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    little of everything. heck put somethin shiny infront of me and ill be happy for a few minutes atleast. lol. I enjoy to hunt, fly fish a lil. hike around, checking the forums. Just picked up reloading so thats keeping me off the streets for a bit.

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  1. Majority of my time working outside I do pack one of my 12ga's. Handy and light. And very versatile side saddle can pack bird shot and back up slugs.
  2. I'm still haven't fully decided, It probably more of a want then a need. My old 45/70 has all the omph I probably will ever need. I will say the last one I scared out of my orchard(which is just a stones throw from my chicken coup) I don't care what I had in my hands it felt small. He was a very big bruin. Decision decision, it does suck to invest in a new caliber during the day spell of components.
  3. This is true, a bump in the night around here is usually of the four legged variety. I play the defensive game. I have my perimeter heavily fenced, and if it makes it way through that and into my livestock I'd like to have every bit of horsepower I can handle to deal with the situation. I honestly don't own a pistol bigger then my 10mms or the wife's Dan Wesson 357 lol. I do have a bag of 500 S&W brass collecting dust
  4. I really do want a bruiser, Its very versatile with cast bullets, and the grizzly's do get pretty fair sized around here.
  5. wes556


    It is a bit frustrating, Ill see if I can contact Tapatalk Support. before I completely give up on it.
  6. wes556


    Anyone else have trouble with the app? I had trouble with it a couple months back, ended up frustrated. I type all my info in and it says "you are not logged in or do not have permission" I'm on the forum more with my phone then my laptop. What say the armory?
  7. Been a while fellows, ran about two k 9mm between 147 and 124gr HP that my brother picked up from American Reloading, Ran another 1500 115gr for my G34 out. Now I'm leaning heavily into research on the 458 Win Mag. I do not know why I want one but its on my short list, just to find either a Savage or Remington Left handed 300 Win to make the conversion. Probably go the Savage route. Be the only honest left handed rifle I have. But that will wait as tomorrow I go pick up a 8n ford I have been pestering a guy about for the last three years since he bought it. Steering is locked up and has not ran in a while so I have a bit of work ahead of me. The stars just aligned, I figured mama bear would be pissed as we have been saving for our wedding this year. Yet she actually pushed me into it lol.
  8. The 147gr did come from American Reloading!
  9. Private party on the 8lber for 150$ and the primers I did give 50$ a k which I thought was reasonable, He originally wanted a lot more I told him what I would honestly pay and he bit.
  10. For some reason my Tapatalk app isn't working. Been fairly lucky lately. Picked up 8lbs of a surplus BCL-2 military substitute. Couple antique pounds of 296 marked at 10$ a pound, few k small rifle primers. Been loading a bit of 300blk and some 9mm, need to sit down and get serious I have 3k of 147gr to load and 2k of 75gr 223 to load, then some fodder 115 gr 9 to fill the PCC mags.
  11. Not to jump in, Powder coating is pretty simple set up. Toaster oven from the thrift store, plastic number 5 recycled container, and a way to "strain" the excess powder coat off I use a piece of hardware cloth. Lay a piece of parchment paper or a silicone mat down and bake away.
  12. wes556

    Hey wes556

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
  13. That's my favorite part of the Dillon just grab another preloaded tool head and off to the races. Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
  14. UFO lights on both the 550, and 650. Roller handle on the 650. I have a strong mount on the 550. Still kind of meh about the strong mount, puts it pretty high above the bench. But it's nice for standing though. Endoscope mounted in tool head of the 650 so I don't have to peer into ever case for a visual. Beside that I've been meaning to order some of those speed nuts for the powder dispenser rod. Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
  15. Amongst hard times I forgot, I had a fellow drop by the store asking I heard someone here reloads long story short. He was selling salvage 115gr 9, and 180gr 40 projectiles. Shipping truck tipped over. Company took the full barrels and the spilled they front end loaded to a dump site at a shipping yard. This guy cleaned the mess in exchange for the bullets. 50$ a k. I bought a k to inspect, all look good. Said they were extreme plated. So about half price. Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
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