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    I like this one... http://www.ebay.com/itm/261149302546?ssPag...984.m1555.l2649
  2. I was told that it was, but all the research I can find says that the only 45 Sig make is the P220 and the 1911. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Hey cc2001, any idea where they traded them in? :nt:
  4. I ran across a used Delta Elite today. It was in a local pawn shop. It is a stainless model and looks to be in somewhat decent shape. The original grip has some wear around the edges, not sure why it would and I found it odd that is why I mention it. Also, there seemed to be some yellowish tarnish coming from under and around the grip on the frame. Other than some scratches here and there, it was missing what I would call the dog-bone, the bar between the slide release and the safety. They had a price of $799, which seemed pretty steep to me. I have always thought the Delta was a cool gun, but it has never made my short list. But if I can get it for a good price the it would be a nice addition to my small but growing collection. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. J-Rod

    Advice For New .308 Purchase!

    So what did u finally end up getting? Any pics?
  6. J-Rod

    BRD Shop

    Hey guys, I am really new to the BRD and kinda new to Raleigh (lived here for about 2yrs). I am looking for a good shop that is diverse in AR 15's, not a shop that sell just a couple of brands, also one with a customer base of like minded individual. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. So, how much would do you think it is worth missing the plunger?
  8. J-Rod

    Born Again American

    Don't know if this has ever been posted before. Born Again American
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning all.
  10. J-Rod

    ATTENTION! Mybrute fighters

    I put in a request to be add. Spr Sprt Rdr
  11. J-Rod

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all
  12. J-Rod

    Wanna fight?

    I was trying to join the AR15 Commandos clan and can not find a link to do it. Any help?
  13. J-Rod

    HEY ! ! ! kbi Ronin & Crazy Horse

    Happy Birthday guys
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    Good Morning, Armory!

    Morning all
  15. J-Rod

    10mm History

    Ok, so if the rim is larger then the casing it HAS a rim, but if the rim is the same size as the casing then it is RIMLESS. And by rim I am referring to the base of the cartridge.
  16. J-Rod

    10mm History

    When you say it is rimless does this mean that the casing does not neck down to the bullet?
  17. J-Rod

    Wanna fight?

    dlivewyer why don't you start an AR15 Armory clan, you have to be level ten or higher to start a clan? My Brute
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    Hey TS and akblueline!

    Happy Birthday, to the both of ya.
  19. J-Rod

    Today, is surgery day. updated!

    God be with you. We will be praying for you.
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    Chia pet Barry style...

    Thats funny.
  21. J-Rod

    Good Morning!

    Um, good morning, I think.
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    Writing that into the budget right now.
  23. Those are some awesome pics.
  24. J-Rod

    Suggestions for a 45 handgun

    I picked up a H&K USP Comp. 45 a few months back, before I made the purchase I asked to be shown other guns that where comparable and was shown the M&P. It felt like a great gun and had the slim feel of the 1911. I love my H&K, I have always wanted one and this is my first that is why I got it, but the M&P did give we pause in making my decision. P.S. The FN 45 is also around the same price as the M&P & would be worth considering.
  25. J-Rod

    What ya drinking?

    Same here Noneya