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  1. redbarron06

    23 Killed at VA pro gun rally

    https://genesiustimes.com/breaking-23-killed-at-virginia-white-supremacist-gun-rights-protest-dozens-injured/ I put this in the funnies for a reason, make sure to real the whole article.
  2. redbarron06

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    The last thing those chicken shats wanted was a ass whooping on their day off.
  3. redbarron06

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    Just watching for a couple of minutes but I’ve seen everything from the average to full blown LARPing
  4. redbarron06

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    I assume there will be speakers, anybody know what time that starts?
  5. redbarron06

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    Anybody got an idea of where this might be streaming or live broadcast tomorrow for those not going?
  6. redbarron06

    Anybody near McAllen TX?

    Bump for new folks
  7. redbarron06

    Why not support UBGC?

    So less than 1% of the guns in the US have been stopped changing hands by BGCs? That’s a hell of a reason to infringe on 300 million peoples rights. Oh and since you decided to cite the bastion of truth that is Politico I am sure it also wont mention that over 75% of those sales that were stopped were because of people mistakenly being put on the list or because an error in the paperwork? Criminals don't get guns down at the local gun store during business hours. According to the DOJ, 43% of the guns used in crimes are from the black market, another 15% from family or friends and 11% from straw purchases. 12% of the time they picked up the gun at the scene of the crime. Less than 10% of people convicted of all firearm offenses actually bought them from retail establishments including gun shows. Lets look at that 10% actually in depth. You can be arrested and convicted of a gun crime for not properly transporting it. Using it to shot an animal without a license or out of season or even on property you don't have permission to hunt. In some states you can legally have your gun in your car without a license but get a DUI and have a gun in the car and even though you didn’t commit any violent act, that is still a gun charge. I have a buddy with over 20 years in the military carrying guns. He has shot competitions with guns, carrying them in combat even owned a couple. But when for the first time he went into a gun store to buy one got denied, he found out there was a charge when he was a juvie that amounted to a felony under current law. 3 months later and his record was expunged, he has a carry permit and is even a state licensed armed security guard and instructor. By the way somehow he held us TS clearance for over 20 years but wasn't able to buy a gun. The only the the BC did was force him to get some shat from 1980 straightened out. Oh by the way, he was still able to mail order black powder rifles and revolvers and have them delivered to his home while he got the BC straightened out. Claiming that background checks work to reduce crime is like saying that making murder illegal lowered the murder rate. Murder is illegal and anybody wants to get a gun they can in a number of ways bypassing a background check ,not to mention there are many more ways to murder folks other than guns. If they worked then states like CA, NY and IL would be at the bottom of the total murders in the nation not in the top 10. Now maybe I’ll give you CA being on the border and stuff but states like TN where there is no universal back ground state is less than 1/3rd of CA, almost half of IL and still lower than NY. That is murder not homicide. Remember somebody can break into your house and you shoot them and its still homicide.
  8. redbarron06

    Why not support UBGC?

    You sounds like that idiot Bloomberg. Tell you what, I’ll support universal background checks as soon as you get the dems to support universal voter ID. The first thing out of their mouths will be “that infringes on the right to vote”. Really? Show me were the Constitution says “the right of the people to vote will not be infringed”. I can show you were it says that about the right to keep and bear arms. Anybody that believes that UBCs actually work is also looking for oceanfront property in Kentucky. The only way UBGs can even put a dent in so called “gun violence” is if you have 100% gun registration otherwise how do you know if there was a background check done with ownership changed? With more than 400 million guns in the US you know what will never be accurate, a 100% gun registry. I have guns that have been through a half dozen hands since they were originally bought and were bought then before any background check. So how does anybody know if I give it to my child or even a perfect stranger?
  9. redbarron06

    U.S. Forces Now Under Attack From Iran

    Our response will be based on the outcome of the attacks. If Americans died, by the time the sun goes down I dont think they will have an active runway, oil well, or Missle site in the whole damn country.
  10. Damn it, I wish I had the money sitting around I would take you up on this one.
  11. Bringing up an old topic but have some new information to add. A fairly recent offering for head mounting of NVGs is the Crye Precision “Night Cap”. I think I got mine off of Amazon but the price is reasonable if you don't need head protection. https://www.cryeprecision.com/ProductDetail/acchn102000_nightcap Just add the shroud of your choice or if running ANVIS the ANVIS mount attached directly to the cap.
  12. Sale closed, moved to eBay.
  13. Lets be honest, a man that could turn into a woman or a woman into a man is just as much fictitious as a man that can fly, or turn into a giant green monster. The ability to actually change your gender would indeed be a super power. In real life however they are just extreme cross dressers.
  14. redbarron06

    Opinion: Virginia's Second Amendment Attack

    Just my $0.02 worth. I remember somebody saying that 2A was the protecting from the people against a tyrannical govt. The response from some dimwit was that we dont have a tyrannical govt so 2A is outdated. So lets look at things. With the NFA the govt made people felons because of things they already owned if they could not afford a ridiculous tax to pay to keep those items. With the GCA the govt did the same thing. Fast forward a few years and you became subject of fines if you did not have health insurance and just a couple of months ago the govt made you a felon but by fiat with the banning of bump stocks. Anybody want to give me a better example of a tyrannical govt. I hope it does not come to blood shed in the sate of VA but make no mistake about it, this is just what the founders had in mind when they ratified 2A and the rest of the BOR. The ability to hunt, protect our homes and families from criminals is a side benifit, 2A was meant to keep the govt, ours or any other at bay and in their place as servants of the people not officials of them.
  15. redbarron06

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I was once told that “aviation has a 100% perfect record, we have never left one up there”. Its also been said “there are more submarines at the bottom of the ocean than there are planes at the top of the sky”. I often kid with the pilots when they call “landing assured”. I say “hell landing was assured the minute take off was accomplished.”