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  1. I had zero issues with our transaction. All was good. We were both happy. Thank you for confirming publicly what I've said all along-- which backs up my story. Like I said, I won't go into detail as that was 5 years ago. Some staff already knows what I am talking about.
  2. This was years ago, and of course I have the whole story too, and gmail.com don't lie-- it keeps ALL the emails, and I have all IMs saved (if I can ever find them). I just replied to your post stating my actual experience on the subject which you brought up regarding yourself. I didn't and won't go into details, as it was 5 years ago, but if you want to continue this and restart a war by posting your "story," be my guest, but that will be YOU violating the TOS. Just because you are a cop and a staff member, doesn't mean we should believe you. You may have some fooled, but not me.
  3. LMAO. Sorry, but I have to call BS on this as I have personal experience proving otherwise.
  4. not sure what they want with your car that they couldn't have already found it and looked it over while you were asleep or out & about... anyway, this sounds legit. Not sure why many of you are claiming its a scam, but I've actually had a constable leave me a card on the door asking me to call. I called right away, and straightened things out. He was investigating my name. Apparently someone with the same name or assumed name, owed some back taxes on some property down near Houston and there was a warrant out for the person's arrest, and my records were clean. Being that I promptly replied, told him he had the wrong person, he dropped it and reported that the lead turned up negative. Good move with the lawyer-- I guess he could have arrested me, but that probably would have been bad to make a false arrest, although cops are known to do it routinely. You'd think, if they wanted to arrest you, they wouldn't leave a note or work around your schedule...
  5. Many of these apps are also on windows mobile and iPhone. The iPhone is lacking in custom features, unless you jailbreak it. I have an iPhone 3gs and windows mobile-- they both have their issues, but WM has so many features the iPhone lacks. I plan to get a droid when better models/selection is available at AT&T.
  6. went out this morning... was 33 degrees, raining, windy... and very muddy... we walked all over the place and covered a lot of terrain. we were drenched-- guns soaked! we found fresh piggy tracks, and fresh bedding (the rain hadn't changed the holes yet), but we didn't see any hogs!!! DOH!!! They are there, we just need to bait an scope them out when its not so muddy. Saw a coyote, had him in my sights, but I let him go... got home, tore down both ARs and drenched every nook and cranny with oil...
  7. Convert it to be like a UMP...
  8. land owner confirmed hog sightings this week-- we're there in a couple days to check it out... hopefully they stuck around.
  9. Watch the beginning of the video. IIRC, it's some kind of cupped and hollow firing pin that allows under water shooting
  10. guys-- it wasn't a glock-- it was a modified glock, modified to shoot under water.
  11. I have a friend that took some video shooting his glock under water (horizontal in a pond) with the firing pin cups. PS: he says let's see an M&P do that-- let's see an unmodified Glock do that...
  12. +10000000 My wife is wanting an xterra. I think we're leaning towards one of these now, instead of the FJ.
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