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  1. redbarron06

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    That’s cool. Normally if its a road trip with the family and we are taking food, 9 times out of 10 we have the camper so its no bid deal. For longer road trips like this, its normally some drinks in the cooler just to keep from spending the money at truck stops. Hell you can get a 12 pack for the cost of 2 20oz at a gas station. The only reason I brought meat this time is because of all of the strange stuf going down.
  2. redbarron06

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    I brought 8lbs of burger/sausage and a tenderloin because I don't know what the fresh meat situation is in Mcallen. With an onion, green pepper and box of mushrooms I can stretch one pound of ground venison into enough protein for 4 meals. I was glad to find out that my 2 night stop in Austin, the hotel has a small fridge with freezer. Not huge but it all fits in there so I don't have to worry about it all thawing before I get to McAllen Friday.
  3. redbarron06

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    Thanks for all the thoughts. I made the first leg ok though my ass is a bit sore after 13.5 hours in the seat. Yes its leather, yes its heated and cooled it still hurts after over 13 hours. To my surprise one of the members here lives less than a half hour from the hotel and about an hour out of town he invited me over for dinner. Normally when I travel I will hit drive throughs during the day but I like to sit down for a meal when I am done for the day. Well with this mess it just wasn't going to happen so a very gracious innovation was issued. Thanks Nate. It was much appreciated.
  4. redbarron06

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    So today I head out to McAllen Tx for 90 days with CBP. I really enjoy this mission and will do my best to enjoy it with all of the other crap going on. Almost 13 hours of driving today with 2 nights in Austin and then south from there. They are doing a lot of flying. My CE that is down there now has been doing 25+ hours per week. Lots of different terrain from NM and west TX so should be challenging running the sensors. I dont know the grocery situation there so I am taking a small cooler of venison and some other groceries that will go bad if I leave them here with the wife and daughter. Taking lots of bang bang toys and hope I can get ammo when I get there. Y’all be safe and I’ll check in when I can.
  5. redbarron06

    Pent-up Anger

    I get the guys that Alvin York defeated would disagree.
  6. redbarron06

    Pent-up Anger

    .45 ACP is the Lords caliber.
  7. redbarron06

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    This bill has a lot more than that. It would ban almost all semi autos in a generation, it would place a federal license on the ownership and you would have to take a hands on test that would require firing a gun before you can get a gun or ammo.
  8. redbarron06

    Individual impact of shutdown

    I am military/fed govt employee so my individual income has not suffered from my full time job but, on the National Guard side they have stopped all flying and basically only keeping the IPs current so they will be able to get others current once this is over. No drills, no additional flight period and basically no extra money that I normally get from the guard side. That being said I will start 90 days of AD orders for the border mission this week so I will be ok. On the other hand my wife works for one of the largest hospital chains in the nation. While she teleworks processing medical records, all of the hospitals have shut down to only necessary procedures. This means that the chart counts are down and they are starting to put folks on hold days or every other day schedules. While she has some PTO to make up for the shortage in hours it will quickly disappear if this maintains the current trend. I am not complaining because we are blessed to healthy and in industries that are not being absolutely shut down. There are may others though that are about to run out of money. They have been locked out of work for 2 weeks and the last check is in the mail.
  9. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6126/text?r=1&s=1 Get on the phone, the email, and the postage to get your folks behind this. No its not perfect but at least it is a small step in the right direction.
  10. redbarron06

    Info on CCW in Texas

    I am not going to be anywhere near a AD Mil base of any sort.
  11. redbarron06

    Info on CCW in Texas

    I found something but it was from 3 years ago that said if you have a HCP is on like Donkey Kong. As long as you are not in a federal building or carrying an issued weapon you can carry as long as you stay in uniform standards no open carry.
  12. redbarron06


    Most hunting scopes are 2nd focal plane. As you zoom in and out the appearance of the reticle does not change. With 1ST Focal plane or FFP, the reticle will get larger and smaller as you zoom so the graduations remain for a constant drop regardless of the magnification level. For hunting in low light I would stay away from FFP unless you are experienced with it or it is at least illuminated. As you zoom out to gather more light the crosshairs will become finer making aimed shots in low light more difficult without illumination.
  13. I guess it is time to prop him up beside the jukebox. RIP Joe.
  14. redbarron06


    Something with a long eye relief. I’d either look for a variable low power say 1-6 or a red dot. ETA: In my area most of my deer shots are taken in the first or last 30 minutes of light. I dont want a lower power optic that can gather as much light as it can muster.