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  1. BushXM15

    So you think you are bored at home

    Fret Not Red You'll be in the thick of it soon enough , just stay SAFE as well as Healthy
  2. I would venture to say during a Pandemic will carry MORE WEIGHT ,than a Spring Break grievance
  3. BushXM15

    Had enough of this BS

    WOW : I personally don't like whatever brought this on and Don't want to see this stuff happening with ANYONE PERIOD . I've been there MYSELF . Ozarkpugs I can only hope YOU will take MY heart felt suggestion IGNORING a post or a person is FAR FAR Better . I know it's HARD to swallow sometimes but Hey , the REST OF US ARE HERE
  4. BushXM15

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I prepped nearly #600 7.62x51 Military cases over last couple of days , loaded up #200 hoping after storm blows through maybe Wed. I can put some barrel break in too good usage . I have to tell you Bush almost Screwed himself Again . Hornady bullet boxes are ALL the same color size but NOT weight So I'm listening to rock & Roll radio re-mincing on old days start loading and get one seated WOW it's way over OAL . Stop check oh crap 168 match , supposed to be 150 general purpose load . OK sure enough I grabbed the WRONG box , like I said there all the same ; Except for the WEIGHT All is well in Whoville once again
  5. Security is but an illusion ; ALL Cell phones have an identification address unless You're using and OLD flip Phone without Email capability . So Your ISP is sending your Email via WiFi or LAN it doesn't require Your using a GPS location identification ,does it
  6. BushXM15

    Wal-Mart Going Full Retard

    Well one thing is for certain NO matter where one shops currently , it's a PITA !. Regardless if it's Lack of goods People hours or regulations !. Staying Safe and Virus free is the ultimate goal or should be of everyone of us !. So I Never take it out on anyone whom is working ,after all their helping the best way they know how . They also have Families and I'm sure can't help but wonder day to day ,if this is the day I contract something ?. So I keep MY distance shout out what a Good Job their doing and wish them the Best and remind them we're ALL IN THIS TOGETHER !. I Got our Gov. to Get Meals out too the Truckers . I sent that suggestion nearly a month ago to several Media Networks Food Network Gurus and such . I'm just sorry I didn't have better notoriety or influence and got more too respond . I even outlined how monies could be collected and exchanged Sanitary . Interstates rest stops fuel stops Good Food Trucks making decent eats . It isn't easy hauling Semi's around town and trying to jamb into a fast food eatery is IMPOSSIBLE !. I NEVER forget WHO or WHERE those Trucks go or are driven by . Just imagine if they go off line Yea it gets down right SCARY !. TOO ALL THE TRUCKERS OUT THERE THANK YOU
  7. BushXM15

    Something ugly and dark seems to be going on

    When China has been stealing and manufacturing our Pharma ,since Clinton made Terrible trade agreements , the USA isn't so able or quick too RAMP UP production on about 90 % of our daily pharmaceutical needs !. I for one am amazed at how uniformed or ignorant MANY Americans truly are !!?. Make it Quickly everything should be made available now two weeks ago !. SO WHO'S GONNA MAKE IT OR THE TEST KITS ???????????????????????????????
  8. I forgot to inform the lot of you , COVID 19 can be easily dissolved with Soap and Water ; Dawn dish washing detergent is a Good one ,as it breaks down the oily membrane surrounding the virus . So bleaching everything isn't necessary just quicker . For electronics or weapons 65% or better alcohol ( NOT Proof ) ! washing anything washable with soap and water breaks COVID 19 apart and renders it useless or inert . Eventually decays 1-10 minutes . https://www.livescience.com/57044-science-of-soap.html https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2020/3/11/21173187/coronavirus-covid-19-hand-washing-sanitizer-compared-soap-is-dope
  9. FYI : With a NYC Hospital taking in on an average Month $ 475- 675 Million !. You would think they themselves could afford to stock pile a #60 day supply of protective gear without whining too the State or the Feds !?. After all isn't NYC ground Zero for Terrorist attacks ?. An oblivious Cuomo saying We're prepared . Really does he have a turd in his pocket while referencing in the Plural ? . I for one am sorry we the USA even have a New York ,as it's the Capital Toilet of the Western Hemisphere !!! An the Two Assholes running that DUMP constantly beotching about Trump/ Feds NOT GIVING them enough ! ???. Ask Deblabio and Wife where the $850 Million is ,that SHE LOST ?????. An Cuomo that lard lipped mentally challenged half wit , why He and his administration DIDN'T purchase new replacement supplies when the Feds Dumped $ Billions on NYC in 2015 !. So what did marble mouth do with ALL THAT FEDERAL MONIES ????????????. A week ago that simple minded pimp Ho Gov. of Michigan ,publicly stated Fight COVID 19 by locking arms gather together Herd mentality will defeat the Virus !. I'm curious if that worthless pimple on a Ho's ass , directs her Dept. of Fish & Game to mingle infected Chronic wasting disease (CWD) individuals with the Herds !!!!!!. Situation put in perspective ,you know comparisons of salaries wages compensation ; Weigh in do You think Nurses and Doctors should receive hazard pay ???. Average salary of a RN in New York City is $ 79,508 , A Nursing Supervisor $86,103 , A Chief Nursing Officer $218,520 quite the salary discrepancy I'd say !!. The median salary for the CEO of a New York metropolitan area hospital or health system was more than $1.1 million in 2017, plus about $58,000 in other compensation such as retirement-plan contributions and fringe benefits. That calculation comes from a Crain's analysis of the 2017 IRS Forms 990 of more than 60 hospitals and health systems in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and northern New Jersey. The data is available in Crain's most recent compensation database. Mount Sinai Health System's Dr. Kenneth Davis was the highest-paid CEO in 2017, earning $12.4 million in cash compensation because of an $8.3 million retirement plan payout. The results below are presented in the aggregate and separated by region. The median New York City and northern New Jersey CEO each earned $1.24 million in cash pay, with a higher level of non-cash compensation pushing the New Jersey leaders ahead in median pay package. In an analysis of all the hospital and health system chief financial officers in the region, Crain's found median cash pay was $570,000 in 2017, plus about $56,000 in other compensation. That calculation included 47 CFOs. New York City finance chiefs were the best paid in the region, receiving about $748,000 in salary and bonuses and $57,000 in other compensation. They were followed by executives in northern New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island, respectively. https://www.modernhealthcare.com/compensation/typical-nyc-hospital-ceo-earns-more-1-million-year In closing I'd like to add ; I'd rather save the Good Folks of of Every other State especially Louisiana , rather than those Smocks in NYC !. At the very least Louisianan's would thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  10. BushXM15

    Most Certainly Explains a Lot

    Did You expect Trump to dawn a cape fly up and turn aircraft back mid flight or perhaps swim the Seven Seas and single handily return those Cruise Ships too their home ports ? Oh wait Aircraft and Ships have USA ports don't they . In January, when Chinese officials were still underreporting the effect of the outbreak, Trump received push-back for issuing a travel ban, with several Democrats in Congress suggesting it could lead to discrimination. The U.S. restrictions came weeks before the WHO recommended similar measures barring travel. If I need to explain it further than what I originally posted is OBVIOUSLY Correct !.
  11. BushXM15

    Lockdown Treasure

    Yo Rampy would You like to borrow MY Ghillie suit , what terrain flavor Snow White ?. We used to have a word for that complex Geardo
  12. BushXM15

    Most Certainly Explains a Lot

    Ignorance belittles You John !
  13. BushXM15

    Just for you newbe!

    Having survived Two venomous snake bites myself ,I can assure everyone it's NO Picnic !. One of MY very close Friends ( also was MY Personal Physician ) ,is a renown herpetologist . I used to help him release rattlesnakes into remote areas . He taught ME to over come MY fear of snakes and understand their behavior , their simply looking to eat and breed . 98.5% of the time they avoid Humans ; however Humans accumulate Garbage ,which brings Rodents and that's Supper !. Most snakes are beneficial as are Bats Birds which consume untold tonnage of insects . The only real problem with certain species of Snakes are two fold their venomous and sometimes unpredictable ,along with encountering Humans which = .
  14. BushXM15

    Most Certainly Explains a Lot

    Most Certainly Explains a Lot : Small wonder we've not had Millions infected and 10X's the Deaths Some 430,000 people flew from China to US after coronavirus first detected: report About 430,000 people have flown on direct flights from China to the United States since Chinese officials first disclosed the outbreak of what is now the novel coronavirus to world health officials on New Year’s Eve, according to a new report published Saturday. Most of the travelers flew into airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Newark and Detroit in January. Thousands came directly from the city of Wuhan in the Chinese Hubei province, where the coronavirus originated, the New York Times reported. The report did not account for travelers who did not fly directly from China and may have come into the U.S. on a connecting flight from the country. https://www.foxnews.com/us/coronavirus-china-us-flights-430000-people
  15. BushXM15

    Just for you newbe!

    Someone aracnidphobic I'm guessing Newbie wouldn't of been much help ,when I replumbed an entire house via a 22" high subfloor . I had a helper who dug trenches 3' wide and 18" deep too every room with plumbing and there were a number of them . Replaced iron pipe and cast iron , with copper and ABS . I had a rat bound off my chest while sweating copper ,I damn near torched the joist and on a hundred year old house , that's a Big NO NO I lost count of black Widow bites . I figured I had grabbed a nail on the blind side of a Joist ,Twice no less until that finger got twice it's normal size . You should have seen how fast a 230 lb 6'4" guy can back up in a ditch , especially when motivated by a rattlesnake !