8. No I would say the exact same thing. I am glad they survived, I am glad they were able to save folks but it does not change the incredible lack of skill and judgement it took to undertake the mission. Luck is the only reason any of them are alive. There is no amount of skill that overcomes physics. That opinion comes from somebody that lives in the community, somebody with 30 years of rotary aviation with over 20 of it in units that do fire fighting and rescue operations on a normal basis. If brains had been involved, they never would have attempted such as foolish mission.
  9. These guys are not brave, they are stupid. Not only did they risk their lives but the lives of everybody around them and anybody that would have been called to drag their asses out of the fires. They say its better to be lucky than good, these guys were lucky. I hope they had balls cause they sure as hell didn't have any brains.
  10. Skateboard or not, at the time of the attack, the kid was on the ground on his back. At that point anything including a foot or a hand is a deadly weapon because of disparity of force. Frankly he could have been swinging a paper California straw and it is a deadly weapon at that point.
  11. But you have to look at the underlying cause of why no aid was rendered.
  12. They are not suing the fire department, they are suing the city, county and state, who extort money from paychecks for "protection" which they failed to provide. Worse is that it is not a case of they just did not do anything but they took steps to intentionally make a dangerous lawless situation even more so intentionally placing tax payers in a higher level of danger. They were complicit with the violence of the rioters violating their oaths of office.
  13. Both videos make it clear Rittenhouse was attempting to escape and was cornered when he started shooting. The DA is waisting their time and the tax payers money.
  14. Could not have happened to be better guy either. He was a shat bag from the womb.
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