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  1. Fair market value is what someone is willing to pay . Auctions are tough sales ,as sellers fees can vary and get complicated . Private sales are best IMO ,as long as She has somebody who handles it and has Her interest . If anything can be purchased or is for sale ,the Armory or Gun Broker should be able to help ,just depends how whomever is willing to step up . I buy guns myself and have a local ffl whom I work through . So do many others on here I should think . IF anything comes available which may be of interest to any of us ,post a notice ??.
  2. You could donate them too ME and in turn I'll erect a memorial in Your Honor at least You'll have something to look down on My Wife and I've had that discussion ourselves ,so I'm listing an NRA donation in the event something happens before I'm ready . My Nephew's will get a couple or one's Daughter's if they want them or Dad can sell them and give em the proceeds . I Won't much care at that point
  3. BushXM15

    Excellent Price on a Holosun

    Thanks Rampy : I'll have to investigate further ,as I said I've never used them but if they improve target acquisition and accuracy I'M ALL OVER IT
  4. I've got #337 DVD 's including many Bluray and ALL the Bond movies except Daniel Craig's . Not that I don't care for him just never purchased anymore .
  5. BushXM15

    Slow Slow Slow Shipping anyone else notice this ?

    I sincerely hope You are Wrong because IF Your Not then I'm bailing on Amazon purchases and Allow ME to show You why . USPS noted shipping box heavily damaged upon them receiving prior to shipping same . UPS WON'T accept it's return as it's damaged beyond reason !! . Amazon did take care of replacement , so You can see WHY I may be now apprehensive !. There were rather delicate measuring instruments inside and NOT of the China cheapo type either !!!. Can't wait to see what the next box looks like I will say Amazon uses some Gorilla Tape because although it's crushed only the corners of the box blew out but tape held fast . An one of the impact cases inside in nearly broke in half
  6. Here's the article : Note they also use Mahr Swiss measuring and calibration equipment https://www.ammoland.com/2020/01/an-inside-look-at-how-ar-15-barrels-are-made-dc-machine/?utm_source=Ammoland+Subscribers&utm_campaign=f563b951f6-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f6fac3eaa-f563b951f6-22001731 DC Machine is the biggest machining company you may never have heard of. However, you are likely familiar with Palmetto State Armory, located in Columbia, South Carolina. PSA is one of the fastest-growing gun companies in the history of ever. While they operate a handful of retail stores, they sell lots and lots of guns and shooting gear across the country online and through other retail outlets. As it so happens, Palmetto State Armory and DC Machine are sister companies. I recently had the opportunity to tour the DC Machine operation and get a first-hand look at how quality barrels are made.
  7. BushXM15

    Excellent Price on a Holosun

    No Kidding Rampy , I've only shot one pistol which belongs to a friend , who had some sight like that and it was a .22 Ruger if memory serves Me . It aimed well and did hit targets though . So when sighting in do you adjust the Holosun's Dot too the pistols POA ? Or do you have to somehow adjust the mount ? Years ago I bought a couple of Aim Shot ? sights which look similar but far cheaper and battery powered . I bought some freaking Frankenstein pistol grip side mount monstrosity ,so as to mount one on Wife's S&W model 10 , She HATED IT because it was so fricking humongous with mount and all . I did Shoot a Sheriff's Deputy's pistol with an under frame laser sight and that was OK just looked kind of weird but accurate enough . I've always been an Iron sight or Scope man but if there's advantages I'M IN Did You happen to read the PSA barrel manufacturing parent company's barrel setup and machining process ?. I found that very interesting especially the extent and Quality of equipment their using and tolerances being held !. I was impressed
  8. BushXM15

    Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise

    I've a question HOW and WHERE does one Upgrade from Win 7 pro to Win 10 Pro ?. I've yet to find that pathway !. I personally never saw anything wrong with XP or 7 Pro and loved them . It's unfortunate that the pricks at Micro Junk always have to eliminate backward program compatibility !!!!. How else would they STEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Personally I don't give a Rats Azz about their so called security pelosi ,as it's just that total pelosi anyway . IF it isn't true WHY are there so MANY anti Virus and Malware PC competitors out there ,whom do security far better Because of those lame dipshits at Micro Junk and their licensing SCAMS , they rendered MY Personal AutoCAD useless !. Last upgrade for ME personally from those ASSHOLES ,as I'll do without their shat period !. YO Bill as in Scumbag Gates , You LYING THIEVING AHOLE
  9. BushXM15

    Excellent Price on a Holosun

    Anyone within our group use those on pistols ?. I've never used those type of optics , is laser Red or Green can't be changed can it ?
  10. Bond always preferred shaken didn't he . MY response to Hollyweird and lame numb nutz or no nuts leftist don't like it don't watch it and better yet produce your own Charlie's devils as they did so well at the FLOP BOX last premier didn't they
  11. BushXM15

    Slow Slow Slow Shipping anyone else notice this ?

    In all honesty I don't believe this is a USPS or UPS FedEx problem , I'm NOW convinced it's a Amazon fook Up by their own web tracking pelosi excuses . DONE with Amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bezos can pound pud for all I care
  12. AGREED : The Honorable thing to do is HELP HER , by Advising what firearms are WORTH , NOT what one paid for them . As that's irrelevant in MHO . Firearms have VALUE !, some more so than others , consider someone who bought a NIB Colt Python or a Smith Model 29 6" , 30 years ago what is the relevancy of what was paid then ?. The ONLY relevancy is WHAT THEIR NOW WORTH and IF SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP
  13. BushXM15

    Global Cooling At Your House

    Well " IF " we all lived in a prefect World climates would be all the same 7/24/365 underwear weather ; Then skin Cancer would kill us all . The " IDIOTS " whom built our house were construction ignorant and efficiency STUPID !. I'm fixing what I can and living with the results . Ideally the setup here should have been straight forward !??. Like it's two story half basement split level with a massive deck encompassing # 3 sides of the house . So two story means ??, SUB FLOORS and where else is an Ideal area in which to run " HEATING DUCTS " , NO WHERE other than upstairs interior walls with by passes for A/C **!. Thick outer walls heavily insulated wrapped Dbl. minimum if not Triple pane widows fully sealed . Forced air A/C furnace 4 ton and I'd be setting near Heaven !. However the World ISN'T perfect is it !!!!!!!!!!!!. So short of tearing down the entire interior of our house , I'll improvise repair replace remodel portions of it and live with the rest !. ** OK heat rises cold air falls so in sub floors run heating ducts and piping with floor register by passes for Summer A/C in the upstairs interior walls about 5 1/2 ft. up is ideal . Downstairs Never needs A/C as half of the house is into the side of the hill ,so Temperatures stay pretty constant , example 105 Deg. out side and 74 downstairs without doing anything . I can live with that . Upstairs doesn't get over 82 inside . Our house in Southern Kommyfornia was Rural 1850 Sq. ft. sub floor on a hill good ocean breeze ; unless it was Summer when Temps would regularly exceed 100 and as high as 117 . House had a massive Adobe wall hearth and fireplace . As I had copious amounts of fire wood I put in a wood stove insert and closed up the fireplace opening with insulation and decorative steel plate and Brass trim . The House had electric forced air heat with a awful small exterior heat pump and dismal A/C unit . Well I dumped that crap ,put all new Ducting in the attic and larger registers out of the ceilings . In our Great room which was Open Beam ceiling ( living room dinning room ) with open kitchen area dropped ceiling I put registers through parapet walls and one in the kitchen away from the stove . I purchased a 3 Ton A/C unit and NEVER used the Heat . Stove insert would burn enclosed turned down 11 hours rarely did it ever get below 28 degrees down there and only briefly few nights here and there . When I installed the New Duct work , I left the old ducts and registers in . I then ran the Wood stove insert's oversized double pipe up the chimney , ducting with a Tee . I built a false or hollow mantle up about 12 ft. from the raised hearth . ( We had High open beam ceilings ,so parapet gable wall over where the attic access was , 18- 20 ft. high at the peak , the attic was accessible above the joist around 10 ft. . That adobe wall was nearly full room length too the parapet gable wall anyway . So I stopped with Adobe and married wood then continued with Wood mantle all the way around the living room . Made chair rail and plate groove in the top and as it was hollow ,which hid the Heat ducting pipe inside one leg into the attic /ceiling parapet wall . So essentially the mantle gave it that southwest flair for nick knacks shelving around the living room while concealing the heat ducting piping . The Biggest mess was CUTTING that damn Adobe block and #4 Courses with joints and chiseling ripping out the blocks ,without destroying the face of that wall !. As I have positive air respiration equipment ( PARE ) for spraying , I taped up plastic painters sheathing and sealed off that wall work area completely . The Wife was happy about that because the dust as well as the mess was horrendous for couple of days but neatly contained . Inside the attic ducting I placed an inline air induction fan ,to draw warm air from that wood stove oversized Dbl wall pipe which went up the chimney . It raised the temperature in our Master bathroom 14 Degrees , that may not sound like much but think without it showers or a bath with 62-64 degrees and the living room heating at 90 plus . Once all was said and done dead of winter master bath was 74-78 and living room was 80-85 which 65 % went up into the vaulted or open beam ceiling . So life was tolerable one set of ducts and registers for heat and New stuff for the A/C . Oh : I also installed a New lifetime tile roof ; Nails only in the edge metal , #2 40 lb. opposing layers of hot mopped paper with flat tile mastic set and before doing so I put down New 2" Poly board insulation with 1/2" OSB overlaid and nailed then re roofed the house . I KNOW one of the most effective things I did was install a Whole Attic evacuation fan in the gable vent areas . I put a thermometer up there one summer and was Blown away by hot HOT it actually was in that attic , In excess of 200 degrees and I'm NOT making that up !!!. That whole attic evacuation fan brought it down to130 degrees in dead of summer and our Roof was Dark Slate color . Hey I got a DEAL on the Roofing material from a close friend ,someone ordered it then didn't like it but paid for it and I got it !. Way way more than I needed for paying the Trucking cost and he had his guys do the Hot mopping underlay too boot !. I actually got WAY MORE than needed including enough for doing MY shop which was 2250 Sq. ft. When his Semi's rolled in I unloaded nearly 46 Squares of that tile plus 100's of ft. of ridge and rake tiles . I built sheds even an elaborate humongous Dog House and Still had over #4 Squares left when we sold the place !.
  14. BushXM15

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning fellow Armors . It's a bit breeze but it's NOT snowing at present and I'll take that ; especially after removing 70-80 cubic yards
  15. I'm wondering if anyone else is noticing super slow shipping via USPS ?. Amazon is NOW off MY list for their pathetic dismal shipping priorities , I'll find MY stuff elsewhere or do without !. #10 day shipping from TX. ?? WTF the Horses die and it's being walked in