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  1. BushXM15

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Range Day weapons sighting , Wife wants too take out her frustrations on something besides Myself . So She's going to slow practice hitting every target ( hopefully ) !. I shall be on the Rifle range and hopefully get MY AR-10's dialed today . Made a NEW paper target stand the PVC break down wonder pic post with targets Later or tomorrow You All have a Great day .
  2. BushXM15

    OUCH ; Meat Prices have Skyrocketed as of late

    That sure takes the un out of Fun over the 4 Th. , $18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. BushXM15

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    RIP Augie You checked out way way too short Brother
  4. BushXM15

    Site is loading funny

    MY Cell can't or won't access the site PERIOD !.
  5. BushXM15

    I LOVE Iowa........

    The drive from Idaho falls on 20 too Yellowstone is scenic , across 26 is also scenic of a different sort though 26-20 West will put you in Mt. Home the AF base is there ,as You know already . I like Salmon ID. Pretty town Nice drive . Take 93 through Challis , Mackay mountain scenery take 28 go through Gilmore Leadore lemhi Ghost towns both end you in Salmon . We've Not been on 287 but have been most everywhere in Montana including into Canada via N. Fork Rd. on to Border Forrest Service Rd. . All that's off of Trail Creek Rd. Above West Glacier Lake McDonald . MY best Friend lives in Kalispell and they have a nice cabin and sizable acreage up in WILDERNESS . It's accessible about half of hunting season . When you go there ,you're in the Bears Den and IF something should happen you deal with it or Perish ,because there's NO one around ,at least not on two legs !.
  6. BushXM15

    Windshield Wipers and their screws ????????

    Packages of Wiper Blade as in ONE blade ,has adapters pinch dogs and screws which hold the Adapter Plate onto the Vehicles wiper arm . Decent wipers run $15.00- 22 PER BLADE now days . Almost NO one is manufacturing replacement blades any longer and regardless of brand it's predominately CHINA JUNK Ansco Bosch Rain X all China Crap !. The Screws which come in the Wiper package fit and work JUST fine . I was surprised about the thread !. FYI : It's the SAME on MY 69 CJ-5 as it is on My old 90 Toyota Tacoma . It's simply NOT a standard thread that I can determine . MOST newer vehicles Still have adapters screwed unto the vehicles wiper arm , but you generally DON'T notice or need too change them , as You pointed out the wipers CLIP IN and Off with plastic pinch dogs . There are #4 Different type adapters too MY knowledge ,could be more but I've NOT seen them . Some Wiper blades come with ALL 4 adapters in a UNIVERSAL FIT blade ; As that wiper was a popular size and had multiple applications . I have to buy 10" Blades for MY CJ-5 and they come like that . FYI : I purchased a set of AERO Blades some years back for MY F350 and I'll be dammed if they aren't STILL IN EXCELLENT SHAPE !. and I've read people bad mouthing on line as crap don't waste your money , really ??. I've had Mine minimum 7 Years now and their Still Pliable streak free and NOT ROTTING OFF THE FRAME !. Goes to show you can't believe everything you read off the internet
  7. BushXM15

    I LOVE Iowa........

    Spud Town is OPEN Rampy ; " IF " The Fair people come up with a COVID 19 Plan ,the big heart'd mayor of Blackfoot will sign off and allow the State Fair to open Sept. 1 St. That is unless the dimwitted minority cry foul and those democrap owned media demonizes him before then
  8. BushXM15

    OUCH ; Meat Prices have Skyrocketed as of late

    They still haven't figured out WHERE their picking up the infections , well it's NOT OFF THE SHELVING !!!.
  9. That's EXACTLY what I was referring too !. Imagine the HORROR TX. would endure ,having another Jackson Lee or Green instead of Cornyn I'm going to wash MY mouth out with Tequila right NOW and Do apologize too ALL MY Friends in TX. ,for even posting such a HORRID Notion .
  10. I hear that . I was Over stocked on EVERYTHING upon our move in 2017 . Last Jan- Feb. before it got nuts , I picked up a couple thousand rounds of decent 9mm. I also got a smoking deal on New Privi M2 for My Garands . I actually bought it for LESS than I could have reloaded it for and I'm talking Powder Bullet Primer that I Have on Hand . Bulk purchased in 2004 -9 and that's saying something . Within two months the price more than DOUBLED now add another 40% on top of that 500 Round Can - 30-06 Springfield FMJ 150 grain Prvi Partizan M1 Garand Ammo PP3006GMC
  11. BushXM15

    OUCH ; Meat Prices have Skyrocketed as of late

    ?? Seriously Twice a week 4 Hr. per trip ?. Wow Didn't see that coming
  12. NO : It's Getting out of the basement for a movement they DON'T comprehend and feeling empowered ,until the first one is SHOT DEAD !. Then it's back too Mommy & Daddy's Basement
  13. BushXM15

    The REAL reason for the spike in C19 “cases!”

    I hear You Loud and Clear ; Something is certainly amiss !!!.
  14. BOTH : STUPID AND DRUGS !. It's why that Ho pelosi relates
  15. OK this past February locally I was getting Angus Ribeye boneless steaks cut per MY thickness request for $ 7.75 lb. then $8 , 9 , 10 and now $11 lb. Whole brisket was $2.87 lb. $ 3.22 lb. $4.14 lb. $5.05 lb. Now $ 6.00 lb. or ? for BRISKET come on who's robbing whom ?????. So Yesterday I cruise on into town with the Wife while she grocery shops , I look around elsewhere at other stores . We end up our last stop in COSTCO Brisket $ 10.00 lb. IN COSTCO https://www.indeonline.com/news/20200602/local-butchers-covid-19-impact-on-meat-prices-may-ease-soon