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  1. Yeah they got you by the short hairs when one purchases gift or prepaid cards ( Processing fee ) and normally with restrictions . I figured out why they won't allow those cards to be Bank deposited ( Account # safety ) also cost Banks money to transfer funds . You were lucky that Optics Planet allowed You to split purchase because 98% of the on line venues DON'T . An on line transaction is designed for CC one person one set of numbers and info . A debit card will work provided there's enough balance to cover the cost entirely ; otherwise their rejected automatically . I called Red Lobster Corp. this AM and asked about policy and was politely given the answer ,their franchises DO accept Prepaid or Gift cards and I explained to the Woman what happened so : She put Me on with some executive and I explained what happened and he said it was because the Card didn't cover the Billing cost . More than likely the cashier manager DIDN'T know how to run it and cash balance the receipt apparently . They apologized and offered Two free meals of our choice . I thanked him but declined ,as I told him the Wife and I had eaten in there for the LAST time and it had nothing to do with billing or service ; Sub standard quality of Food and it's preparation , as it was our third time eating there and it hadn't improved .
  2. So NO one could access Sportsman's warehouse on line ?????????????. I simply wanted to know if their powder sale actually had Stock at Your stores . When I went on line My store had some fantastic prices ,like Norma and Alliant powders at $17.00 per lb. Yet not a single powder which was marked on sale was in stock . I called and of course NO Back Orders or Shipment into the store .
  3. Sean : It's not so much I had trouble with the card ; It's just a PITA to use one unless You're shopping local . Imagine You wanted to use that card for a sale on line and unless Your total equals $25.00 You are Screwed !. Now what's the chances of an exact amount such as that coming around !?. Like ah never Same with My $100.00 card ,some where along the line WE the consumer's get SHORTCHANGED because the Company who issued the rebate , BANKS literally on the # of cards unused by the expiration date on the card or partial balances left which they retain
  4. BushXM15

    Strange day at the range.

    OK I was curious because even pistol cases stretch .
  5. What I meant by not being able to use them on line is : A merchant on line has one payment choice , a SINGLE Debit or CC . So say the debit card is $100.00 and Your order totals $112.46 or $ 82.60 the latter can be done but HOW DO YOU GET CASH BACK !? The first CAN'T be done period . Merchant has NO means of accepting another card for the order , I TRIED !. What really pisses ME off ,is I ACTIVATED the damn thing last week ,so Took the Wife too Lunch today Red Lobster ( NEVER GOING BACK THERE EITHER ) So without tip lunch is near $60 , I give the Gal a $50 dollar Debit card and a $20 . She comes back in about 5 minutes and says the Computer cashier WON'T accept the Card . OK No sweat put on MY CC . All is well NOT her fault . Food sucked and is way over rated as well as priced IMO . Again NOT her fault She got a Nice tip as she took care of us nicely . IMO : These prepaid gift debit cards are a SCAM because of HOW one must use them . When I got home I called the Bank and ran the card , it's GOOD !???. OK for F ing WHAT is MY question !!!!! Says right on the paper work that accompany's it , CAN'T BE USED FOR CASH Nor will the Bank accept them for deposit into one's account and NO ATM WITHDRAWAL So go too the Big Box store or Sportsman's with NO powder and purchase something I DON'T need in order too use it
  6. BushXM15

    Redneck plumbing fix

    I've seen where landscapers have been in a hurry and dry fit sprinkler pipe and neglected to GLUE it . Not often one sees Plumbers neglecting a main line ,as water pressure generally BLOWS un glued pipe apart . I along with a co worker were called in to remedy some plumbing anomalies for a developer many many years ago . We first detected hot water in toilets , OK copper was overhead and some plumbers had the Ass at the Developer or contractor ? Screwed up the lines in about #40 Condos . This complex was on a hillside with #288 Condos on Phase #2 . Big conrete parking areas as well as garages and open space , Many underneath those units . Multi Story in other words . So about #3 weeks after fixing ALL what we assumed was Bad plumbing , a couple of tenants on the low end of the complex demanded that the Developer refund their purchase . Seems SHAT YEP SHAT was doing exactly that on the lowest units !!!!!!!!. We took about two days to trace down the culprit and realized The MAIN SEWER LINE was either cut or plugged ,as the folks upstairs were fine and we all know it runs DOWNHILL !. It turned out to be a MAJOR ORDEAL ,as we had to evacuate the ENTIRE complex , get a shat sucker truck a Semi no less and Open a Hole in the Concrete . As we we were finally given the plans for the development ( Blueprints ) , I immediately knew what happened . Seems the Rough in Drainage access ( clean outs 6" ABS ) were CUT BELOW the Concrete forms by Hispanic Concrete IDIOTS . Seemed it interfered with their cement finishing . Instead of leaving them above grade ,for later cut off and cap & plugs to be installed , those MORONS left the PIPES OPEN !. Concrete set up and Shat DOESN'T flow through CONCRETE . As we had the concrete cut , I found each of the clean outs in their respective sand box forms . So plumbers weren't at fault for that . BIG LAW SUIT HUGE MONIES !!!!!!!!!. A #3 week job turned into 2 1/2 months Had to have a concrete sawing company come in and cut trenches through out the entire concrete parking and garage areas ,as that's where the Sewer lines ran into the Main Sewer . We also Discovered they were NEVER CONNECTED . Seems the concrete people were a few days ahead of schedule and the plumbing contractor found concrete poured and said SCREW THIS DEVELOPER . Submitted his final and that was that . This development was in Southern Calif. a place called La Costa Resort near Carlsbad ,CA. and GenStar out of Canada was the Developer I've seen some greenhorns even misguided individuals but Genstar Corp. were some REAL MORONS at that development
  7. So the director of the Wuhan Hospital has Died ,along with Several nurses . An mounting evidence suggest what Bush has said all along about COVID 19 being a Manufactured Virus is in deed correct . I should hit a couple of race tracks and place some bets ,Eh !!!!!!!!!!!!. There is a record of Two Biolab researchers who also died in Wuhan Hospital ,were attended exclusively by Military personnel !.??. Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Dashboard 2020-02-16 https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/02/17/chinese-study-the-killer-coronavirus-probably-originated-from-a-laboratory-in-wuhan/ Guest essay by Eric Worrall A Chinese scientific paper has suggested careless biosecurity at a disease research laboratory just 280 yards from the market where the outbreak was originally detected was responsible for the Covid-19 Chinese Corona Virus. Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology concludes that ‘the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan’ It points to research on bats and respiratory diseases carried by the animals at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and the Wuhan Institute of Virology WCDC is just 300 yards from the seafood market and is adjacent to the hospital
  8. BushXM15

    Good Morning!

    AH Coronavirus Joel She isn't wearing a mask Apparently wearing those mask takes a TOLL on the Nurses faces
  9. BushXM15

    Got a rodent problem...

    Electric rodent traps are BATTERY POWERED and thus very Portable , as in normally #4 D cell batteries . An as I said that capacitor discharge packs a WALLOP 50-70K volts worth
  10. BushXM15

    Ways to make a too large hat fit?

    Shrunken head ? Have You been having democrap socialist communist affiliation tendencies as late ? ! Could explain what's going on !!. I've seen more than a few mentally disturbed individuals ,with diminished mental capacity ,while flipping through network channels . Oregon's stupidity & Ignorance legislation will also cause BRAIN shrinkage ,as well as PERMANENT DAMAGE !. Some of Oregon's residence want to annex too Idaho ,so as to escape the lunacy ; According to the local news . Here Boob Head get an education : Tissue ex-pander's are NOT Boobs at all !. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/breast_center/treatments_services/reconstructive_breast_surgery/tissue_expanders.html
  11. IF YOU do , would YOU please go on line and check their Power sales and see " IF THEY HAVE ANY IN STOCK IN YOUR STORE " ?. Thank You in advance . I have this Stupid F ing Mastercard debit card ,from Federal ammo rebate ,which is USELESS ON LINE by the way !*** . So I want to use it up and I check MY local Sportsman's warehouse , NOT a Single canister of Sale Powder in stock . Morons have a sale WITH NO PRODUCT . You can't make up shat like this , no wonder American businesses are FAILING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. *** NEVER EVER GONNA DO A STUPID F ING REBATE pelosi SCENARIO AGAIN !. If the Company or merchant doesn't do it instantly or applies it on account , I WON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM PERIOD !!!!!!!!. An I hope those Gun related Merchant Retards READ THIS LOUD AND CLEAR
  12. BushXM15

    Strange day at the range.

    TT TT; I'm going to ask a stupid question is it the OAL which is too long or the Case themselves which are .005 over spec ?
  13. BushXM15

    Let’s all Laugh At Rampy.....With Picture

    Not Jam silly , It's JAMB as in stubbed Toe . However looks like a strawberry doesn't it . Probably not so funny if You bump into something though
  14. BushXM15

    Got a rodent problem...

    Being a former Grove owner ,I can assure you Rats and or Mice are BAD NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The Bassturds breed every 30 days or so and will RUIN whatever YOU own . Chew through Pee or Poop on makes NO difference !. I regularly trapped them along with squirrels rather than poisoned em . We had Dogs as well as Cats ( #5 ) and eventually State of Kommyfornia Banned ALL effective Rat and Mice poisons !!! . So in order to somewhat control their damage ,it became necessary to make bucket traps which worked pretty well . On #10 acres that's a number of buckets about #40 to be exact !. They would chew on Avocados but not eat the entire Avo ,only nibble the tops ,thus Screwing ME out of Tons of MONEY . So I declared WAR on them . Problem was ALL our Neighbors had large groves also and DIDN'T !. Rats and mice bring Snakes ,some Good and some BAD . Racers , King ,Gopher and Rosy Boa's snakes were just fine . Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes WERE NOT . One cost ME about $3K to save MY German Shepherd and he Never was right after getting nailed , screwed up his innards which became worse over time !. A Rat got into a New Pickup truck I had and ATE wiring , that ran $1,400.00 to fix it !. Norway or Brown Wood Rats along with Black or Roof Rats ,even mice are BAD NEWS Get Rid of them ASAP !.
  15. BushXM15

    Illinois Bans..........

    Any mention of a ban on Dynamite ? . NO Leaf blower , OK NO sweat I'll just clear the yard along with their house . Perhaps one of these parked next too their house ,fired up around 4 AM feeding leaves into it Makes an impression I can assure You