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  1. Good evening good people, I am busy with a project and I need to confirm the length and radius of the .308 barrel extension for the AR as pictured below: Is there also perhaps a CAD file of the .308 barrel extension anywhere on the internet? All help is greatly appreciated...
  2. I'm a South African citizen and firstly I need to say THANK YOU for your government. If it wasn't for you Yanks things would be a lot worse for us. To explain - the f*ckhead who was in charge - Jacob Zuma - was draining the fiscus through his cronies. Their whole circle jerk came crashing down through a couple thousand leaked e-mails from their servers that proved that they stole about $8 billion during his presidency. There were too many mails to come from one source, so its strongly hinted at that some western intelligence agency skimmed it off their servers. As the US Department of Justice has said to Dubai behind the scenes that all guilty parties would have to be extradited back to SA (because crimes committed with US dollars falls under their jurisdiction), a lot people in the know believe it was the US. The timing was also fortuitous; the Russians at the time bribed our former president to sign a $90 billion nuclear power station deal that would have crippled our economy for a generation. Because of those leaks the deal was fortunately scrapped when the better presidential candidate won the ruling party's elections. That which you're discussing above, that's Jacob Zuma's final f*ck you - he promised free tertiary education and said that the whites are the reason why a large part of the population aren't rich yet, so they should change the constitution and confiscate what they want for the masses. His party's run the country for 25 years and they can't change the f*cking narrative. The new guy had to entertain the idea of taking property without paying for it, so he started a committee to look into it. Hopefully it will prove what everybody already knows and the amendment isn't passed. However because of these racist antics the Aussies have said that they would take any white farmers. That seriously embarrassed the government and rightfully so. It's not fun hearing a communist leader - who by the way loves Moet champagne and Breitling watches - that your ethnic group should be slaughtered. Please don't let the world forget we exist.
  3. I'm in the situation where I can acquire a FAB recoil reducing collapsible stock for my AK-type rifle; It is one of those where you can fit an AR stock at the end. Now I do realize they're incredibly useful for 7.62 NATO and that they're still a nice addition for a 7.62x39 and 5.56 NATO rifle. However, why aren't they in more general use i.e. any military or police force fitting them as standard? Could it be seen as a gimmick, a needless cost, is the durability questioned, would rapid fire reduce your accuracy, etc?
  4. Well CaptainBeard, to answer your questions: -These would be built from stockpiled spares and newly manufactured ones. No used parts in any way whatsoever. -The rear aperture sight...I might redesign the dust cover to work with pushpins and just stick a full length rail on top. If that's too hard I'll stick with the classical look. It depends on what might be popular? Which would you prefer? -As for magazines - the 7.62x39 will definitely use AK mags. The .308 might use Saiga style mags as those are easy enough to incorporate into my design, but the 5.56 design would initially need to stick with the Galil mags. The adaptors made for the Galil years back would be amazing, however they're not in production AFAIK and making them on a CNC machine, though precise, would be expensive. What else would you like to see in something like this?
  5. Not selling yet no. This is in its simplest form a customer survey. It will however find its way Stateside pretty quickly as there are certain economic incentives for me to do so which I quite frankly can't pass up. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, I would like to know what you want in a stamped Galil/Valmet clone. My local industry would most likely favor a 1mm receiver for the weight savings above the milled version. The parts compatibility with the AKM would also be welcomed. Do you feel the same way?
  6. Well let's just assume I'm not from the States and yes, this would be for production. Would this be preferred in 1mm or 1.5mm?
  7. Good morning good people, Would you be interested in a rifle with these specifications: -Stamped Valmet receiver -Screw in barrel like a Galil, but pinned in like an AKM. -Can accept AK stock or use Galil folding stock -Galil gas block -Uses Galil magazines -Rivet build -Uses Galil handguard -Has AK side rail -Everything Cerakoted. -5.56 NATO and 7.62x39 as caliber options. Possibly .308 If so, what would you prefer in terms of receiver thickness? I want to do 1.5mm, however it somewhat limits standard furniture options and I'm not concerned that the weight savings between milled and stamped would be minimal to the point of not being worth it for people?
  8. Good evening folks, I've been reading up on the laws and the variety of imported AK pistols on the US market, and I've made the following observations: -Anything with a barrel shorter than 16" built without a stock and that can be shot one-handed is legally considered a pistol. -If you get your tax stamp you can add a stock to said pistol without having to be concerned about 922r -There is nothing that prevents a pistol barrel length of 16" So why aren't importers buying pistols with 16" barrels and converting them to rifles by adding a stock? Considering the trouble international manufacturers go through to import their products into the US, what am I missing legal-wise?
  9. A bit too long and some of the character motivations didn't make sense, but passable. To me in the same league as the newest Superman. No pun intended. PS - One of you Yanks need to please give Zack Snyder a hug. That man's movie's are way too dark for what they should be. It's a cry for help.
  10. I honestly don't know the price of ammunition manufacturing equipment, but you'd be too late in trying to enter the market with your own brand of .22LR ammunition. Buying and setting up machines, perfecting production techniques, QC and marketing all take time. You're looking at months, if not a year or two. By that time the frenzy will have died down and supply would have caught up to demand. This is a bubble - proof being that the current manufacturers didn't just keep expanding their production lines until they met demand. I don't know how many business gaps there really are in the US when it comes to firearms, however you should try and stay ahead of the curb.
  11. The problem I have with these less-lethals that pretend to be firearms are twofold: One, because they have the feel, look and operation of a gun, it will give a person false confidence in its capabilities. Even in their own video it didn't incapacitate the guy who got shot. It's useless. Two, these guys especially try to convey that since it's not an actual gun, the same rules don't apply . Sticking it in a drawer and making statements about it not being so bad if a kid gets a hold of it...that's criminally irresponsible. I know of at least one person who died after getting shot in an artery with a pellet gun, getting shot in the eye could cause you to lose it and being less concerned about pointing this thing at people will end badly.
  12. Ok Hans, you make a compelling argument. Draak Defense with a dragon as a logo; my surname is Van Niekerk and I live in a city called Alberton. Van Niekerk Gewere does have a nice short name and it would be a legacy thing. Does it sound like quality? Seeing as I'm putting my name behind it. PS - I owe you guys for the input. I won't forget this. :D
  13. Ok Draak sounds like someone choking on phlegm which does fill the cool sounding name. Its short, inoffensive and you're right about the image it conjures.
  14. I'll stick then with Meerkat Sporting Arms. I could also call it Meerkat SA for short to get the double combo of being able to say it stands for Sporting Arms or South Africa. I think the 556C for carbine and 556P for pistol work well enough. Thank you As for government contracts - Hel Nee! (translation for Sarge up there :P) These have a tendency of being a nightmare for several reasons I found while doing my in depth internet research and talking to several people up in the food chain in the local industry: -We're officially a neutral country, so if your weapons end up in the wrong hands and splashed all over CNN it's a PR nightmare that can really hurt you. Seeing Truvelo sniper rifles in the hands of rebels in Libya (They sold it to Muammar Gaddafi's government) and Casspir MRAP vehicles being used by ISIS caused a lot of ruined reputations. -Selling to the US Armed Forces is next to impossible. You have to get it approved by some arsenal to get it type classified. Prohibitively expensive process. If you're lucky enough to get it classified you have to set up production in the US. The danger here is that you will likely get f*cked out of licensing fees if it gets really popular. This happened to an older gentleman I happen to know. I might possibly partner up with a local supplier to the military for which they can then try for government contracts with my design and approval. For now I'm only going to focus on the local market and hopefully shortly thereafter get some US entity to import them. So far the only candidates that seem to foot the bill are Century Arms, Arsenal and FIME; do they have decent reputations?
  15. This is an American expression I heard for the first time the other day and I'm glad I finally get to use it...So you're saying the only way to win this game is not to play it?
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