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  1. Thanks for the all birthday wishes Gentlemen. Their coming lots faster anymore than I like
  2. I've had Neurostimulation Therapy in the early days for my back problems L3,4,5,S1 with not much relief. Many types of ESI"s over the years as well as RFD (Radio FrequencyDenervation) treatments where the affected nerve ends are burned and last from 6 - 8 months and when the nerve ends grow back the pain returns. For this proceedure they knocked me out as it last for 30 to 45 mins. http://www.webmd.boots.com/back-pain/back-pain-radiofrequency-denervation-for-long-term-back-pain After about 5 RFD trearments Doc decided to try ESI. I got more relief for longer periods of time with this than any of the other proceedures. Especially the Selective Nerve Root Block injection over Facet Blocks. I took approx 6 of these over a period of years. The next to last injection lasted 18 months. The last injection I had was April 24, 2012. On May 1, 2012 I was hospitalized with a Spinal Epidural Abcess. A laminectomy found an unidentifiable infection in the spine at the point of injection. This kept me in the hospital for 6 weeks with massive ammounts of guerilla killer antibiotics daily not to mention the pain medication. I started extensive PT when my Infectious Disease DR. released me in Oct 2012. He warned me it would take over a year to get back to my baseline before the injection. As of now I'm about 85% and haven't taken any pain medication since Oct 2012 except for Baclofen muscle relaxers and lots of PT. I've found one good chiropractor and a massage therapist that works wonders. Just beware there are or can be some side affects with these things. Good Luck Sarge!
  3. I had an account just across the Interstate in Martinez from Susion Bay. Been by there many times but never was able to go in and look around. It is very impressive from what I could see though
  4. Anyone ever drink this stuff? It's been a long tme since I've herd of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP8ISToe1Sc
  5. Were you in the meat packing district? I had one account there some years ago. Just about as bad as South Central LA.
  6. My uncle always told me you culd gauge the beer by the next days headache. Said Schlitz gave him the worst headache of all off them
  7. What about the beer that made Milwalkee famous? Shlitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T4V6jHn0i0
  8. I've been on that tour And drank a hell of a lot of Hamms, also in the early 70s Olympia from Washingon State
  9. That's a tuff one to answer. Having been to most all the cities everyone has listed, I would have a hard time picking just one. The one I was most scared in was the Bronx, 2nd would have to be Camden, NJ just across the river from Philly under the Walt Whitman Bridge. Some places in North Philly area are pretty bad as well. Compton and Watts, CA register up there also.
  10. 6 hours is a long time to sleep for me. Wish it were different but since my military days I'm a 3:30 - 4:30 get up guy. My body just starts working and the morning constitution sets in. So I get up and go. Can't say I suffer fom the early wake ups. Guess it is just life style?
  11. Five Feet High And Rising Seems fitting for the Missippi flooding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91OIaPRrDts
  12. I was very surprised on my recent trip to Noth AL at all the help, contributions, local disater relief programs pouring in from around the different states. while traveling to we saw in excess of 50 Florida Power and Light Trucks traveling north thru Valdosta,GA. Convoys of Georgia Power & Light as well as FHP and GHP, County Deputies from Fl, GA, LA. Most everytime my son and I stopped to eat or for gas and people saw the load of stuff we had in the truck they knew where we were heading. Lots of people gave us cash to donate as we saw fit. There were some stuff we had no room to bring. People in just about every little community untouched by the storms were gathering contributions with signs out that read "if traveling north to disaster areas, please stop here and take what we have collected. The outpour of help was very touching
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