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  1. I hear that . I had Joe pegged in March of 2020 and knew it was certain in June . Even his Wife can't keep him abreast of his criteria . I have Friends in Low places and it's been a rumor with foundation , that Jill talks reminding Joe what he's supposed to do on the way to the podium . It's painfully evident Joe has declined #3 fold Since January . Did anyone hear the babble he spewed in Texas on Friday Will take NO questions from any reporters , SS and Staff run interference and he's NOT talking with Foreign counterparts ; The Douche Harris is assigned important communications . THIS COUNTRY IS IN BIG BIG TROUBLE !!!!!!!!!!
  2. BushXM15


    Congratulation Terry , You've become one of them now Oh Shat I'm one too
  3. Yep while our media snips and clips edits and cuts away ; Other Countries are fully aware of Biden's dementia . Google suppresses most everything negative pertaining to the party of morons but it WON'T help , when our enemies decide to ACT on corrupt demented pedophile slow Joe !. It's not a question of IF , it's simply a matter of WHEN !!!!!!!!!!!. Click the video mid page ; https://www.wibc.com/blogs/mock-n-rob/sky-news-anchor-clear-that-biden-is-struggling-with-dementia/
  4. Bingo Lodge is preseason'd from the factory but do as Ozarpugs and olfart says and it will be bullet proof . Because it WILL SMOKE . After doing it outside a few times , let it cool down rub it with canola or peanut oil put it in the oven at 325 Deg. #2 Hours ,shut it off and leave it in there until the next day . Wipe it down with a soft clean cloth , as paper towels leave shat behind . That baby is READY WILLING AND ABLE . I've got a New Lodge that I did that too and it's about half as good as the one I got from My Mom and she got it from Her Mom !. So it's been around awhile like maybe 125-150 years ,Eh . I often wonder who's noggin Grandma smacked with that bad boy Oh an that one isn't a lodge but SMOOTH as a new born baby it is !.
  5. Here's the list so act accordingly ; Company's which OUR Monies and tax $'s supports need to have a clear message sent from EVERY AMERICAN . https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/these-200-businesses-want-to-disarm-america-learn-who-they-are-shop-accordingly/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20210226_FridayDigest_319gi&utm_campaign=/digest/these-200-businesses-want-to-disarm-america-learn-who-they-are-shop-accordingly/
  6. Rampy : Remember that Biden is a corrupt demented pedophile but the people around him are FAR WORSE ,as they're actually running the presidency . Biden is BRAIN DEAD literally he's so stupid he's unaware of where he's at !. This is WHY NO one can question him period ,he's unable to cognitively carry a conversation !. Biden Caught In Another Big Lie – Claims More Deaths from COVID than WWI, WWII and Vietnam Wars Combined – Simply Not True Joe Biden can’t help himself. He lies about everything. For Pete’s sake, he’s playing President after stealing the election after all. But yesterday he lied again and he simply didn’t have to. Biden put on a strange press conference yesterday at the White House. He claimed that there are now more than 500,000 deaths due to the China coronavirus (COVID) in the US since the virus was first released by China. It’s doubtful that he ever mentioned China. But what he did say is that there are now more than 500,000 reported deaths due to COVID. We’ve refuted these numbers over the past year. In one post we pointed out that the CDC claimed that only 6% of the deaths counted as COVID deaths were related to the China coronavirus only. The rest were deaths with COVID, not caused only by COVID. This post woke up America to the bogus reporting of the China coronavirus in our country: SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/biden-caught-another-big-lie-claims-deaths-covid-wwi-wwii-vietnam-wars-combined-simply-not-true/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=daily
  7. It's common in warmer climates especially where fire sprinkler systems are installed . Kommyfornia is ripe with them . Those Ruin Homes or sure can !. Actually water pipes inside accessible attics makes GOOD sense , from freeze protection and remodeling aspect as their accessible . When water lines are run under slabs their supposed to be IN THE GROUND . I ran 10's of K's of feet of copper tubing with poly sleeve protection ,which was on top of visqueen Polythene sheathing ( acts as a moisture barrier between ground and concrete ) , with gravel sand screed to grade for concrete slab or foundations . Very common in warmer climates ,where the copper tubing turns up out of the ground into the concrete so as to go inside walls . We put pipe HD polythene protective wrap or sleeve and closed cell foam insulation around them. Keeps the alkaline concrete from touching copper and acts as a expansion contradiction cushion for slab movement . Any copper tubing soft or hard run beneath a concrete foundation , by code must be sliver soldered at any fitting connection . Not just Tin lead solder . http://northtowncompany.com/polyc.html https://www.amazon.com/Bulk-Closed-Cell-Insulation-R3-15/dp/B079VSWKS4
  8. Is that a used prophylactic with a hole in it . Now as for people dying ONLY if their in Republican States ,that's why they've opened the Border WIDE ; So as to replace those with intelligence , with welfare dependent zombies . Once people wise up to the crap dimwitted party pushes ,they switch parties or are BRIBED ,so as to continue returning failed morons into public office !. Did You see where Colorado electorate board ,says NO way Biden got anywhere near the % of votes claimed !!!. If he had there would be another 1.4 million registered voters in Colorado , as there numbers tally DIDN'T add up
  9. That's cold when Diesel gels . I knew a fellow who lived in Minot ,ND. or there bout's ,was a Semi mobile tractor mechanic for decades . Told Me once he had too pour lacquer thinner into the Diesel for some rig he was working on once because of cold . I know there are heaters and insulated fuel lines for preventing gel filter plugging . I hope to Never experience it , I run a small mixture of Cetane booster and 2 stroke oil in #2 Diesel ,so as to polish the fuel , No damn sulfur left in the Diesel isn't good in MY rig .
  10. Not because I say so , it's the Law of Physics . Leaving water on does three things , waste water , eventual erodes whatever it's running through ( universal solvent ) and with Mild freezing may prevent pipe burst . Derk ; it's like anything else there are minimal and extremes . At what Temperature does the pipe burst 30 , 4 degrees ?, there's simply too many factors involved to give an absolute degree at which something will fail . I personally would not have believed slightly running water out of a 10" silcock would or could actually freeze , let alone migrate up inside to where it joined the wall water pipe and Burst !. Valve body was thicker than copper tubing ,so it burst at point of least resistance . Our cold water temp is 52 Degrees inside the house year round , at the pump it's 50 degrees . So it warms slightly moving under the ground and into the house . That particular silcock is located closest to where the water line enters our house , it's also on an East exposed wall , at a point lower than our Thermometer is located , maybe 80 ft. away and 20 ft. lower elevation !. It Didn't freeze in a couple of hours ,that I do know . I've walked across frozen rivers that were 3-4 ft. thick Ice , that I Know of and have actually stood next to a frozen waterfall . Bottom line : Whether a pipe or a river will freeze depends upon how cold it gets and for HOW LONG .
  11. THIS ! Don't ever assume running water won't freeze , ever see Niagara Falls frozen . I had MY silcock 10" drain down hose bib open as slightly running , because the lack of proper plumbing supplies in MY area had prevented My fixing a washer /seat packing problem . So until I could replace components I had NO choice ,well two days later we hit -15 and that damn hose bib FROZE SOLID , all the way up inside 10" back to the seat and thus BUSTED the valve body . Inside our house never gets below 65 degrees , so DON'T tell ME it doesn't or can't happen . I've seen More Plumbing mistakes screw ups , faulty workmanship and breakage in Houses Industrial Commercial , even Aircraft and Boats ; In MY 70 years ,than I care to remember !.
  12. Anyone around Lebanon KY. ? SouthBay 222CR 60 Hours Garage kept as in Inside , Nice Rig 115 HP Merc. Looks as if a $5,100.00 standing Bid is on it currently . Auction Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2021 Location: 3020 Highway 208 Lebanon, Kentucky 40033 Lee's Farm Equipment Lebanon, Kentucky
  13. Where would we be without McMaster Carr , Eh !. That's the icing on the cake driving something or switching it on and having it come to life ,after busting butt working on it . Nothing frustrates ME more than doing everything that can be done ,only to find an electronic pickup module DIED and CAN'T be replaced or found anywhere !. My beloved 550 EVL aka Evil Echo chainsaw died on the operating table . I cut scores of trees , huge monkeys with that saw over #2 decades and it Never Bit Me . It coughed ran one last time and when I shut it off ,never to be started again and I searched every saw supply used parts Mom and Pop shops on both coasts , even Australia , yet NONE were to be had . Somethings you can substitute , somethings you can make and many things you can buy and then there's things beyond MY capabilities . Maintenance is the Key in 98% of the life of machinery
  14. A main water line is simply that and generally refers to the City or County potable water supply ,which supplies several homes and businesses . A house supply generally is a Feed line ,being of 3/4" 1" or 1.25" line dependent upon # of bathrooms distance and pressure , ALL of which play a critical role . Plastic copper galvanized . As long as water has the ability to freeze ,it has the ability to burst a pipe if an end or faucet is left open the Ice will take the path of least resistance . However if that distance is long enough and the water turns to ice before it reaches an opening it can and will BREAK a pipe . Your water lines are below frost level in NE **. There would be no real reason you would need to drain anything ,as I'd assume your water lines are 6 ft. or deeper . Only exposed faucets garden valves hose spigots would be susceptible to winter freezing . They make clever insulated covers for those now days . Cold weather spigots have LONG stem washer seat shut off inside an insulated wall 8 ,10 - 16" . Warm area houses use water surface faucets or hose bibs and perhaps 1" if that recessed valve seat , so NO protection for freezing . My water lines are ?? have NO clue as to their depth , I do know My Well depth and standing hydrant depth ,as it's an auto drain back and 60" deep Our irrigation system has a drain down valve and I open it as well as Blow compressed air into the system in October . So far so good . I've only had one outside spigot fail and it was left on dripping , and damn if it didn't freeze tighter than a well diggers A$$ in Antarctic . Replacing them ISN'T fun You have too tear into the wall because the valve is inside 10" in My case . They also should always be at a down angle for draining . Mine can't be isolated unfortunately as their connected with House water supply , so when I replaced that one , I used closed cell pipe insulation around it ,in addition to the wall insulation . The exciting part is NOT burning down the house when soldering copper inside your wall structure Remember this MAIN WATER LINES in Texas BURST !.
  15. Heat the area and then put Ice on them and punch em out ?
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