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  1. friendlysniper

    MS2 two point mode.. what handguard mount?

    Whos got it in stock? I'm not having any luck finding it. Bravo Company carries them, but they're out :(
  2. I'm planning on buying an ms2 sling soon. I want to have my rifle set up to run it in two point mode. The clasp that you would hook onto a sling mount in the forward portion of the gun looks a little unusual so I'm concerned about having a mount point that will fit it. What should I get? Can ya'll show me some examples?
  3. friendlysniper

    Do I need anything else?

    Thanks. How much solder should one use? Visual aid would be appreciated. I'm not sure if it has the same consistency, but yogurt might work. Should I completely cover the threads or only put it around the area of the crush washer? I don't want it to run into the crown of the barrel.
  4. friendlysniper

    Do I need anything else?

    I asked a similar question to this on another board but someone gave me a confusing answer about applying my 'brazing rod'.. I'm going to be using this stuff with a mapp/oxy setup to attach a flash hider to my new build so it meets the required length. Please do not turn this into a argument about why blind pinning is superior to brazing a flash hider because I have decided already. Is this all I need besides "heat stop"? More specifically, does this solution in fact provide BOTH the solder and flux in one? If thats so, do I just apply heat stop to the barrel after the threaded portion, brush this stuff on, screw the flash hider on and apply heat to the flash hider?
  5. I'm about to build an ar15 starting with the lower receiver and stock. Later on, when I get to building the upper, I want to have a 16 inch overall barrel. Is it legal for me to buy a 14.5" barrel and attach a flash hider or dissipator myself to bring the overall length to 16 inches? I can solder it if that is required too.