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  1. Thanks guys. I still lurk the forums but don’t post much. Ive been spending most of my money building my race car instead of spending it on guns lately. Lol
  2. im working on building a V8 Miata right now. Been keeping track of the cost. Including tools and crap Ive had to get, Im at around $5500. Comes out to about $400/month. so not too bad. Ive only got a few more big part to get, then ill start the swap.
  3. Yep. I got the modified crossmember that I ordered. The guy I got it from is working on his own V8 Miata project, and he sent me all the dimensions for pretty much all of the things Ill need to have fabricated. Tranny crossmember, slave cylinder mount, and the rear end mounts. He must be a professional drafter or something, because I could just bring these papers to a machine shop and have it all welded up. Going to save me so much time/money with all of this info. It might not look like much, but its one of the main parts needed for the swap, and I got a great deal on it.
  4. I know I dont get on the site much anymore, but here's an update. Ive been pretty much daily driving the Miata for the past few months. I does have an intermittent cooling issue. Pretty sure its the crappy aftermarket fan, or the after market thermostat (apparently you pretty much have to use OEM for the thermostat). Probably a combination of both. But i rarely get in situations were it could overheat. Ive been debating on even fixing this since Ill be pulling the engine soon. Ive got a modified crossmember on the way. After that Ill find a transmission. Once I also have the transmission, Ill probably start pulling the 1.8L. Ive done a few things to the car since then. I put a brand new soft top on it, and I installed a rearview camera. Ive got the camera hooked up so I can have it on screen all the time. Really helps with the huge blind spots when the top is up. I also put new pads and rotors all the way around, and painted the calipers too. Old top vs new top. And the engine.
  5. Installed this in it yesterday. Its nice to have new speakers that aren't busted. Those Bose factory setups are crap. And they are a HUGE pain in the ass to bypass.
  6. Ill definitely agree on the underpowered part. Haha. You can whip this thing around, but not on demand like with my old Mustang. I cant wait to get this V8 in it. And yea, parts for these things are crazy cheap. I was looking into a new radiator and you can find them online for $50. HA
  7. Been driving the Miata exclusively, except for when I have to do runs for work, and it hasn't had a problem so far. The CEL did come on the other day. I hooked up my scanner and got a code for the emissions sensor, so Ive got a bad cat, O2 sensor, or a small hole in the exhaust. The light went away today though. Haha. I'm going to put a little money into the Miata drivetrain. I want it to atleast be reliable while I'm driving it. Ive got all new fluids going in soon, and there are a few small things I need to do so it will pass inspection (mainly marker lights). The speakers are also busted. I put a nice touch screen Pioneer AVH-X2800BS in my truck a while back, and Amazon sent me two for some reason, so I held on to the other knowing Id eventually have something else to put it in, so Ill be putting that and some new speakers in it. It sounds like absolute crap now. And the BOSE system in it wont make the install any easier. Here's a good pic of it after I cleaned it up a little bit. I still cant believe this guy sold me this car for $1200.
  8. BTW, I drove it for about two 30-40 minutes sessions. Still never came close to overheating. I did notice a small water leak, and that one of the fans does not come on. Ill have to look into that.
  9. Yea. I was guilty of that. But thats when I was younger. Now that I know about more than just V8 Mustangs I under stand these cars. They are a blast to drive. All 140HP of them. Lmao. I dont have the Miata registered yet, but I find myself driving it around the neighborhood. Gotta make sure its road worthy. Lol
  10. I picked this up Sunday night. I got the car for $1200. 121K on the odometer. The guy told me it needed a new battery, and the radiator went out when someone test drove it a while back. I put a new battery in it, and it started right up. Drove around the neighborhood for about 30-40 minutes and it never came close to overheating. Gonna change all the fluids and get it put on my insurance, so I can drive it around while I'm still getting all the parts for the V8 swap together. Ive never driven a Miata before, and man, these things are fun. I can only imagine how much fun it'll be once it's got a 5.0L in it. It needs new paint on the front bumper, maybe the rear as well. Also going to change the top soon. Quick pic I snapped on the way back with it last night.
  11. The 4.6 modular motor is just too big. Ive seen it done but it was done by a fabricator. They had to cut the engine bay all up to get it to fit. Good thing about the 5.0L swap is that I only need to cut two small spots out. Im still debating on the Megasquirt. If I get it, Ill have it on a stock engine for a while. So I figure I can download the factory 5.0L HO tune and start making small changes to learn the system. Ive always been good with computers, so I should be able to learn it, just a matter of time. I can get the MS kit for around $400. The Ford computer Id need is $200. And to get my computer chipped, Id have to buy the chip and the parts to write to it. So that would be about $200 as well. I know I'm going to need th MS eventually. I plan on pulling the engine again down the road and upgrading it. I just want to keep it stock for now so I don't have to worry about too many things when I'm trying to get it in the car. Plus I can use Shadow Dash. The 5.0L swap only adds about 250 lbs surprisingly. So its not too bad.
  12. I haven't posted in a while, but I still lurk a lot, and I figured Id show you guys what Ive been up to lately. I decided a while back that I wanted to get another project car. I used to have a '94 Mustang GT with the 5.0, and it was a great, fun car. I wasn't looking for a certain brand though. I was looking into 350Zs at first, and they seemed like fun little cars. Then I remembered seeing and article about V8 powered Monster Miatas. I started searching about that and realized it was something I could do, and I could do it with the same drivetrain that I'm familiar with since I owned a Mustang that is a great donor car candidate. I ended up finding a wrecked '94 Mustang GT, same color as my old one, nearby for $550. The engine ran fine, I even drove it on the trailer. I pulled the engine and transmission a few weeks ago. The donor car is an automatic, and I am using a T5, so Ill need to find that. I also cant use the ECU that is in the car because it will pull timing when it thinks it needs to shift. And when you've got a 5-speed, thats an issue. So instead of buying a $200 factory computer for a 5-speed, I'm going to just get the Megasquirt standalone ECU, which I will need eventually. I got the engine mounted on a stand and have been cleaning it up when I have time. I'm going to jut put it back together stock. My way of thinking is that I'm putting the engine in a whole new vehicle. The fewer things I have to worry about, the better. I figure Ill get it up and running, have fun with it for a while, and figure out what I want to do with it from there. Ive still got some parts to find. Mainly, THE MIATA. I dont even have a Miata to put it in yet. I may be picking up a '99 this weekend though. Its a repo with a blown radiator. From what the guy says I can get it running with a new radiator and battery. So I can get it cheap, and probably drive it a bit before I put the V8 in it. Ive looked at a few with blown engines, and they are a good deal, but I kinda want to see the before and after. lol Here are some pics of what Ive been doing. The donor car on the way home. Random parts shots. Ive got everything about ready to go back together. Just need to get the front and rear main seals changed, and order a gasket or two. Hopefully I can get my hands on a Miata this weekend.
  13. Any one been playing it? Im up to level 53 or so on Xbox One. The game is a blast, especially with friends.
  14. I randomly bought most of an upper today. It comes with a 7 inch barrel, so I guess Ill be building a pistol. The upper comes minus the BCG and handguard, so I need to find one. Does anyone make something similar to the BCM KMR keymod handguard for a pistol? I may put a Noveske KX3 or something like that, so if the interior diameter is right I may just use a 7 inch handguard.
  15. I had to recut all the pieces from the top because they got rained on when I left them out for the paint to dry. The MDF got really swollen around all of the holes I drilled. But now I have some solid reuseable templates in case anyone ever wants to buy one. Lol
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