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  1. BushXM15

    Input needed on T-shirt design I'm working on.

    No Pocket NO sale ; I've got 100's of Tee shirts and Never wear the ones without pockets . All the " Shirt sales places " say ; Nobody wants pockets anymore that's why we don't carry them I say pelosi on that !. What good is a shirt with NO POCKET ?, Might as well wear pajamas !. This style of printing seems popular as we've been too a couple of car shows as late and most motorheads are wearing variations of the un defined border as TT suggested . FYI : Sunglasses and their case has too go somewhere and Hip Pockets DON'T CUT IT . When I did shirts back in the 60's early 70's , a friend designed the art work . I then burned screens and made boards ; as it was all hand done . I used to purchase a dozen dozen or #144 Tees per sizes ;small ,medium, large, xlarge and xxlarge . Back then Anvil made the Best Tee's weight wise for the money I believe 6 0/z 100% cotton preshrunk . They also made the Best Golf / Polo shirts , Beefy Tee's were also near as good but then had quality issues ,so didn't buy theirs after that . Restaurants , Major events , businesses mainly construction and transportation suppliers or Company's , we sold Golf & polo shirts to Tees 3:1 . Minor events or most individual's orders were mostly Tee's .
  2. BushXM15

    Perks of Working In Residential Remodeling

    I would to those cost like one can't believe , Good Score !.
  3. BushXM15

    Forever fence

    Next time I'll snap photo down the corners . Fence is Real straight TT however the Ground isn't level nor is the Top fence rail . It's something at the corners as it rises and angles up then down . It isn't Level at all but it's pretty darn straight .
  4. BushXM15

    CCW Insurance - Do you buy? From who?

    Medical insurance : EVERYONE NEEDS THAT !. An Yours truly is a SHINNING EXAMPLE . Excluding any surgical sessions , Dr.s visits ( appointments ) Lab work ; My Immune Therapy was $ 40K x # 4 . Add in Dr.s appointments every # 3 weeks x #5 to #6 Dr.s . Now toss in Surgical procedures #11 of them over 18 months oh and Ex Rays CatScan's , MRI Nuclear tracer injection for one ( God Hopefully ) last Surgery . I paid $1,200 out of pocket total including medication . Thankfully The Wife and I are on MINIMAL Meds and that runs maybe $25 per month ?. Not certain I Don't see that bill . Oh and MY Labs were FULL SCREEN , I was stuck so many times I thought I'd slipped away and was in the Caribbean at Voodoo Central ; with ALL Ex Girlfriends getting REVENGE !!!. Medical cost are so out of control , if you didn't have it one would have to be A: a politician , B: on Welfare C: an Illegal Alien or D: Military on active duty !.
  5. BushXM15

    Hey panzermk2

    Hope it's memorable
  6. You're going to have to get some NEW Ladies Buddy or Drop the Splits
  7. BushXM15

    Forever fence

    TT : Almost forgot ; Thought I'd post this ,so folks could compare $ per lb. meat prices . All totaled MY Butchering tab came out $0.57 per lb. + $40.00 per head slaughter fee . Pretty hard figuring that into the Cutting and Wrapping cost ,because of animal weight differences .
  8. BushXM15

    Forever fence

    TT : Neighbors across the river's Welded pipe Fence . The top rail appears to be 3.0" pipe and I suspect post are same . I do know the lateral field pipe are 1. 0" . Anyway there's a butt load of it Hundreds of Yards ,as it turns at right angles at the corners and goes down driveways ,for quite some distance !. Just buying the steel would severely Dent one's wallet ; let alone having somebody WELD and then Paint with Galvanized Zinc paint . I saw NO over spray anywhere I looked and suspect it was HAND DONE !!!!!!!!. Speaking of which it was a tad warm out at the Range today mid to upper 90's !. MY fence is 5' Split rail W/4x6 Hog wire on inside ( Thankfully all of the property is fenced and I Didn't do any of it ) . Other than #12 x 8' Dia. W/ 7' #4 post each Fruit tree surounds with 8' high Deer fencing . That's enough to convince ME NO Fencing in MY future . Farmers are Harvesting Barley ,more than likely for ButtWiper Beer . They have a Monstrous #20 Grain silo must be 60 ft. tall x ? Dia. up outside of Ammon ,ID. W/ #7 rail spurs . If it's Not potatoes ,Sugar beets, Alfalfa or Corn it's BARLEY and if I had to guess #1 Potatoes # 2 Barely or Beets . Oh and got you the Bridge fence as well , I was checking flow
  9. BushXM15

    OK 7 mm Who Likes them ?

    I do remember by the time I saw them WE weren't allowed select fire models Period !. I always like those FN 's just Never had the opportunely or money at the same time . Plus the fact a Close Friend who owned LGS moved out of the State to Florida and ALL my hopes and aspirations WENT WITH HIM !. He treated ME RIGHT and I got a Good many NICE weapons as a result of that friendship . I only wish I had lightened his Burden MORE than I'd already had . Some Very Choice War Vintage Souvenirs escaped MY grasp back then . He collected Chicago palm Pistols must of had #200 of them and Flintlocks , had one hell of a collection of both !. I was with him on numerous buying occasions and remembered he nearly Fainted when this older gal said she had an old crappy gun ; shed taken it out of her Grandfathers Home when he passed away . It was an Original Hawkins .54 Cal I believe it's been so long ago . His Face Lit up like a KID in a candy shop alone !. The only other two times I'd seen him that happy ,was when he bought a lamott ? Grapeshot and When he was offered a close friends Browning collection to auction off ( he sold that for his Widow ). She was a Browning and ALL his pieces were single digit serial numbers .
  10. BushXM15

    OK 7 mm Who Likes them ?

    John : That's MY Rifle and MY ammo and we've been CLOSE friends since 64 . I pretty much know from memory HOLD OVER up too 800 Yd. IF wind isn't hateful !!. I may not hit it exactly but it's so close You'll think I did . Years ago maybe 40 ?, While with a group of friends and hunters I had MY .44 mag and it's scoped . I had built some accurate loads with the help of a fellow shooter IMR 4227 . They were sighting in rifles week before opening day around 150 yd. . So I asked if I could shoot the Deer target ,they all started laughing with that pistol yeah sure go ahead . I put #5 rounds into the head before it fell over . I DIDN'T tell them I'd been shooting it for YEARS and at 100 200 300 Yd. targets . I didn't have any fancy mil dot sights back then and didn't know squat about Wind doping either , I simply did Kentucky windage and took notes where hold overs approximately were . Their are FAR BETTER Shooters than I ever was . I do get Lucky occasionally combined with YEARS of practice and Fool people
  11. An it's not like I called last week ; I made calls and appointments back in March . ONE person showed up another returned MY call and NOBODY else bothered . The Guy who returned the call a Concrete contractor did so in April . Said he'd be out Monday Morning at 9:00 AM . I'd say he's LATE An TT I've called near everybody around within 80 mile radius , even went 58 miles to see a contractor talked with him phone # Email and NEVER returned the call or inquired about the work !!!.
  12. BushXM15

    OK 7 mm Who Likes them ?

    Anything .308 even necked down is OK in MY book !. I've only shot one once and it was a friend of a friends while hunting ,I liked it ! The 7 mags are dynamite hunting rigs but NOT all day shooters !.
  13. BushXM15

    OK 7 mm Who Likes them ?

    I was just about to post that . I knew it was an FN !. Didn't the Argentina's also get 7x57 ?. It's been a long time now but could swear a good friend had one and it was Marked Argentinian ?. Fabrique National Herstal manufactured them and I seem to recall Indonesia also got them , but Don't remember the caliber they got .
  14. I hear You , it's as if everyone wants ALL of your money and MAYBE they'll do it maybe they won't !.
  15. BushXM15

    Forever fence

    TT : Sweet . My Wife spoke to one of our neighbors which gave ME permission to access the River from their property . I'm to be sure and close the GATES as they have cattle and horses also . Their Fence is SOMETHING I believe YOU should see !. I'll take a photo tomorrow on My way too the Range ,as I drive by it . YOU"RE going too LOVE IT . 300' - $5K