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  1. The second she spit at me I would have knocked the taste and most of the teeth out of her mouth.
  2. redbarron06

    House Donks Outline 'Gun Control' Agenda For 116th Congress

    All of them will go nowhere.
  3. redbarron06

    What do you hunt in late winter early spring?

    really? I have seen tv shows where folks hunt mountain lions but never where they are eating them. I have no problem with the unbridled slaughter of pest animals like ground hogs, raccoons, possums, yotes, and stuff like that but an animal that size I would not hunt unless I could eat it. It's cool to know you can. I'd like to try it one day.
  4. redbarron06

    20 MOA mount and why would I need one?

    Let me add, before getting 20MOA bases, do the research on your upper. More and more guys are making uppers, especially for AR10 style rifles that have 20MOA built in. If this is the case and you add 20 MOA bases you can get into a situation where your scope does have enough travel to zero t 100 yards with that much built in. Its not a big deal to some. You can either zero it at. along distance such as 2 or 300 yards or you can zero it using the upper half of the stadia in the scope if you are running something like a mil dot just zero the top dot rather than the center of the crosshairs.
  5. redbarron06

    20 MOA mount and why would I need one?

    If you look at a scope like you would mechanical sights, the zero generally will be near the middle of the scopes elevation travel. Not perfectly but in the area. For example if a scope has say 50 minutes of total elevation travel in theory the center is of course 25 and generally that is in neighborhood that it will zero to the gun +/- a few. if it works out perfectly and your scope actually zeros at the 25 mark then you would have only 25 minutes of elevation before the elevation bottoms out. A 20MOA mount tilts the scope so that a bias is built into the mount. Now it would zero around the 5 minute mark leaving you with 45 minutes of elevation adjustment. If we use the example above, and I take the dope off of my daughters 7mm-08 and her reduced recoil ammo. The elevation for a 900 yard shot is 37.1 MOA. Well I would not be able to get that without doing some serious hold over (12+ MOA) without a 20MOA rail. With a 20 MOA rail I can dial the 37.1 and now shoot it dead center on the crosshairs. Now I would say for normal hunting distances it is not needed especially for a 6.5. Its a very fast very flat shooting bullet. But if you want to stretch it out, I mean really stretch it out then it is handy to have. When we did the long distance shoot last year we were doing to redonkulous distances, 1 mile, 2K and doing it with 6.5s and 308s. Because of the 20MOA rail, I could actually dial 1 mile with my 308, maxing the turrets out and holding with the reticle I could hold over for 2K. Without a 20MOA rail I would have been holding over for 1 mile so at the extreme distances of the gun I was able to gain another 300 yards of elevation. At that distances with a 308 its somewhere near 600 inches of additional drop between 1760 and 2K, with the 6.5 its about 400. For everyday shooting you won't notice the difference, zero will be zero all day long. Its just a little extra if you need it, it is there. Its one of those one and done deal. Once you install it there is no more thinking about it. It doesn't effect your math or anything like that.
  6. redbarron06

    One odd WMA

    We had some changes on ours over the last couple of years. Because I didn't hunt last year I really didn't pay any attention. Now because of that I did a review of them this year before going out. Defining "antlered" deer changed, they started allowing airbows for disabled hunters during archery season and next year we will only be able to use synthetic deer scents. Generally it stays pretty consistent here in TN but even now and then they will mix it up.
  7. redbarron06

    Arrow gun?

    Pretty much, think giant Nerf gun that shoots 30 inch arrows of death at 450 FPS.
  8. redbarron06

    Arrow gun?

    I hadn't either as far as a brand name. I saw this statement earlier in the TWRA hunting guide and decided to look into it. I happen to have a 30% disability and that was enough for me to qualify me for the DAV permanent license.
  9. redbarron06

    Arrow gun?

    I found another manufacture at work but it was like 1600 and runs on 22 blanks. I am not really interested in a crossbow. too much trouble loading, and unloading especially in cramped spaces and tree stands.
  10. redbarron06

    Arrow gun?

    So I just happened to notice that in TN, folks with a disabled hunter license can now use arrow gun. Figured I would look into it. Does anybody here have any experience with any? Just a quick google for "airbow" comes up with one from Bengamin but I cant seem to find any other brands. Any recommendations?
  11. redbarron06

    What do you hunt in late winter early spring?

    I think a lion hunt would be fun. Do yall eat them?
  12. redbarron06

    eForm 1 Help

    Its my understanding that a picture of the engraving has to now accompany the form 1 packet. As far as lengths, list the shortest barrel and then with the stock collapsed for the OAL. Its my understanding that you only have to submit an amendment if you permanently change calibers. For example, if you SBR it as a 7.5 inch 223/556 and you get a 300BO that's 10 inches you can swap them freely as long as you can return the 22/556 upper. If you were to get rid of the 556 upper and no longer have the ability to return it to its registered caliber then you have to amend it. As far as length, go as short as you can on barrel length, you can always go longer just cant go any shorter.
  13. redbarron06

    eForm 1 Help

    Check around for a place that will do digital prints. A buddy of mine said they are a little more expensive (he said around $35-40) but being digital they can be uploaded with the packet and you only have to have them done once. After that they are good for several years. I can ask him tomorrow because he just did a eForm1 for an SBR. I know you have to send pics of the engraving, not sure what could or could not be digitally uploaded rather than mailed.
  14. redbarron06

    What do you hunt in late winter early spring?

    Something just tells me that a 6.5 could go through a tree rat like it wasn't even there.
  15. redbarron06

    What do you hunt in late winter early spring?

    I would have a little concern about shooting a 6.5 up at a 30 degree angle.