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  1. yep, supposed to be a range near here does regular 3 gun but I ain't figured out where yet, we only been here a month now
  2. I'd say pop on up but that's a minimal 6 hour drive, we do have a range with a 400yd but I haven't checked it out yet
  3. navigating by flir or thermal is a pain in the ass, better off with gen2 nv or. better
  4. who are you kidding? People were still writing on stone tablets back then.
  5. one of the few things I agree with Rampy on, SOE gear is the shat, go to https://originalsoegear.com and look at micro m4/ak chest rigs, if you need one quickly order one in multicam, they just did a large run on that pattern and should ship quickly, other patterns you typically have a waiting period for because John's stuff is 100% hand made thus the MITMFUSA logo
  6. that'd be exactly the one, thanks guys, I'd never seen this case before and it had been crushed so measuring it was out
  7. source appears to be a blue flamer in first vid but why it went off to the others heads hrmm second vid lit cocktail pour gone bad
  8. sorry I'm having issues with pics for some reason, but I found a piece of brass that has me confounded trying to identify it, it's case marked at top FC (that I know Federal Cartridge), to the left a 2, to the right a 1, and at bottom 15
  9. we sold our house, renting now and just became foster parents again
  10. my doc told me no shooting because of possibility of junk getting in the eye, had to stay off the truck a month too
  11. I had to check, I never there was a waterloo Quebec as well as ontario lol
  12. with Verizon your international plan only covers phone calls inside Canada. As for Canada sucking well don't like it, go home.
  13. Underbarrel mounted on an AR would be kinda interesting
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