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  1. redbarron06

    Blackhorn 209 Question

    I am using 250 gr Shockwave SuperGlide with 56 grains (by weight) and getting about 1725 FPS. I want to be closer to the 2149 with the 84 grains by weight.
  2. redbarron06

    Blackhorn 209 Question

    I swapped to Blackhorn 209 last year and run the powder through my RCBS dispenser combo and then pour them into the blackhorn speed tubes. While I noticed a bit of a difference in where the powder fell on the tubes markings I can tell that the very first weight I tried produced a sub MOA group at 100 yards. I didn’t even shoot the heavier loadings, just loaded up a bunch more for the season. This year I will spend a little more time with load workup so I have flatter shooting dope but I am very pleased with the combination of 209 and TC 200 grain shockwaves.
  3. redbarron06

    Plate carrier setup

    This is why cops use belt keepers. Cheap enough to get and mounts the war belt rock solid to the regular pants belt. As far as the pile on the inside of teh belt, some of it is there for adjustment, but it is lined the entire length for a Velcro belt that can be worn though the belt loops. I ran one when I worked security and armored care. I want say it does a lot but it will keep it in place while attaching belt keepers.
  4. Good basic information but he left out one piece that some folks will need to account for, height over bore. If you are talking about absolute vs lower 1/3 cowitness the change of POI may be small enough not to worry about but if you are dealing with something a bit higher, say an RMR or T1 mounted on top of an ACOG it will make a major difference.
  5. Well lets look at the whole picture of what this brain dead dumbass is suggesting. We let them drive at 16. Yea, maybe we do but not alone in most states. Anybody that has ever had a 16 year old will also tell you that the minute they start driving insurance goes up, a lot. TN has a graduated DL program, as long as my daughter has a learners permit my insurance doesnt change a cent. As soon as it from from a permit to the next step, a very restricted license, it goes up 110%. Yea more than doubles. Anybody that has kids knows why, because they make poor decisions. This comes around to the dumb asses real point of view. They need more people that make poor decisions in thier voting block to keep them in power.
  6. redbarron06

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    Have you seen their chance of taking the house senate and oval office in 2020? They can have all the platform they want, the only message they have is "hate Trump" and that didn't work well for them last time did it? And when did we make that wager? IIRC it was before Trumps election and you only had 5 years to make it legal in 26 states and at the federal level. Even if they take all 3 in 2020, your time will be up and I will be having a nice bottle of bourbon.
  7. redbarron06

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    I have already picked out the bottle you can get me. You are still no closer to getting it than you day you offered it up.
  8. redbarron06

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    Arms, like illegal drugs, are never going to be hard to come by, you will just have to look in different places.
  9. redbarron06

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    To say that another civil war will never happen is to be completely ignorant of history and the fact that it repeats itself. Every empire, nation, country, what ever you want to call them, in history has been involved in armed conflict within its borders between ruling govt and somebody trying to overtake or secede from it. To a degree we are in a civil war now, factions within and separate from our govt are never ending in the attempt to circumvent and destroy our Constitution and the ideas that made the nation what it is. At this point it just hasn't devolved into open armed conflict though I believe it is brewing. The left has already fired the first shots as they come out in support of groups like BLM that advocate for the killing of law enforcement. I think the only reason it hasn't gotten worse is that we are holding our fire until we see the whites of their eyes so to say. It wont happen on Pelosi's watch, she doesn't have the balls to make an open move fore the white house, hell she has backed off so far from even calls for impeachment that it may be out of reach for the left unless they can find something that is concrete.
  10. Combat Pistol EIC: 4 stages, each stage is 2ea 5rd mags for a total of 10 rounds each stage a total of 50 points, each stage is shot from the holster, each stage uses 2 targets so to many hits in one target and the hits are deducted in the order of highest, lowest, highest, lowest and so forth. So if you have 21 hits in a target you will loose one of your Xs, if you have 22 in a target you will loose an X and maybe a 3 or what ever the lowest shot is. Stage 1, 30 yards, Standing, 60 seconds Stage 2, 25 yards, Standing first mag, Kneeling 2nd, 45 seconds Stage 3, 20 yards, Standing, 20 seconds Stage 4, 15 yards Standing, 15 seconds Our guy that made Presidents 100 with pistol 2 years ago can do 160+ or a regular basis I have seen him do about a 170. At the state here if you can shoot 150+ you will probably get the EIC depending on how many people are shooting (EIC only goes to the top 10% of shooters that don't have one). I think my best was 151 but another guy shot 151 with 2 more Xs so he got it. Average for a new shooter with a full day of practice is about 90-105. Of course it is all shot with your assigned arms room, mil spec pistol and standard issue ammo. The guy that won it at the nationals in 2013 (the only one I can find results for) shot a 170-2 To give you an idea of the difference, the CMP EIC starts at 25 yards with 5 shots in 5 minutes, obviously the scores for that type of a competition are going to be much higher.
  11. redbarron06


    I am guessing you didn't actually read the report, otherwise you may have stumbled across the first page, "The ECONOMICS of Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Therapy". I am sure as a doctor, especially one of economics he has a nack for finding out details, doing research, talking to people, agencies, organizations, you know shat, that research people do. Do you think that you are the only one in the world that knows an 18D, we are kicking 50 of them out next week at 12K feet. Nobody else could possible know any operational medics in theater, especially somebody that might be something like a former DUSTOFF crewchief. I mean you have to be a former EMT to know a flight surgeon, especially one that is a full time doctor who currently works for the VA but had his own practice in the past, oh and he is deployed right now. I am sure that your vast experience as a ambulance driver/rider qualifies you to make a much more educated opinion that those doctors with the World Health Origination. I am proud of you however now having perfected the art of point out what an aircraft is, must feel like a major accomplishment. Keep it up, you will get there, one day and maybe we can get you a tour.
  12. redbarron06


    It must be a scam and nothing but snake oil. After all DripDrop is used by all of the military services from ODA to NGB, multiple federal, state and local agencies, elite athletes and some lesser know folks like Mayo Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center, WHO, AAP and AMA for both the prevention and treatment of dehydration. Here is an interesting little paper published by a doctor, not a blogger, with more than 3 pages worth of references that discusses the advantages and myths of ORT over IVT and specifically the results using DripDrop. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57044f4ab6aa60e895c558c3/t/570be97260b5e9dafc267f3f/1460398450735/The+Economics+of+Dehydration+and+Oral+Rehydration+Therapy.pdf Now maybe OralIV is not the right answer for you, but there are answers out there short of putting an IV in. They are used daily.
  13. redbarron06


    As you know the medical world makes advances daily in all sorts of treatments. Drip Drop for example has been medically proven to be 95% as effective as IV treatments in many cases of dehydration. No it does not replace liquid but it does replace the electrolytes and does so in a form that the body can utilize faster than eating a banana or other food. The fluid the body is missing comes from the water it is mixed with. That is why it is used by all of the services, multiple govt services, and even down to the local levels for firemen and otter's that have occupations that require serious hydration. Being less expensive, and faster to administrator than traditional IVs they are used widely in places like Ranger School, SFAS, and BUDS. This has made a dramatic decrease in the expense of these places for traditional IV supplies. Also it can be taken on the go unlike traditional IVs. It is also used by WHO in 3rd world countries to treat dehydration. No it doesn't replace water but it supples the electrolytes so the body can use the water faster and more effectively. Drink water, drink water, drink water is not the answer. The water is useless unless the body has the minerals to utilize the water. This mentality has killed people and is why the military has changes its hydration policy and suggested amounts. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/drip-drop-tops-new-clinical-hydration-study-254339871.html Now who looks like the fool?
  14. I’m talking the military EaiC, not the CMP one that civis do
  15. redbarron06

    The straw that may have broken the camel's back.

    They hate it when facts gets the way of the progressive dream dont they.