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  1. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    Other Rifles in other safe but these were handy as was the old 9 Wheel . So for Newbie's sake it Happened . J C Higgins late 40's early 50's and My 10/22 .17 conversion .Which I just broke the magazine release lever on ,crappy pot metal ? , oh well needed a new one anyway ! An the Old #9 Wheel H&R 929
  2. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    An You as well Soldier Nice Rifles I also have a Winchester 94 and a 97 Pump 12 gauge Inserted # 4 months after Tet 1968-71 , Southeast Asian garden tour
  3. BushXM15

    Hey Devils15

    It's like well , Happening have a Great one
  4. BushXM15

    Hey redbarron06

    Happy B Day Brother what's happening
  5. BushXM15

    OK : Who are our Floridian residents ???

    Rifles, shotguns, pistols, air guns, longbows, compound bows, recurve bows, crossbows and birds of prey (falcons, hawks and great horned owls) may be used. Longbows, compound bows, recurve bows must have minimum draw weights of 35 pounds. Hand-held releases may be used. Arrows or bolts used to take deer or turkeys must be equipped with broadheads having at least two sharpened edges with minimum widths of 7/8 inch. Only pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns firing single bullets or bolts/arrows of at least .30-caliber and at least .20-caliber may be used to take deer and turkey, respectively. PCP air guns are commercially-manufactured air guns that are charged from an external high compression source, such as an air compressor, air tank or external hand pump and are specifically designed to propel a bolt, arrow or other projectile commonly used for hunting. So it would appear ANY center fire cartridge is Legal in Florida , Correct ?. Even a .25 Cal. !.
  6. BushXM15

    Good Morning!

    Good Afternoon Fellow Armor's , Bush is busy postings rather than signing in as USUAL
  7. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    You too ???. T J Where have You been hiding , long time NO hear from . Did or are You recovering from the Motorcycle incident ? . Thumbs Up Brother . Notice I'm staying out of the Political Arena , there's simply enough lunacy daily on " The Liars misleading networks of stupidity " , to last Bush a Lifetime
  8. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    Bush still owns in excess of #300 Silver $'s . I don't recall exactly when the Casino's quit using them but had to be in the mid 60's or early 70's for sure . I've been meaning to GO THROUGH them and check dates as MANY of them are 1870's , 1880's and such . I've still got some of MY Dad's OLD coins and we're talking possibly Roman or ?. He collected coins where ever he was or found them just for fun ,never sold or had them looked at . A couple of those coins have some form of script I've NEVER seen and a hole somewhat centered in them . Between the Marine Corp and the Navy Pop saw a Good Portion of the World !. Now granted most of of his tour, could have been under better circumstances
  9. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    Srgt. Hulka ; I'm gonna dig out and PHOTO for ( Newbie ) MY J C Higgins .22 squirrel popper . It belonged to MY Dad and he started Me on that , when I was #5-6 with .22 shorts popping gophers in the back yard , so it's got to be 1948- 50 I should think . An here I thought I was the only one who still owned a J C Higgins .
  10. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    B Co,3/187 ; Twice A Shau Valley Sweeper
  11. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    MY pleasure : Screaming Eagles Brother 101
  12. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    NO I'm NOT getting out the Newly cleaned storage box ,in which I put everything away in . Maybe later on some day . I should have taken pics while they were out but I'm not that smart !. I was busy rearranging My cleaning ensemble and hunting for somethings ,when I came across all of them in the bottom of that storage box . I also found MY homemade Pistol reloading board , .380 ,9mm 38-.357 flip it over .44 .45 #100 cavity capacity each side and it's out over on the bench where it belongs
  13. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    BINGO : That one and the one with Square Corner Box I have Both and their untouched content . The case lid squeeze fits over the body and the other I believe has a brass thumb spring clasp ! An the grease tube is full and sets in it's little tray as the oil . Solvent Gun Slick evaporated Looong ago but box was Never opened as far as I could tell .
  14. BushXM15

    OK ; Old Timers do You remember ?

    Not with Ted Williams but very similar . The one I have is Red outside cream color inside , lid instructions like the one you're showing and a raised snap grid for the cleaning rods ,along with specific places for Solvent , Patches and Oil .
  15. BushXM15

    DIY Tracked ATV From Scrap

    That's pretty cool . I'd have done it differently but for $400.00 I can't fault it .