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  1. Last month, a collapsible stock stock was order the 12th & delivered the 15th. My last order was for a LPK w/o fire control group, placed 9/26 & still "processing" as of this evening (10/1). FWIW, a local dealer tried to set up a group buy of PSA stripped lowers for a local forum - something like 18 were to be ordered (I was in for 2). After a month & a half of no word on when their order would be filled (even though the product showed in-stock on the website), the buy attempt was dropped. I ended up ordering a couple of aero precision lowers from Brownell's which were delivered today ... Nick
  2. Followup - I posted the pic on another board with a CMMG presence. Per the CMMG rep I forwarded the pic on to their tech support folks. After reviewing it, they decided that the bulges were a bit larger than desirable and have sent out a new replacement chamber adapter. I really like a company that supports their product that aggressively. Nick
  3. I couldn't find a poll on that page any more and doing a search for "poll" doesn't bring it up. I think it became an inconvenient item and was ditched. Nick
  4. Something I noticed while policing the brass ejected while using the CMMG .22 conversion unit. All the brass showed similar bulges by the rim, both the high velocity 36 grain and the subsonic 60 grain (the .22 short style brass). The bulge is on the opposite side of the case (180 degrees) from the point of the firing pin impact. Is this typical, or do I need to open a dialogue with CMMG (or Brownells) tech support? I wasn't experiencing any problems with extraction or cycling. Nick
  5. OK, a pic showing the accuracy difference I was seeing between the Aguila 60 grain & Federal 36 grain, shooting at 25 yards with the conversion unit in a 16" chrome lined middie with 1:9 twist. The upper two targets are the 60 grain Aguila. The bottom two are the 36 grain Federal. 10 rounds in the top left, 20 in the top right and 20 each in the lower two. I didn't have a bench to shoot from, so these were shot standing braced somewhat against the side of the car ... definately need to get out and shoot more, getting shakey
  6. The Aquila 60 grain subsonic worked fine. No feed problems at all, cycled with no trouble. The Federal copper nose also worked without a hitch. The Remington bulk was a complete disaster. Feed problems & excessive duds even with good deformation from the firing pin. The 60 grain subsonics were by far the most accurate & consistant. Single raged hole consistancy from 25 yards while the 36 grain Federals spread across a couple of inches. Ran through 150 rounds of the 60 grain SSS & about the same in a mix of (mostly) Federal and Remington bulk pack. Upper was sooty but not really crudy. Didn't lube the converter any except for the mil-tec pre treatment from the other day. Also, installation & removal was no problem - no sticking or need for any force to speak of. Nick
  7. Was the replacement spring of the same tension as the original? A lighter spring could contribute to the incomplete chambering. Granted, my conversion is a CMMG and not a Spikes but the spring is under some significant tension with the bolt closed against the chamber face. Just a thought. Nick
  8. I believe the CAA has storage areas built in, you could add weight there... Nick
  9. Finally went ahead and picked up a .22 conversion. It's a CMMG from Brownells (I get a discount there as a retired LEO). It came with the smoke 26 round Black Dog Machine magazine and I added another in black. Shortly thereafter I stopped by the Black Dog Machine site (www.blackdogmachinellc.net) and saw that they were marking down some discontinued colors in the 26 round mag line. I picked up a couple of gray ones for $20 each and an ez-loader. As you can see, I've gone ahead and loaded them up with 25 rounds each, putting bulk pack 40 grain in the black and smoke and 60 grain Aquila subsonics in the gray ones. The red capped tube is the storage for the conversion unit (or the BCG when the conversion is installed). I've done a little prepping on the conversion unit, doing the mil-tec thing (apply, heat gently, wipe, repeat) in anticipation of getting a chance to play this weekend. I'll be running this in a Del-ton 16" HBAR chrome lined upper with a 1:9 twist. That should be perfect for the 60 grain and I'll just cross my fingers it is slow enough for the 40's to be happy. I'll post more when I have some experience with how it runs. Nick
  10. Ran across this a while back & it helped mine... I did use a little fine polishing rouge in a slurry with light oil while doing the above. I also followed up with a MilTech treatment to the parts. Result was much smoother. Still the same distance in the trigger pull, but it's a smooth pull til the break. I maintained a hold on the hammer throughout so it wouldn't pound the lower. Nick
  11. Captive hex head nuts that have holes in two opposing faces. You can loosen them enough for finger removal with anything that will fit/wedge in a hole to provide a little leverage - even a FMJ bullet tip works if they aren't cranked down, if they are you could still loosen them using something straight sided that fits the hole, i.e. a spare pin, cleaning rod, allen wrench, etc. The side plate loosens enough to rotate the assembly off with no problem. Nick
  12. Bob, Thanks, I found that maxicon site while investigating mounts. I just happend to run across this one while doing a google for "30mm picatinny weaver". Like I said, if I go with something different it will have to offer at least a 43mm offset beyond the front of the receiver. Nick
  13. Rampy, It is a bit large & heavy (18 oz) - but on the other hand, with it mounted on the 16" middy AR, it is still a lot lighter than my M1 Garand! The COG is a bit farther forward, but not as much (I think) as on a 18" or 20" configuration with a flashlight/bipod/bayonette hanging off the front... I really like the recticle both with and without illumination on. A 12 moa (outside) diameter ring for quick framing and a 1 moa dot for fine tuning. With 2 moa thickness on side & verticle "crosshairs", orientation on your aim point is pretty quick. I haven't seen the illuminated portion in bright sunlight yet (been overcast here for a few days) but it looks pretty bright, but not overpowering, on the max setting so far. At the min setting, there is barely a rosey hue to the donut. If the day is bright enough to wash out the max setting, I'd just turn it off - the un-lit recticle is very crisp and easily seen. I definately wouldn't want any less than the 43mm offset of this current mount. I probably would not be happy with the rings (on backorder) that I was going to use on the YHM riser - it just wouldn't be far enough forward. This configuration comes up and puts me on target without having to work at finding a focal distance. Nick
  14. Bob, Those are the oem millet caps that came with the scope. They have a bad rep for coming off easily & breaking. It's generally considered a good idea to replace them with something like a set of Butler Creek caps. I'll probably do that in the near future (or as soon as one of these falls off or breaks ...) Nick
  15. I took the Millet SP-1 off the AR a while back to use on a S&W 22a, so I was looking for a replacement optic (the eyes are getting a bit old for the irons...). I had liked the redot, but wanted something that offered at least a degree of magnification for the longer shots and finally decided on the Millet DMS-1 as the best candidate for me - not too pricey, but better quality than the typical low budget items. Got it from Midway for $214 + $10 shipping. I originally planned to put rings directly on the YHM 1/2" riser I had used with the redot & leupold hi-rise rings. I had used the riser to get above the co-witness situation I had had puting the rings directly on the flat top. The 30mm rings I ordered were slow to come in (backordered til April), so I picked up a cheap "accushot" 30mm one-piece mount with a 43mm lateral offset to use in the mean time. This mount turned out to have the same height as the leupold from mount bottom to ring bottom, so I took off the YHM riser & put it directly on the flat top. The front sight is visible as a "ghost" image at 1X, with the post top just below the center of the scope view. (I set up an initial site picture by adjusting windage till aligned with the front sight post) At higher powers the front sight just disappears. I think I actually like this mount well enough that I'll probably keep it till I feel like dropping a larger chunk of change on a new one. It is just high enough for the scope eyepiece to clear the Matech BUIS (I did have to crank the range dial around to 600 to tip the eye piece down enough to clear the rear lens cap - it clears, but just barely!). The nuts tightening the side rail are captive to the studs and have holes in two faces to permit use of a small lever to tighten or loosen if a nut driver is not available. The mount's clamping plate opens up enough that the mount does not have slide on from the rear of the flat top, meaning it can be installed and removed without removing the BUIS. With the scope eyepiece screwed out a bit, eye relief is no problem & a sight picture at 1X with both eyes open is easily acquired. Two eye use is fine for any distance beyond 10 feet or so. I'll follow up after I can get to the range for zeroing. Nick
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