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    little of everything. heck put somethin shiny infront of me and ill be happy for a few minutes atleast. lol. I enjoy to hunt, fly fish a lil. hike around, checking the forums. Just picked up reloading so thats keeping me off the streets for a bit.

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  1. Its their Hi-tek polymer coating. I'm getting antsy to try them.
  2. I might have to try that, Photobucket still will not upload the video if my RPD.
  3. There I figured out how to post a photo. Only picture I have of the bullets now. Neat box is part of what sold me to try them
  4. Sadly they set on my bench, I'm waiting for snow to hit the ground here so I don't feel bad about sitting in my reloading room. They look nicely constructed, evenly coated, and all that I've weighed and measured were consistent.
  5. Well I ended up ordering from Acme, I was going to give Bobs a try but the heaviest they carry is 180gr. Plus once I found out they are shipping in this handy looking little wooden boxes I was sold. Thanks for the advice guys
  6. Evening gentlemen, I've been slowly getting back into my reloading room just picked up a Dillon 650 well set up (I will post pictures soon as I figure out how to again I see photobucket is not the way anymore? I tried to post a photo and video on my RPD topic and it would not allow me to) Anyway I am in the market to buy a couple k of 200 grain hard cast 10mm bullets I am hoping to duplicate Underwoods load, I primarily will be loading for my G40 with a 7inch KKM barrel but I do have a G20 with the G40s old 6 inch factory barrel hence why I am looking into coated bullets. Any experience, personal preference? I've been looking into Acme, Blue bullets, badmans, I am leaning towards blue and Acme But I see Greg has been using BOBS bullets? I would prefer one bullet between the two. What does the Armory have to say?
  7. I work in the auto parts field and can search via plate number as well it does not show much besides vehicle info, year make model . nothing informative besides that.
  8. wes556

    rpd help

    I recently acquired an RPD, it was in a box of parts previously a running rifle. Only info I got in this deal was the firing pin was sticky. That problem is solved, it shoots but it is having some issues. I'm getting sporadic firing one round, three rounds, six rounds. When it does jam sometimes there is a spent round still held on the bolt face, last night when I was test firing I noticed that it was hanging up on the belt. Previously it did not matter regulator setting one through three, it did the same thing last night I ran out of time and had just left it on setting three. Just scratching my head on this one. Any words of wisdom from the Armory?
  9. One of the reasons I decided to leave our local search and rescue, I have packed/ assisted helping out adults out that I did not believe would make it. Last one was a three maybe, four year old escaped the house parents noticed went looking fast forward hours ahead cant find him we are paged out. Location is an hour away top of a mountain on a good day not our spring where there is still 3-5 feet of snow, chains and a healthy 4x4 to access. Get to the location, Father has found the child in a thawing iced over pond. The pond is maybe 3/4 a mile from the road/home, the child being light could easily walk on the crust. We crashed/ waded the whole way down threw the snow. Child was blue, A volunteer fire fighter/ search and rescue member and I get there first. We administered CPR while our local life flight was on the way, felt like the longest 45 minutes of my life. That one still haunts my dreams.
  10. Nothing against PSA but I decided to torque it myself, They were quick to a response. They messaged me back the next day ready to get a shipping label to me.
  11. I've bought from them several times in the past. The GF as a kit that is theirs. And it's great. Couple k down the tube no problems
  12. That's my thoughts as well.. I've assembled many many rifles. But I've shot them an email. See what they say. Won't touch it until then. Just freaks me out. What if it was Joe blow that didn't know better. Or if I let the GF try it out and those threads pulled when she shot it?
  13. Hello gentlemen. Been a long time since I have posted but believe me I lurk. Pretty much every day! Damn homestead has kept me busy. I've been adding to my collection of course. Well I decided to buy a pistol kit from psa, just got it today. I had the lower complete besides buffer tube and brace so I spun those on slapped a DD rear sight on and decided to walk the property with the GF. Fast forward to now. As we walked along I of course fingered my new toy. And the front sight/ handguard felt to wiggle. I kept telling myself that's me not used to a non free float tube test fired half a mag as it is cold and getting dark. So I get home and my wiggling discover the barrel nut is loose. Only thing stopping it from spinning free is the gas tube hitting the barrel nut indexing points? Anyone heard of psa having bad quality control lately? I know it's not torqued to minimum. That's scary I sent them an email to see what they say. But now I'm second guessing them. What's the Armory say?
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