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  1. BadKarma

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

    Glad your all healed up and back to work.
  2. BadKarma

    LDS survival guide

    Good info thanks.
  3. BadKarma

    Had another cancer checkup today

    That's great news.
  4. BadKarma

    wheres the BnG

    Well that sux
  5. BadKarma

    wheres the BnG

    Went back 4 pages?
  6. What cracks me up is ppl whining about 40 S&W recoil. If you cannot handle the recoil its your fault not the caliber. I have all three calibers I like the 9mm because it is cheap to shoot. When I carry I usually carry 45 and sometimes 40 S&W. Yes the 40 is shorter and weaker than a 10mm but its got more mass and power than a 9mm. I 9mm sycophant callin the 40S&W short and weak is the equivalent of penis envy..
  7. BadKarma

    Happy Birthday, Rasputin!!!

    Happy B-Day man!!!
  8. I looked at all those cartridges and I still want a Grendel but decided it I am gonna hunt with it it will be a 308. I dont care for the short mags at all and out here most of our shots are pretty far.
  9. BadKarma

    Man, I hate snakes!

    If that is case then they will be there forever as it is not cost effective. This is what happens when hippies are in charge. Its not enough to save the local flora and fauna.
  10. BadKarma

    Tell me about the new iPhone 4s

    I looked at all the new phones and I am not paying extra for a data plan plus I kill phones quite frequently.
  11. The internet the new wild wild west. Wonder how it will die...
  12. BadKarma

    Man, I hate snakes!

    Hmmm, gonna have to look into a an outta state license. I was watching a show about this. These idiots would catch a snake drive all the way across town drop it off to have it euthanized. WTF!?!? you are not gonna get rid of an invasive population like that. Wheres the rednecks with shotguns. I bet I could go down there and kill quite a few in a few hours...
  13. BadKarma

    I think I found my next upper.

    Yah, how much. I probably could not afford the ammo anyway.
  14. I need a few offensive shirts when I go visit family in CO. I'll make sure to wear that one in Telluride.
  15. BadKarma

    Found a nice 870 Wingmaster for $300

    Freaking beautiful!! Congrats man. I have the same finish on my 1187.