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  1. Let me first say that I've handload for more than 20 years, so I'm not new to this. I'm aware that each gun shoots differently and that what works for one may not work in another. Having said that, does anyone have a load for surplus 844 they would like to share? I know that 26 gr. is a popular load, but I'm wondering if anyone has had better like with a different charge weight. I'm beginnig to load pulled 55 gr. M193 heads, and before I start experimenting, I thought I'd ask. These loads are for my 20" 1:9 twist chrome-lined Bushmaster HBAR. Also, I need some opions on brass. I just received 30 lbs. of mixed brass from HQ and I'm wondering the pros and cons of each of the following headstamps: LC (mixed years) FC WCC Winchester (commercial) RP PMC I've read that the FC brass has problems with primer pockets becoming over-sized. Is this the case? Also, which can be loaded with the same charge weight and deliver the approx. same velocity/pressure? Military primer pockets are not a problem for me, as I have a Dillon primer pocket swage. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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