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  1. redbarron06

    brass trading

    PM inbound
  2. redbarron06

    Rechargable game camera

    I have maybe 6 or 7 of the Browning cameras. First thing I would check is to see of there is a firmware update. Then I would email Browning and ask for repair or replacement. I use Li-ion batteries in mine and never have an issue getting 4-6 months from them at a feeder (consider the tree rats, coons, thunder chickens, ‘dillos and other creatures that show up on a feeder site) and I am on the 2nd year on the same butteries on other sites like creek crossings and trails. On mineral sites I get maybe a year.
  3. redbarron06

    How do you clean here?

    I should correct my previous post. I dont clean my ARs there. When I have to clean an M16/M4, I use a section of bare metal coat hanger than has been bent and pounded flat like a small scraper to scrape as much off as I can then blow it out with canned air. But I haven’t been issued an M4 since 2012.
  4. redbarron06

    How do you clean here?

    Personally, I dont.
  5. redbarron06

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    Sinclair stuff is always good but also look at some stuff from Inline fabrication. I have picked up some great stuff from them like press lights and a riser for my Forster press
  6. Depends on the state. Some states allow carry bans, some don't. Some even allow carry bans but it has to be very specific to be legal. For example here in TN it had to be verbatim by the code but that changed a couple of years go. However by state law here, it has to be posted in plain view at all entrances used by the public. For example there is a mall near here and the main mall entrances are posted but the entrances where you walk in from a store is not posted. There for the signs carry no legal weight. You need to check with your state gun laws.
  7. redbarron06

    Let's talk USGI 5.56 Magazines

    I am not saying all of them are bad, figure our unit had 40+ folks, 8 mags each and I saw issues with 2 of them with my own eyes. i did contact Brownells at the time. They wanted batch and lot numbers off of them and we didn’t have the wrappers any more so I could not provide that information back to them. Hopefully they were able to figure it out. For range mags, run them, for situations where my life depends on it, I wouldn’t. Then again I am from the school were there is no difference between “range” and SHTF mags. Every mag has to be one I can depend my life on.
  8. redbarron06

    Is it me or the P320

    I think the rail may be either a rumor or earlier models. IIRC H&K was the first to put a rail on a pistol in the early 90s with the MK23 SOCOM (USP) project. I know for a fact they used a proprietary rail at that time. I dont know if the current models do or dont. To my knowledge, and everything I have read, the only difference between the M17 and any other P320 grip assy is are the cuts for the manual safety. That was a DOD requirement for a manual external safety. As far as sight pushers? Well I have always drifted mine so I cant speak as to if they are proprietary or not. The front sight on the M17 however has a very distinct edge for a drift. As far as repairs, sight repairs on the Sig are going to be easier than any other pistol the military has every had. The rear is much more beefy than those on 1911s or M9s but should the need arise, remove the slide and 1 screw allows the rear plate to be removed (the rear sight with it) and replaced. The front sight will be drifted out and a replacement in. With the M9 there was no replacement for the front sight, you needed to replace the entire slide. With the 1911s of course the front sight was staked in requiring very special tools to remove and replace. Being “stuck in 1911” is not a bad thing. There is a reason that after over 100 years they are still some of the most popular handguns in the world. Still favored by the top shooters in the world for games of both money and blood. Frankly they work. The difference between a modern 1911 and the one my granddad carried in WWII would be pretty much drift front sights and a rail and ambi safety. My first love for handguns will always be the 1911. If I could only own one handgun, it would be the 1911. I believe in the gospel according to Moses, John Moses Browning. I look at drifting the front sight as nothing really other than a different way of skinning the cat. As long as it can be skinned the job gets done. Think back decades and how we adjusted the sights (if we even bothered) on our Win’94 30-30s? We just pushed the little wedge in or out of the rear leaf to get elevation. Now we dial for a easier and much more precise adjustment. Both get the job done but in different ways.
  9. redbarron06

    Is it me or the P320

    I dont know how much of this was Sigs call or the mil requirement. I dont know how the G19X or other pistols in the contract interfaced with a optic. Looking at Sigs web sight, all of the current production P320 variants that have the optics plate have it attached to the rear sight and all of the pistols with factory optics have suppressor height sights front and back. As far as drift adjustable sights, (non drift adjustable are different) but to me it doesn't really matter if it is the front or the rear as long as one or the other is adjustable. I know folks are very accustomed to drifting the rear especially with front sights that are pinned in like Glock, original 1911, Berettas and many other guns, and rightfully so, its how they made pistols for 100 years. Either way you have to remove the slide, place it in a vice and use a drift to move it or use a sight pusher. It’s not any more work one way or the other. When dealing with most military handguns they are not going to adjust the sights anyway but simply drift them all the way out and back in to replace them. The exception would be marksmanship team guns. Not sure what your talking about with proprietary light rails on pistols. I know H&K does that on the USP line (or at least they used to) but my M17 is standard, I have mounted a couple of different lights and accessories to it and it interfaces the same as my Glock and 1911s with rails.
  10. redbarron06

    Is it me or the P320

    Rephrase you first question? With the M17 the (I have no time with any of the other P320 models so I can’t say for sure) there is an attachment for the rear of the Sig Romeo1 sight where you can attach a standard blade sight but its extra. That being said the Army didn’t buy the Romeo1 they bought the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. I am not aware of an attachment for the rear sight for the DeltaPoint. There may be one though. Different manufactures do this differently because of all of the different designs of pistol optics. Canik for example does adapter plates when you remove the blank from the slide. With the thickness of the adapter plate and the optic base, you need suppressor height sights in order to get a sight picture using them with an optic. I have a buddy that just got back his G43 slide he had cut for an RMR and they started cutting at the rear of the factory dovetail cut and went forward from there so he also lost his ability to use irons with that pistol. In his case though that is a IPSC pistol and he doesn't carry it for SD. With the M17, I dont know if you need suppressor sights once the optic is installed to still get an iron sight picture. I have been looking at pistol optics for mine but with only 2 choices and both of them $300 or more I have not pulled the trigger on it yet. Also until I find out if we are actually going to get issued the optic it might not be particle to install an optic on that pistol for my training. From what I have seen the holster system being issued with the M17 (Safariland 7TS) does not have an option for an optic.
  11. redbarron06

    Is it me or the P320

    The Sig, like some other optics ready pistols, attached the rear sight to the removable plate that covers the optic cut. Canik did this also with the SFX and Combat/Combat Elite series. Now in contrast to the M9 and 1911 pistols the military bought, the front sight is drift adjustable on the M17. This still allows the ability to make sight adjustments with either a vice and drift or sight pusher that fits the Sig P320.
  12. Link is to a stock
  13. See if you can find the “Ops-drops” by McNett. Great stuff. I’ve used it on everything from sunglasses to gun glasses. Little drop will do you then buff it out with a microfiber or lens cloth.
  14. redbarron06

    Do this.

    Well, why would you practice at what your good at? You are already good at that.
  15. redbarron06

    Militia groups?

    You are not looking very hard, this took less than 2 minutes https://ilstatemilitia.wordpress.com/about/