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  1. You don't reload plated cases or is it after useful life of case ? . I can see the logic keeping Nickel plated primers and cases together for recycling ,that makes sense . I use Nickel cases whenever I can acquire them . Old nickel is different from New nickel process ; Click link for process and some facts concerning Nickel cases . https://advancedplatingtech.com/electrolytic-plating/ducta-bright-7a-nickel-plating-of-shell-casings/ What ever happened to Shell Shock Technologies (SST) , anyone know ? Nickel Plating of Shell Casings – Ducta-Bright 7a® Advanced Plating Technologies is a leading provider of nickel plating of shell casings within the ammunition and defense industries offering a proprietary ductile nickel system called Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel. Nickel plating of shell casings with Ducta-bright 7a® provides several key benefits including improved feeding in all actions of firearms, enhanced corrosion resistance over traditional brass and improved cosmetics and ease of cleanup during reloading. Nickel plated casings will not tarnish like brass during storage or when in contact with materials such as leather holsters or belt pouches. Until the development of the Ducta-bright 7a® process, nickel plating of shell casings often limited the number of reloads as compared to raw brass. It was claimed that nickel plating of brass shell casings “embrittled” the brass thereby making it less preferable for reloaders despite the ease of cleanup that nickel plating affords. In addition, ammunition engineers raised concern of using nickel plating in very hot +P or magnum loads – especially in deep-drawn casings – where it was thought that nickel plating of such loads could result in once-fired casing cracking or failures. Such preexisting industry concerns conflict with the metallurgy involved in nickel plating of brass casings. Classic C260 cartridge brass (70% copper, 30% zinc) is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement nor is there any chemistry employed in traditional nickel plating processes that is known to embrittle brass such as ammonia. Due to repeated inquiries regarding these design concerns by engineers within the ammunition industry, Advanced Plating Technologies set forth to investigate nickel plating of brass casings further. The aim was to try and determine if these deleterious effects actually occurred and if they did, establish root cause and develop a system that would mitigate these deposit flaws. The Ducta-bright 7a® nickel system was developed over a one year focused engineering study by APT’s engineering group to either prove or disprove the theory of brass embrittlement by nickel plating. Over 40 unique combinations of pretreatment, nickel plating and process variables were analyzed. The nickel plated lots were tested for function in a proprietary dynamic impact loading test developed by APT mechanical engineers – the JLB impact tester. During initial testing the data began to indicate that certain process variables could be adjusted to improve the durability and function of a nickel deposit on a brass shell casing. Of the 40 trials lots analyzed, four finalist lots emerged from the JLB impact testing. These lots were field tested in live firing trials where the casings were loaded, fired and reloaded until the casings cracked during reloading. The result of this exhaustive study was that the 7th lot, method A was found to be functionally superior above all other lots. The process parameters from this lot became the Ducta-bright 7a® process. Today APT deposits this nickel system on millions of casings weekly within critical commercial and defense applications. Nickel plating of shell casings offers many functional improvements over raw brass including: Im Improved corrosion resistance for reliability during extended storage or aggressive field applications; No tarnishing of brass when stored in leather holsters or pouches; Ease of cleanup after firing to remove carbon and soot prior to reloading. proved corrosion resistance for reliability during extended storage or aggressive field applications; No tarnishing of brass when stored in leather holsters or pouches; Ease of cleanup after firing to remove carbon and soot prior to reloading. In the past, ammunition engineers had to weigh the potential benefits of nickel plated casings against the risk of cracking or failures in hot loads such as +P or magnum applications. There is no question that modern critical defense and +P loads stress brass casings further than ever before and reliability of nickel plated brass casings in critical defense applications is paramount in the design consideration. In addition, avid reloaders had to weigh the ease of cleaning nickel plated brass casings against the reduction in reloads afforded by plated brass. Advanced Plating Technologies’ proprietary Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel process eliminates these concerns for high-performance nickel plated brass casings applications and avid reloaders. The Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel process provides a lustrous nickel deposit that can withstand even the most aggressive +P loading and will afford virtually as many reloads as a raw brass casing. Simply put, there is no other nickel system available today that provides the functional and durability improvements as does Advanced Plating Technologies’ Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel process.
  2. I would never have thought that possible Sorry You had to find out but I've got to ask ; Why would You use spent primers for media tumbling As their brass ,so cases on cases would be same without having to deprime again right . Whatever any of you do DON'T ever use Sand , a Friend of mine threw out his walnut medium because he thought it had worn out and replaced it with masonry sand and I SAW the results
  3. Yep Ginsburg herself said : Flashback: In 2016, Ginsburg said Senate should hold SCOTUS confirmation hearing during election year Ginsburg remarked in 2016 that 'nothing in the Constitution' precludes 11th hour nomination. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/flashback-in-2016-ginsburg-senate-election-year-vacancy
  4. Some are and then again others you nor I wouldn't want handling the trash . Don't recall Where the gal was from ,who told the person on the 911 call too F them self as she thought it a hoax or didn't care ?. That person DIED as a result of her negligence!!! . Later revealed that dispatcher was a woman of color , who had multiple complaints as well as issues being 200 lb. over weight A persons Color NEVER qualified anyone for a position of responsibility
  5. I had to laugh at ball less Chuck Schumer's threat ; What the hell have the party of dimwitted ones been doing the past #4 + years but screwing Americans over and trying to unseat Trump !. So threatening what ??????????????? F the dimwitted ones and FILL THAT SEAT
  6. I like Yours better as one's elevated which IMO is always better . I do like the swivel aspect as that allows versatility . Does Your rig allow for a stable platform ( table or bench ) to swivel with seats, as the one shown in the video ? . So I'm perfectly clear on what CA. requires for a trailer-able legal shooting platform ; The platform must be disconnected from the Tow vehicle ,when shooting is engaged correct ?. I know different States have different regulations . Here we can shoot from a vehicle ,as long as it's Off Road and NOT moving ; Meaning used as a stable platform . NO road running shooting gallery is allowed , lose everything if caught ; so hardly worth that . Besides Most things one would want too shoot ,require either Your legs or Horse & Mule pack venture . If I can't find a reasonable top for MY CJ5 , I'll wait and build one next year , I may just buy a ATV ( UTV is what they're called I guess ) Defender or Tracker model ?. I need to do a little recon on what's available reliable and powerful enough ,for hunting fishing ventures . The Wife is beginning to feel her age and figures it can double for ground chores and taking down and picking up trash cans . That's a 1/4 mile and uphill coming back !. An I'm Not getting any younger either , walking is OK but hauling out an Elk any distance ISN'T gonna happen with ME ,without help . So skid board winch racks and enough power to get out of trouble , will help ME tremendously
  7. Alpo : That would be MY guess also , Quality of drivers is questionable !. Got XXX amount of $'s we to can train You for a lucrative career driving Semi's !. I see that plastered on the sides of some of the training rigs running around . Around here there's plenty of Tractor Trailer haulers ,along with Tractors and #7 axle spud trucks , there is also a shortage of drivers especially during Harvest !. So it's not uncommon to see a Kid , male or female who may or may not have a license but most definitely DON'T have a Class 1 or class A as it's now known !. Thankfully most are short runs without any freeway and Rural roads ,because some of them need BOOSTER SEATS !!. Heads which don't appear above a steering wheel are very SUSPICIOUS to ME
  8. OUCH that HURT !. Old white guy with a beard.......stand back as he will be a talker, will spout things about his rights and all the government waste. As I'm NOT commercially driving I'll give you a pass
  9. Putting out their money for a just and noble cause is always admirable and as TT said , I'll suck it up and attempt to swallow a slice . I'm not a fan of the brand per say . Better yet , I'll just Buy #10 pizzas and have them delivered to the local High School anonymously I'll check with the School Board tomorrow and see IF that's permissible ?. If so perhaps WE all could do that ,as that would be an added incentive for Home school 'ers to return too School
  10. A question if I may : WHY the meetings , for comradery reminiscing about what was and the old days or another intended purpose ?. As hlhneast pointed out I also believe it's wise to vary locals , as in NO set patterns . Don't know what atmosphere the Big city has around it any longer ?. However before many liberal turds from Kommyfornia and other states came to settle , it was very very Pro 2 Nd. amendment and IF a Bad guy drew a weapon , there was #50 to counter it at any given point in time . NOW I haven't a clue as I'm on the opposite side of the State for a Reason , as I don't recognize that place any longer . Still have many friends over that way that are like minded ; Conservative Law Abiding LEO supportive and PRO 2 Nd. amendment . Can't and Won't speak for others but when I retired , I RETIRED . Simply meaning People I served with ,would as soon forget WHY we were a unit . ( ARMY ) . Now people I worked with I saw enough of to last a lifetime ( and I'm certain they feel the same ) Friends on the other hand is a totally different scenario , their for LIFE !!. However Don't need a club or dues to Email call or visit with them . That's why I asked the question .
  11. NO pictures of MY first employer , so second will have too do My first commercial contracting job , a custom food market kind of like Wholefoods in it's day . Anyone know what year Ford truck that is ? as it was brand new but Not mine . I'm guessing 74 as that's when I completed the project . I'm leaning over MY truck a Dodge taking the photo and it was a 72 power wagon .
  12. BushXM15

    Hey calebj06

    Ah like where have you been lately
  13. The man of the day arriving outside the compound ? . Evel flew back into the compound before blasting off , Never did figure that out I apologize for the photos but #46 years has taken it's toll on the negatives as well . Look close and you can see what appears to be rust holes forming . They've been inside of plastic sleeves inside acid free manila envelopes but even the color is taking a dump !. It is what it is I'm parked about as far from the action as I could get and look who flew and set down Evel himself !. Rocket man blast off ,haven't found the launch ramp shot yet !. Ah Chit the Chute deployed !. He's gonna be short . Smoke goes off and a skydiver is coming in out of the West or your left ,small round chute . Close as I could get to the steam powered cycle , Boys had Guns and orders NO one beyond the staging fence Period !. This was just one side of the outer perimeter field compound crowd ,there was a butt load of people everywhere . The boys with the guns
  14. I touch mine to nearly any surface and it BREAKS Way Cool
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