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  1. I put the JP single stage trigger in my Bushmaster and it is outstanding. Don't know about the other things they offer, but if they are equal to their triggers, they should be great. I had some questions while installing the trigger and the guys at JP were real helpful and seemed eager to help me. Larry
  2. Thanks everyone. Ditto to what so many others have said before me, this is a great forum. I have been reading some of the posts and have learned a lot. I have a Bushmaster with the free floating hand guard, bull barrel, JP trigger, anti-walk pins, and the cam to pull the upper and lower tight. I have several targets where three shots made one hole. I use the Sierra 53 grain MatchKing with 23.4 grains of Vit N133. Lake City brass sorted by year of manufacture and CCI #400 primers. At my club our range is only 100 yards so we shoot matches at 200 yds. (offhand), 300 yds. (sitting and kneeling) and 600 yds. (prone) using reduced targets. Thanks again.
  3. This is my first post and it is for a friend of mine who does not use the computer. He has an older Colt AR15 without the forward assist. We went to a gun show this weekend and he bought a flat top receiver so he could mount a scope. His original did not have a detachable carry handle. The pivot pin holes are different sizes as he found out. The Colt has a .312" hole and the new receiver has a .250" hole. There is something called a Colt Conversion Pin (Matches any Upper and Lower). Is this what he needs to correct the size differences in the two parts? If not, what does he need to do to get these two together in the proper manner? Thanks everyone. Larry
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