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  1. Where would they start I'll guarantee if ALL registered Republicans stood united and flat refused to pay another $ 1.00 in taxes ,demanding a TOTALLY NEW Election with VERIFICATION oversight . The party of dimwitted ones ,would be looking for foreign bank accounts and retirement !.
  2. Yep seems I had K's of visitors starting at o dark thirty ,so day plans changed !. As I've NO shop too work out of , I've resorted to doing some stuff the way I used too ; Waaay Way back . Outside with hand tools electric saws routers sanders it's a PIMA but as MY container is loaded with near every conceivable hardwood known ,in various stages Rough 12/4 to 1/4" finished planks . An as I need too MOVE lots of the wood in order to get too other items ; I decided WTH and built some adirondack chairs from some milled acacia wood I have . So broke out My pattern box ,found a design I liked and went too it . Got all pieces cut drilled routed sanded and first coat of urethane , even found MY boxes of KD furniture hardware , so I used a tiny bit of those as well . Mostly barrel nuts and nut stays ,so as Not to breakout end or parallel grain ,as this milled stuff I have is like 5/8" 11/16" thick . Next week I'm gonna try and dig out some purpleheart or Mahogany which ever is easier too pull out and make another set . Might as well make a comfortable spot too enjoy MY cocktails from ,after remodeling projects get completed ; I NEED TOO SET DOWN Mutton on the hoof disrupted Range day
  3. We've all experienced Lying Media Lying politicians ; Climate change aka Global Warming . You know as well as do I ,when media allows a 16 year old Girl to dictate climate strategy ,yet bans PhD. Scientist's from presenting FACTUAL information ; THE FIX IS IN and it's ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT SEPARATING YOU from YOUR MONEY
  4. IF 82 MILLION of US Trump supporters were too STOP paying taxes , just WHAT could IRS or FBI NSA dimwitted democraps due ; NOTHING as in absolutely NOTHING !. IMO : IT"S EXACTLY WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING ; NOT supporting any of this 5 Th. world shat the Obama dummy is spewing
  5. Knew the folks whom started Sherline , lived about 20 miles from them at one time . They make good quality miniature tooling
  6. I'd have mine mounted on our 4 runner and operational
  7. What an A$$HOLE !. Yet it's OK for that criminal demented pedophile , too let 10's of K's of undocumented infected aliens into OUR Country and ONLY God knows where they're going
  8. Prices as with ALL things Guns have gone severely North !. Example last year or late 2019 I bought a complete upper 20" SS for $460.00 delivered PSA !. A quality barrel can run upwards of $600.00 now days
  9. We the people have ALLOWED politicians far too much latitude and power in governing !. WE the People NEED to limit legislature and power of judges , their NO longer unbiased or neutral but have become a WEAPON as has 90% of the Media . Nothing more than a propaganda arm of a particular political parties attempt at absolute power
  10. Wonder how much they'll get , "IF" they DIE from the vaccine . Not gonna go into detail but makes NO sense to get vaccinated ,if you're allowing infected persons into the Country by the 10's of K's Now latest word is Yearly Boosters and YOU or Your insurance will be footing the bill !. As I cleared MY last Dr.'s hurdle yesterday I was saddened to learn one of his assistants family members died two weeks ago , AFTER receiving his COVID vaccination !. Apparently NO underlying health issues and was perfectly healthy until the second dose !!. That's the 3 Rd person Two Women and now a Male ,that I know of who have DIED after receiving their second dosage of Moderna . Females were 41 and 36 the Male 52 years of age ??. I understand NO vaccine is gonna be 100 % safe or effective and people will DIE . What does bother ME personally is the BIG MANDATED PUSH in Our Country , while ignoring Scandinavian Countries discontinued vaccination programs. Seems elderly people were dying far too frequently ,as well as Younger people AFTER receiving their vaccinations . WHY isn't our fearless media reporting that ?????????????? Money Money Money FYI : One was Pfizer !
  11. Not if we're prepared too those that DON'T comply
  12. http://out-of-battery.com/palmetto-state-armory-psa-ar-10-parts-compatability/ PSA Gen 1 ,2 ,3 Compatibility issues can arise from 1 & 3 that's certain 2&3 not so much , PSA should be mostly DPMS compatible but NOT completely !. The problem lies with a bastardized combo of in house specific's Armalite/DPMS /PSA !. I do know the barrel nut is DPMS style for certain . Takedown Pins The pivot pin is Armalite pattern The rear takedown pin is proprietary. The diameter is the same as DPMS & Armalite’s pin, however the length is the same as AR-15 rear pins Before I built MY #2 AR 10 units I asked several of our knowledgeable members about compatibility issues , THANKFULLY they set ME straight about NOT hodgepodging pieces . Barrels and gas blocks furniture is OK , handles BCG's and such NOT so much !. POST this in the AR section and Not in the General forum and You will get Qualified Help
  13. How about Mandating constitutionally accountable politicians for a change and screw the Gun regs !.
  14. I had a previous Email I had missed and saw where the website is down for maintenance , so that explains WHY on all accounts . Thanks I saw something I'd like to get
  15. Yep just finished refinishing a fiberglass shower stall IN PLACE . Some months back I dropped the shower-head and broke the pan . So a couple of days ago weather starts warming up and I decide to repair the pan . Upon closer examination I notice the anti skid pattern is nearly gone and there are some hairline fractures in it but it's sound around the drain . So break out the diamond blade grinder and away I go , resin and mat patch ,cure sand smooth . Next I tape a New pattern , then mix some Arctic white Gelcoat have to put color in it so as to match . Apply first coat all goes well and I apply Non Skid additive allow pan to set and semi cure ( no wax additive ) ,then finish up with another batch with surfacing agent over the top . It's curing now . If any of you have ever been around Fiberglass ,resin, epoxies say such as a Boat yard or pipe manufacturer . You get an idea as to the smell , WELL multiply that by a 20 factor and You get the picture of what one of our bathrooms smells like . Except as we all should know smells permeate as well as Radiate . It's gonna be Horrible for about 3-5 hr. around here !. You can't blow air across a resin surface ,the reason is it removes the chemical exothermic and screws up curing . So close it off and live with it awhile
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