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  1. This not what the story you linked says. It just says the 9 that were cited for trespassing will have charges dropped.
  2. I hope so, I had not heard any follow up other than the occupants were pulled out at gunpoint after getting away. This is why I run front and rear dash cams in my truck and there is a little button on the rear view mirror that will connect me with 911 and record the audio of the whole thing. Notice this always happens in places were folks get arrested for self protection. They won come down here and do shat like this. It costs too much to ship the bodies back home for burial.
  3. I would say you are fine as the weapon is not designed to be fired when folded. It even says so on my LAW Tactical folding adapter.
  4. The worst part is that when the police caught up with the Prius, they did a felony stop on the driver who was trying to escape a bad situation. Had it been me, as soon as the black truck cut me off and we came to s top they would have been catching 124 grain JHPs through the windshield.
  5. You dont drop attempted murder of a police officer if you have what it takes to make it stick. He also left open the option to bring them again? Well where are they? There are independent witnesses that claim the police announced and yet the boyfriend still hasn't had the charges re-instated.
  6. There are certain parts of the build you can do before you get the stamp. There is actually a kit where you get everything and have all of the components, and once you get the stamp, you drill the baffles and screw them all together. By doing it yourself rather than a transfer you save about 10 months of waiting.
  7. So he signs an EO for 15-25 years from now and seems to think it is going to make any difference. What a fool. Not sure who is more foolish though, him or the fools that elected him.
  8. FOX is splashing suspect in custody in the shootings.
  9. It was enough to have a grand jury drop the charges in 2 minutes.
  10. I use them all the time on long guns. Aimpoint, EOTech, and Vortex. Even got a cheap "I dont know what brand" that came on my TC/R. Great fast and if you have the right one a real asset. As far as pistols I am still working that angle. It takes some getting use to because you bring the pistol up as far to get it into the line for sighing as you do with irons.
  11. For sure seems like enough to get a warrant but nothing really about what happened or what was admitted as evidence in the grand jury hearing. Prayers go out to them and their families.
  12. It is a redundant statement because are not a felon until you are convicted. What I quoted was Kentucky Law, from Kentuckys website. You have a different source, post it up. According to the KY AG today it was a federal warrant. Maybe he was wrong, maybe I just heard it wrong but he clearly said that the 3 officers serving the warrant had no involvement in the investigation.
  13. I think the misconceptions here are yours. Walker had no criminal history and had never been in jail. He had passed both a drug and background check and was about to start working for the USPS. You are confusing Walker with the ex-boyfriend. Now as far as him using her as a shield, according to the press briefing today's conducted by the KY ATTY General, when the 2 officers kicked the door in, Walker was standing at the end of the hall in a shooting stance with the weapon drawn and Taylor standing next to him according to the statements from both officers. That statement is from both the officer that was shot, and the officer that fired the fatal shot into Taylor. “Even though a person is justified under this part in threatening or using force or deadly force against another, the justification afforded by this part is unavailable in a prosecution for harm to an innocent third person who is recklessly injured or recklessly killed by the use of such force.” See, Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-11-604. Don't know about KY law but that is the law here. Pretty sure it is the same in every state. There is a reason that every firearms trainer in the US will tell you that there is a lawyer attached to every bullet in the magazine. When was she convicted and of what? I did not put her death on anybody, I simply asked the question. You obviously dont have an answer, so you take the offense for what reason? I guess you have evidence he was selling dope? Hell then why dont you give it to the feds because they couldn't find any? The boyfriend wasnt named in the warrant, they didn't find any dope in the house, in the car or on either of them. If we have become a nation of "guilty until proven innocent" then all is lost and there is no recovery. Hell we might as well walk down the street and just shoot everybody else that is walking down the streets too.
  14. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? He wasn't even charged and currently as far as I have heard, no charges are even pending. Wrong in every way. The whole idea behind self defense is based on what the individuals believes. The idea that one "believes" they are in danger is exactly what gives an individual a defense in the use of deadly force. You can never "know" what the future holds and therefore never use it as a reason for actions. Now as far as I know he is still sticking to his "story" that they didn't hear the police even though the neighbors apparently did. Not defending the boyfriend just stating the facts. That being said there are questions. If they were serving a warrant for Fed LEOs, why was there not even one fed LEO there? I know its common for locals to help serve warrants in federal investigations but I have always been under the assumption that when that happened at least one rep from the federal agency would be involved with the execution. They had a no-knock, why did they knock. As odd as it may sound, if they had carried out the no-knock then odds are she would still be alive today. If Walker shot the police (not at, he hit one of them) why have the charges been dropped? If they were serving a legal warrant, then he should be facing charges. Not assault and battery but assault with a deadly weapon, attempted homicide of a LEO or what ever the equivalent is for KY. According to the brief today the first officer through the door, after being shot, fired 6 rounds. Officer #2 fired 16 rounds, including the one that killed Taylor. These 22 rounds were fired from the doorway down a hall. Officer #3, the one charged, fired 10 rounds through the window. Of the 32 rounds that were fired, 3 went into adjoining apartment, 6 went into Taylor and the boy friend shooting at the cops caught all none of them. Now I understand that when you are getting shot at is not the time when your skills are at their peak. But somebody needs to raise the marksmanship standards, damn. Now the last thing I will say on this. If anybody here were to be witness to an event that led down the path of us using deadly force with a firearm against another person, and we missed them and hit a bystander, our ass would be up shat's creek with no paddle. Even to the point of defending my home and I had to fire and the round missed my target and went through a window and hit my neighbor snoozing in his lazy boy, I would at least be looking at a law suit large enough that I would never recover. While I am very, very pro-police, why would the same standard not apply? Maybe there is a good enough reason for it, but I would be very thankful for an explanation.
  15. for a rifle can big enough for a 45 cal maybe.
  16. The can is not tied to any gun. It is a separate item. The can is the item with the stamp not the gun (assuming it is not on a gun requiring a stamp for another reason). Pistol cans will normally not be rated for the pressure of rifle rounds.
  17. the one that shot at the cops was not a felon, the ex-boyfriend was and was also the subject of the warrent.
  18. Id look at a Streamlight TLR2 light/laser combo.
  19. Could she be replaced before the election, yes. Will she? No. It will be nothing more than ammo against Trump and the Senate for November if he tries. He could also get it done if necessary in a lame duck, especially if they find out they are going to loose the Senate. I can almost guarantee you Trump already has a short list. Biden on the other hand is scrambling (or rather his handlers are) top come up with a list right now. This is going to divide his attention. Now on the teleprompter he will have to have something other than Covid and it will only confuse the old man.
  20. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dies-at-87
  21. https://www.whec.com/news/supreme-court-says-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-has-died-of-metastatic-pancreatic-cancer-at-age-87/5867340/
  22. This is big local news. Especially since the mayor has passed a 32-37% property tax increase to make up for the tax collected from closing these bars and other establishments.
  23. Saw this earlier, hopefully he is smart enough not to move to Nashville proper and settle in one of the surrounding areas like Lebanon, Hendersonville or Gallatin. While Nashville is not the same shat hole he is leaving, the powers that be would love it to become just like CA. Just about a month ago the mayor passed a 32% increase on property tax. They got enough signatures to force a referendum vote to limit the tax increase to no more than 2% per year without a vote to remove the 2% cap that year. The first thing the mayor did was tell everybody that it will be catastrophic, fire police and teachers will be getting laid off. He is already having meetings with city employees and telling them that if they support the referendum they might loose their jobs. Middle TN is a wonderful area as long as you are not in Davidson County.
  24. You are free to think what ever it is you would like but when you start throwing accusations of guilt then expect to be confronted on the subject especially when you have not been rational on the student since it started. Even last year you were very slanted only to one side. You were defending illegal conduct as soon as the C19 stuff started with no rational idea of civil discussion. As far as me bing enraged, yes I am because if I were to blame the death of soldiers overseas on you and your family you too would be enraged, and you should be. You have made the baseless accusations that somehow the death of innocent people including law enforcement is my fault. You stated that the burning of businesses can be blamed on my family. Your accusation is as ridiculous as the idea that I owe black people reparations for slavery. As far as a war on police, there are roughly 1M police officers in the US. That means they are outnumbered more than 300 to 1. If there were a war on police, explain to me how they are still driving around in marked cars. How are they out there aiding in traffic accidents, investigating crimes and citing violations when needed. How are they still parking marked cars outside of their homes at night? Outnumbered 300 to 1 if we were at war with the police it would be about 8 hour for the police to gone forever. Now in fairness the police are casualties of a war of power from the left taking up the latest fad cause of the useful idiots that keep voting for them. There are also freaked up people with freaked up ideas and in some parts of the nation they are running wild and in charge of the asylum. But that does not constitute a nationwide war on police. Even those folks are not at war with LEOs they are at war with freedom, capitalism, individuals with the right to make choices they don't like. The police are just casualties of the war being waged on the nation and out beliefs.
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