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  1. This stuff doesn't go over well in small towns down here in TN and many other parts of the south. There is an interstate that connects with I40 and goes about 2/3rds of the way around Nashville. Every bridge on the road is named after a service member that has made the ultimate sacrifice during the last 20 years. I knew 2 of them one ver personally, I was on duty the night he died. The other I work with her widower on a daily basis and trust my life to his every time we pick up off the ground. In some way those folks to us are heroes, Maybe not because of what they stood for at one time or another but what they were willing to give up for the person next to them. We will not have their memory disgraced or dishonored.
  2. There are some that would make it a crime here too.
  3. Speaking truth is now a crime. You are tried and convicted by the mob.
  4. Right down the interstate from where I work. Folks I work with and in my unit are from Lebanon. This was the area that was hit with tornados right before covid.
  5. So what you are telling me is that po-po is about to make a mass exodus from V?
  6. So I went to my first USPSA style match this weekend. Despite the weather doing its best to make it suck, I actually enjoyed it. While it was a steel challenge, It was set up using USPSA rules. I am going to dive a little deeper into this and doing some research I found some info that is going to lead me to needing some gear. I am very much leaning towards single stack because for one that is more than likely the gun I am going to be carrying in my off time. A 1911 variant of some sort and caliber. Second, I have 4 of them and can set one aside for certain mods that would lean towards competition more than carry. and third I am most proficient and comfortable using the 1911 platform. This is where the need for some equipment starts to come in. While I have a holster that will work for a while I did not like the way I have to line up 2 double mag carries on my belt to get the 32 round max count per stage. Not to mention it may very well take me more than 32 rounds depending on the stage design. I am looking into a dedicated belt with mag carriers attached per the rule book, and the holster more or less already set up so all I have to do is slap the belt on. So I am turning to you guys here and your vast wealth of knowledge looking for recommendations. I would like to stay away from a bunch of MOLLE but want a inner/out belt system so I am not dealing with belt loops and such. I would like to be able to carry 4 reload mags plus 1 stage starter. That give me 5 mags. In 45 that's 40 rounds and in 9mm that's 50. That should keep me from running dry on most stages. What do you guys say?
  7. Just noticed if you zoom in on his weapon its on fire. More poor gun handling skills. Somebody in that area give the couple a couple of hours on the range and a good safety class
  8. Somebody needs to teach her some trigger disipline.
  9. Thats what your dumbasses get for blocking a road.
  10. Damn found it and comments are closed.
  11. Where is their yelp page I will give them 5 stars for standing up to a bunch of racist hoodlums.
  12. They should just bulldoze it. With or without protesters, give them the choice but stop the dozers for nothing.